What's Your Biggest Intuitive Block?



Are you intuitive? Of course, you are, everyone is, and yet so many people deny their intuitive gift. Why? Maybe our culture, history, or education have impacted our inner truth with old fears and superstitions. Globally it's time to reshape old beliefs within a changing world that's opening its eyes and hearts to a new way of being, and it starts right here and now with YOU!


Every week I ask you to tap into your intuition. I'm essentially guiding you to strengthen your intuitive gift. But if you're one of the people that says "I guessed" instead of "I intuited" then you need to hear what I have to share.

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Sheila My biggest intuitive block has always been my mind. My gut tells me one thing, but Brain starts with, "What if you're wrong?" A recent example: I dated a guy 20 yrs ago, very in love with him. It was wrong timing for me, I was immature and had a lot of "block to abundance" that needed cleared. He broke up with me & married another girl. I was devastated, so much so I haven't dated anyone since because I felt he was the "one . His sister recently contacted me for my number & why. My gut said, "This isn't a good idea" but Brain over rode Gut. He's now divorced, but I feel the timing is wrong for him, plus the trauma of divorce is very evident. I still feel he is the One, especially since I now feel I'm the person I'm supposed to be and would make a good partner. He's hot & cold and my gut goes back and forth between faith and move on which you can imagine how my emotions go with that. I don't know when or if we're "meant to be" but I hold space for him & try to get more confident with my intuition. If only for some peace.
michele dulude this morning I left home without a bracelet.I thought :The charity store will be open after my appointment so I'll go and get some .I found and bought 4 plus a matching necklace to one of them.
I did not wait long to confirm my intuition but I had time to doubt that maybe there would not be any.
How to know that it 's true ?
MICHELE DULUDE I have had premonitions in my life: I say things that happens after,but when I tell the words it is an intuition.not a certainty.
My father in law was sick with metastases in his brain.I told my in-laws that we had to stay at least 2 weeks in Florida for me to return with my husband if their father died while we were in vacation.Otherwise my husband would come back by plane and I would stay in Florida and he would return for me,after the funeral.He died the morning the 2 weeks ended.
Is there a way, for me, to know that what I tell will arrive. Love &Light !
tony too goooooooooood
Karen Is it possible that there is another energy that doesn't want us (me) believe in my gifts? That we may second guess our gift of being gifted and our energy lowers.
Susan I am an intuitive and I have always read people very well. My biggest block stems from constantly being told I am too sensitive and most other people just don't see what I see or know what I know to be true. Eventually the truth is seen or known, but usually that happens after I a long gone. Thank you so much for this insight and guidance! You are very special and I am SO grateful for connecting with you!
Regina Gosse You are a beautiful person, inside and out! You never fail to inspire me.❀️
I have always been in a close relationship with my 'intuition'. She has guided me in some pretty amazing journeys. AND when I did not heed her?...well let's just say those journeys were not so amazing. She is a big part of my life and I love her to bits!!
Vernita Porter thanks, I will be mindful of this. I am an intuitive
Aspasia Holley I absolutely adore this! It's so true! I have also noticed other areas in my life where I become aware that I'm dishonoring a part of myself and change my thoughts and behaviors around it I felt more whole and loved. I have absolutely been dishonoring my intuition. Thank you for the loving, supportive guidance. I will definitely work on noticing more when I'm doing this and correcting my relationship with my intuition. Sending love and gratitude
Patsy Foister I know I am intuitive, and my biggest block is listening to myself when I think I should not do this or should do that.   I am very good at reading people, and I have come to realize that not everyone can "read" people.     I was in the hospital in January and my night nurse came in and just one look at her and I thought, "Oh, no!" and I KNEW her entire personality, and it proved 100% CORRECT..   I was a little amazed, but the more I thought about it, the more I realize I have always been able to decipher people, just not as WHAM Right On as that nurse!   I have always trusted my gut feeling when I first meet someone, and I have never been wrong. I just need to listen to myself when I think I should pass on an event or something, because it turns out bad every time I don't.
marie-hélène Dear Elizabeth,
All what you say is just so true and known! But even so it doesn’t make it so easy to give up the empowerment of the mental, so often very loud and so hard to make it shut up to be able to hear our True Nature: Our Light Being's Intuition…
Many thanks for this new video. i'm looking forward to reading your simple tips..Always a pleasure to listen to you. LOVE.
Isabel Hi Elizabeth.I am intuitive in my job and very aware of the direction I receive. I follow the guidence 99.9% of the time and find when I ignore the intuition there is a consequence behind it and it follows pretty quickly after ignoring it.
With my personal life I have a block and can't feel that intuition that I'm looking for to guide me in the changes that I feel I need to be making to go forward.I lost my husband to cancer Jan 6 2016 and have been grieving his loss ever since.Help me find my intuition on my personal level. Peace to you.
Brenda Love these tips for empowering your intuition, wrote them in my Angel Journal right away.When I was writing the second one down "Today my intuition is guiding me to..." right away I received "trust myself" with an incredible feeling that went right through me as well.So i wrote it out.Thank you Elizabeth you are such a blessing, I am so grateful for this and you πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–
Jacqui Thank you. I really enjoyed the video and have to admit to “guessing” rather than being intuitive as l don’t have enough confidence. However, I’ve made a note saying “l am an intuitive” and placed it on a small card to keep reminding me.

I am grateful for your help.

Jacqui xx


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