πŸ’– Your Angels Have a Message About a New Pathway for You! πŸ’–

πŸ’– Your Angels Have a Message About a New Pathway for You! πŸ’–

Your angels have a message about a new pathway for you, the direction you're taking. Place your hands over your heart like angel wings, then invite your angels to guide you to select 1, 2, or 3 for a message from their heart to yours. You can watch all the messages or go straight to your personal number:

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πŸ‘‰ MESSAGE 3: 5:05

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper, I'm here with this week's angel messages. This week, our messages are all about a new pathway opening the door to a new pathway. What might that be at this moment? What I would love you to do is place both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three. And then once you have your message, what you can also do is in the video you can move your cursor along until you intuitively feel it's time to stop, and right there is another message for you from your angels. You can ask your angels to guide you to that spot as well. The angel cards we're using this week are little angel messages, little angel cards. They just have a little image on them and one word.

Which message is for number one? Let's see. Which message is it? Did you get that? Okay, so our message for you is awakening. See that card - awakening. When I look at that, the awakening card, that little angel is waking up out of bed, right? Just getting out of bed, its like music is coming and there's the sunshine that's there waking the angel out of bed. And this is you. Your angels are saying there is an opening up that you are waking up to a new day to a new way to a new path to a new set of rules to a new vibration to a new consciousness. You are waking up to that. You're also waking up to your gifts. You're waking up to the truth of who you are. You're waking up to the alignment with source. You're waking up to the realization of what you need in your life and what you don't need in your life.

So I feel that your angels are saying, If you're not already waking up, it's time to wake up. It's time to connect. It's time to open your eyes to this fresh new path this new day. When I look at this, there's Orange on the bedspread spread. I love that orange and orange is creativity. So part of that awakening is your creativity is awakening. What, you might find certainly over this next week, is inspiration coming to you, and I feel that your angels are saying act on that inspiration because that's part of your awakening.

Lovely. Our second message, Let's see what we have. Which one? I feel like it's that one. Second message is clarity. You, are opening up to clarity. Your next step is clarity. Your pathway is clarity. And that clarity is the clear understanding of the path that you have clearly knowing where you're going, I like that, clearly knowing where you're going. With that clarity, the angel is looking at the vista looking at this beautiful sunshine again. And actually, when you throw a light on subject, that's when Clarity comes in. Do you see that, the angel almost looks like she's taking a photo.

She's looking through something. You know, when you're taking a photo, you know you focus on things, don't you, you get that focus and you clearly focus and that's that clarity, its having a clear focus. Your angels are saying, be clear about what you want, be clear about what your next step needs to be? Have clarity around what you want to bring into your life and focus a little bit further than that next step, so you can focus on the next step. But just focus a little bit further because that's what I feel that message is about there as well because the angel is kind of focusing towards the sun and focusing beyond what is right in front of her.

I feel that this is about you focusing on something a little bit further away, so that then you could be drawn towards it. It's a little bit like when you want - I relate everything to food - If you want to have a dinner party, then you're focusing maybe a little bit further beyond people saying, What great food this was, what a great dinner party this was, we really enjoyed ourselves - and instead of focusing on what the table's going to look like or having the table, its just focusing a little bit further.

All right, Our final card is purification number three. This is for you, purification. See? Look at that angel. The card is white. The angel's in white. White is cleansing - Purification. That's your next step. That's what your angels are saying for you - it's time to get clear. Cleanse, purified and that purification is not just physically the purification is through your energy field. You look at that. That image is like the angels have gotten all little these little bits and pieces kind of being shaken off, right, shaken off. So you can shake off all that energy around your energy field. You can clear it through with white light.

I love to use white light to clear my energy field. Clear through with white light and purify. Not just your energy, not just your physical body, but your thoughts, your emotions, your spirituality that spiritual energy as well, your spiritual being. Cleanse purify everything around you that doesn't feel light because I often find with purification that it's about coming back into this place of lightness and we can have physical stuff, and it can make us feel heavy. And we can also have mental and emotional stuff that makes us - that weighs us down.

That makes us feel heavy as well. So this is very much about purifying through your system, purifying your thoughts, purifying your emotions, purifying your physical life, purifying your energy field. You can do all this with white light because you start with that, with the energy, start with the energy and purify through with white light. But you may also want to have things like purifying salt baths or cleansing cleaning, clearing, decluttering its the perfect time of year to do that, decluttering everything around you so that that creates purity in your life. I'm being told, being inspired, by reminding you that you are always pure, that you are a pure being of light and to come back to that place of your purity to let go of guilt, to let go of any thoughts that you're not good enough to let go of any thoughts that you didn't do well or, that you haven't been a success. I feel that your angels are saying you are pure. Purify yourself of those thoughts because they are just not true.

You are a pure, divine light. Remember that.

Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO




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