What's Holding You Back? Mercury Retrograde or Something else?

inspiration Mar 25, 2018


I've just returned from a golfing trip with my husband Win. I had a couple of lessons with a golf pro and he said something that made my ears prick up. 

"We don't learn by getting every shot right, we learn from our mistakes." Hmmm, well, where have I heard that one before? 

It's something that's ingrained in us isn't it, make a mistake and then you can learn, BUT what if we were to change that idea and create a whole new way of thinking?

We have our own consciousness and then we have a mass consciousness. Think about all those ideas that have been passed down to us that are essentially stopping us from being successful, happy, loved.    


We're currently moving through Mercury Retrograde, now that could very well be holding you back, but it's yet another energy that's feeding the mass consciousness - and it's feeding your consciousness too. 

Watch the video for my thoughts and remember to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below. And, if it inspires you, please share the video with those you know would benefit from it, thank you!

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

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tony 100percent right positive positive positive/outlook gets positive results..........you bring it to you.............polarity...stay on the high side all thevery best to all
Lesa I really appreciate your soft gentle guidance that comes through each video and the way you easily come through with what I most need to be hearing at the right moment. I feel a wonderful peace and calm each time you pull a card that fits me or something pops up like that sweet kitty that joined you in a recent video. I caught myself thinking don't leave kitty and I think she came back or was nearby as I realized what I was doing. . .   .
Lisa Wow. My focus is my health.   Looking after myself honouring my body. Addiction free. Find me love my self and all iam .love you elizabeth   ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“
Anne Meredith Thank you Elizabeth. The wonderful and loving way you express yourself, deeply moves me every time. I love your thinking of turning a negative thought into a positive thought,     Imagine our world if everyone of us practiced this every day. It brings me such hope and excitement that this one day could very well be possible.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom and knowledge to us all..
Dixie Thompson My dear Elizabeth! This is a wonderful message for all to hear and reflect on how we create our reality with our expressed expectations, which is sometimes referred to a "self-fulfilling prophecy".But it goes beyond that, to a concept that I recently saw expressed by Elizabeth Gilbert: “You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. That’s a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.” It is a matter of choice, and we must choose carefully, and mindfully. Thank you always for adjusting our focus, and perspective, to maximize our benefit! Peace and Love!
Janice What a gentle, exciting and empowering message. Such gratitude. As I listened, I felt having a change in reference of words and thoughts can be so inspiring. I am that I am...what I truly desire is already manifesting. Thank you and Universal Oneness๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’•โœจ
Martha Thank you so much Elizabeth for this article. Talk about just at the right moment. I live in Minnesota and we've had day upon day of gloomy snowy weather and let me tell you it's been depressing! To say the least. I'm originally from California and I haven't been home for 25 years. And I'm dying to get back. Your article so reached me this morning. I desire to be in California walking on the beach with my husband who by the way is there as we speak, it's a long story. But that has been my one desire for years now. And I can't seem to get there. I've had many opportunities, and failed. Heck the bus driver wouldn't even let me on the bus on one attempt. Sometimes I think it's just not meant to be. Not to see my family ever again. To be doomed to stay in this state forever. Until this video. My hearts desire is to be in California with my husband and before this video I was giving up on that. You're very inspiring. Thank you Elizabeth for helping me this morning. Don't know if I'll not give up on my desire just yet.
brenda Thank you Elizabeth, beautiful message, made my heart smile.Bakery job at Rum Factory Cakes.Please๐Ÿ™I know if its meant for me(and I really believe with all my heart that it is) it will come on angels wing ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿฝ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you๐Ÿ’–Brenda
Joe Randazzo What a beautiful message Elizabeth!   It's funny that I never give much thought to retrograde causing electrical mischief so I don't really know if it does or doesn't. Friday the 13th is another one of those quirky things folks get hung up on. I remember years ago for no particular reason deciding that Friday the 13th would be a lucky, wonderful day for me, and declared the #13 to be one of my favorites. Plus I happen to love cats, all shapes, breeds, colors, etc, even the "bad luck" black cat associated with Friday the 13th. So anything 13 is usually good for me or at best neutral. You mentioned the national debate about guns. As you know I have been in law enforcement for many years, so firearms are tools of my trade. Several years back I attended a shamanic workshop dealing with "protection."   As is my habit I wore my firearm to the class, fully concealed. During the class we were to work with a partner. The exercise was to use a raw egg and run it over our partners body to "discover" any energetic blocks. As my partner ran an egg over my hip she "bumped" into my concealed firearm and asked me what it was. I told her and despite my showing her my law enforcement credentials, and reassuring her that she was safe, she became very uncomfortable. This was not only ironic but a bit humorous to me given the fact the class was about "Protection." Any way I told her that I would speak to our instructor about this, and get his perspective. I did, and his answer was even more surprising and interesting.   He said Joe by the time you finish your shamanic training and this class, you will likely hold more power in your pointed finger than with your firearm. He told me that if my partner had any other concerns she could see him.   Fortunately she didn't. So Elizabeth to the points you made about our words, and thoughts having energy I couldn't agree more. And sometimes all it takes is being open to a different way at looking at things and shifting our thinking and consciousness.   Love to you! xo
Eva Hellström Dear Elisabeth,
Thankyou for the video whats holding you back. It made me cry. But it gave me ideas how to think in a other way. How to reach my new job and happy life.
Love Eva
Patrice Thank you Elizabeth.
Very timely as this morning I wrote about desiring to write and share about Hope, Love, and Beauty with the world... and to share my watercolor paintings in the book. Nothing is in my way. I have requested my High Love Author beings to assist me.
Delighted I found you.
Mona I LOVE this so much..what’s holding you back.
Totally needed to hear this... hanging on every word. Your words are powerful and magical!! Your light shines so bright I feel it through your voice, your words and your smile! You are an earth angel! Thank you for this message!
Jean Marie Beautiful message and great reminder!   I am focusing on attracting my soulmate in and allowing my career to unfold as it aligns with who I truly am.   My belief is now "It is completely possible for me to have all that I want".
Thank you!



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