When is The Second Coming of Christ?

I live in upstate New York where the winter can be really harsh. Last year the snow was so high I had to dig my way to the bird feeder. It's not like that this year! We actually hit 70 degrees on Monday when it would usually be around 20 degrees, can you believe that? What on earth is happening? Well apart from the El Nino effect bringing warmer weather to the north east, I do feel this is all part of the change the planet and everyone living on her is going through. 

In the late 1980's I used to do a type of trance mediumship called inspirational speaking or channeling as its called in the US. Whenever I got the sensation of a peanut stuck in my throat I knew someone in spirit was ready to speak through me.  Of course I'd do this when no one was there to hear me. I'd listen to myself speaking - weird for some, not for me - and the information was always about the changes coming up over the next few decades.

One day I realized there must be a better way, so instead of speaking I began automatic writing. This is when a spirit takes over the arm and hand of the medium to communicate messages. The US version of automatic writing is more like inspirational Writing. In the British version the medium's arm and hand is completely controlled by the spirit. At the end of each transmission I would find myself signing off with the word ALIM. I thought that meant AMEN, turned out it was the name of the spirit coming through me. One day I was asked by Alim if another spirit could communicate with me (as I write this to you I a feeling an enormous amount of spirit around my head, feels like my hairs are standing on end). What came through was all about my work with color and how this new communicator and I had worked together before and that our work had been written about in the BOOKS OF ABRAHAM. When the transmission was complete I spent a few days searching high and low for information on these books, all to no avail. They were nowhere to be found. This was in the days before the Internet, when one computer would be the size of a room. Unlike now when you can get it in your pocket.


Getting Answers

I forgot about it. The one night I had a little visitation, it was kind of a drive through "hello" from being who told me they were from Arcturus. I couldn't see them, I could only hear them. Now at this stage I am sure you're thinking that I'm one fry short of a happy meal.  Well maybe I am, but here's what happened next. I couldn't find anything useful on Arcturus, that is until I was inspired to tell someone who had just returned from the US about my experience. He duly produced from his bag a book called "We the Arcturians." Interesting eh! I devoured the book, and about 3/4's of the way through there was a question put to the Arcturians - When is the second coming of Christ.    

The answer blew me away. They said that there isn't a second coming of a person,  instead this time its an energy, Christ Consciousness, and its all written about ...... (drum roll) ..... in the BOOKS OF ABRAHAM!!! At that point I fell of the chair I was sitting on and began to cry. Whenever I hear, see or feel truth especially when it's profound truth it makes me cry. It was kind of a round about way but I got the answer I was looking for.


Today I made a meditation for us to use if you choose to come together with me to send healing to the planet and to all who live on her. We can make a difference, we can bring light into the darkness. I feel that our joint effort is part of the new Christ Consciousness. Together we can lift Gaia to a new level of being and this in turn will have a domino effect on al of our energies. Have you noticed, she is already tossing out the old? When I tune into the energy I feel that WE are the Christ Consciousness, WE are the ones who will bring in the second coming, and WE are the healers who are the warriors of the light here to anchor in this new dimension.  

I cannot tell you how important it is for us to join together to bring this healing to the world. It doesn't take much time, your intention can create the wave of energy needed to create change. 

If you choose to take on this mission


Please share this post, meditation or/and the idea with your friends, family and community. I look forward to building the energy up every week.

Love to you
elizabeth XOXO



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