💖 What Message Do Your Angels Have For You This Week?

angel messages Aug 01, 2021
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💖 What Message Do Your Angels Have For You This Week?
Your angels have a message from their hearts to yours. Today, we're using our Intuitive Soul Cards to interpret the messages. Place your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to select either Message 1, 2, or 3. Watch the video for your message, you can also move to your specific choice:

⭐️ Message 1 - 2:11
⭐️ Message 2 - 4:22
⭐️ Message 3 - 6:55

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a 💖 or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

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Love, elizabeth XOXO 


Welcome. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I'm thrilled that you've joined me for this week's angel messages. Before we get started, make sure that you have my Guiding Angel Meditation, its just four minutes, 44 seconds long. It will help you to connect and deepen your connection with your angels every day. You can do that anyway, but with meditation, it's going to get you into routine and it's really going to help you to deepen that vibration, that energy, raise your vibration as well. There's also an 11 minute 11 second version for you to get into the groove of connecting with your angels every day, especially when you have a little bit more time. Okay? So make sure to click the link in my bio or in the description, wherever you're watching this video.

Let's get started with our angel messages. We have this nice big deck of cards and mixture of three different decks of cards. What I would love for you to do first is place your hands over your heart. Just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message one, two or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is once you've watched the video, once you've watched your message, then move your cursor along to the beginning of the video again, and then we'll get back and forth until you get this feeling that it's time to stop, and right there is an extra message there for you from your angels. Invite your angels to help you with that too. All right.

Okay. Let's shuffle our cards. We have dolphins and fairies and angels in here. Lots of different vibrations, angelic energy is everything because it's divine light, divine light is on everything, right? Okay. So let's invite the angels in to guide us as we pick a card from this enormous deck.

So let's see, feels like, right there, Blessed Change. That is so interesting. That came to me this morning as well. That same way of saying that "blessed change."

So I feel that this is, it's like the right direction for you at this moment. A major life change brings you great blessings. You see that the mermaid's kind of upside down. Sometimes we have to see things from a different perspective. Don't we? So when it's blessed, we might think, oh, for goodness sake, you know, change again. I've got to do this again. And that must be why I decided I needed to wear purple as well, violet, because violet is the color of change. It's the color of transformation. So obviously this is what is needed at this moment is that vibration of shifting, changing, transforming, et cetera, get ready for it.

Your angels are just saying, this is a blessed shift, a blessed change for you. So welcome it into your heart. You know, we're changing all the time. Aren't we? Every breath that we take that in-breath is a change. Out-breath is a change. It's never the same, always different. And that, of course, again, is that changing within our body, our body is constantly changing. Everything's changing around us.

And yet when it comes to things like events and experiences, we might want things to be routine and stay the same. But when they stay the same, you may not have the same growth. And when you don't have that growth, just think about it. Imagine if you just stayed as a baby, and that was it. Everybody stayed as babies. There'd be no change. We wouldn't be changing. Oh my goodness, what would we learn then? So with this change, you grow, you learn, you experience. You get to know more about who you are and what you're capable of. You get to love more of who you are as well. So I feel that's the message from your angels. Ooh I love that. Blessed Change.

Okay. Number two, let's see what we have for number two. Number two feels like it's coming up. It feels like it's right there. It is Freedom. I love that. Of course, you know a lot of nakedness in there, isn't there. And that is that sense of letting go of all the boundaries, all the barriers to freedom, that sense of vulnerability.

You know, when you don't have your clothes on, you feel vulnerable, don't you, until it becomes natural because that's a natural state, no clothes. It's a natural state, no body, really. It's just that sense of freedom of your spirit, of your soul, of your life. So I feel that your angels are saying, what would help you to feel free right now?

What would liberate you? What would, what would it take for you to be free? What would it take? So ask yourself that, what would it take for me to be free and share that with me? I would love to know what comes up for you. And I feel that your angels are just saying, you know, freedom. It can be a state of mind that we can get ourselves into this space of thinking that we're not free, of thinking that we don't have the freedom of choice. That we are victims. That we are maybe being put upon or that we have to do something that we just don't want to do.

But we always have choice, even though it may not look that way when we are empowered, it's when we choose. So even though something may look like it's not a choice for you, make it your intention to take back your power.

By realizing that you do have a choice, that this is a choice. So I feel that that freedom is about realizing your freedom of choice. It's about realizing that there is so much more freedom that you have than you realize. Once you embrace that, I feel that there's going to be more freedom in your life, more expressions of freedom for you to experience. I love that. Okay. All right then.

Okay. Number three. Let's see what you have. Feels like right here, Healing Heart. Oh my goodness. Healing heart says you're a powerful healer. Keep up the great work. You know, we are all healers. If we have this ability to love. If we have this capacity to give love to another, to ourselves, then we have this ability to heal. As far as I'm concerned, healing energy is love. It's all love, it's light. So if you can love, you can heal. So that comes back to that place of the heart, as well. It's giving back to yourself. And as you give back to yourself, you give to others. As you give to others, you give back to yourself. But it's important to be open, to receive that energy, as you give it back to yourself too.

In the Soul Circle in my membership, we have a healing circle every week where we're sending healing out. We're sending healing out to everyone because everyone deserves that healing. Healing is wholeness. But then at the end, we always put ourselves back into that energy, into that light, into that healing so that we can receive as well. And we can do that right from the beginning: as we give, so we receive. So as we're sending energy out, we're also receiving, that has a domino effect on us.

So I feel with this, that it's saying that you are a healer and you may not realize that. You may not realize that you're sending healing energy out all the time when you send out love. But I feel that your angels are saying it's time for you to know this, that it's time for you to know that you are a healer. It's time for you to know that everything that you put out that is for the good, is healing. And it's also time for you to open your heart, to receive that healing back as well. So ask your angels right now to send you healing.

And as you receive that healing, maybe send that healing out as it moves through you, as you receive that, you can send that healing out to all those in need of healing in your community, in your family, your friends, to the world. And beyond. When I look at this, there is a sense of a mother and child. So it may be that part of that healing is also connected to family, giving back to family, maybe healing connections within the family as well. Okay. I love that.

That's it. I hope you've enjoyed this week's angel messages. Thank you so much for being here with me, I really love channeling and offering these messages to you. And I'm so grateful that you're with me on this journey together. Make sure to get the guiding angel meditation, and I will see you next week.

Lots of angel blessings to you. Bye for now. Bye.





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