πŸ’– Your Angels Have a Message About Changes for You

πŸ’– Your Angels Have a Message About Changes for You πŸ’–

Place your hands over your heart like angel wings, then invite your angels to guide you to select 1, 2, or 3 for a message from their heart to yours. You can watch all the messages or go straight to your personal number:

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's angel messages. Now, this week, our messages are connected to change. What change is coming up for you - its that time of year, isn't it? Things are changing and moving. Let's invite your angels to guide you. So place your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three a message that comes from their heart to yours. And then, once you have your message, you can also invite your angels to guide you as you move your cursor along to a particular place in the video where you intuitively, feel it's time to stop and right there is another message for you from your angels. All right, are you ready?

We're using my Aura Soma cards today. We have three messages. Which one's going to be yours, let's see, number one, I feel like it's this one. Number one. Here we go. Look at that. That beautiful butterfly. Oh, my goodness. It's got this golden, golden vibration. So this is Chang Tsu in Aura Soma with this golden energy and then white at the bottom. There's a little bit of alchemy in there because it's silver and gold. This is saying opportunities are coming up for you, the change is about transformation. Being a butterfly letting go of being a caterpillar its like I don't need to do that anymore. Let's be a butterfly. So you're opening up your wings. Oh, my goodness me and saying It's time to fly. I can totally fly. So this is golden opportunities coming your way. Part of that change is that you have asked for these opportunities to be there. You've asked for something that's a blue in there. The blue is you communicating and saying, I need this. I want this, I've been praying for it, I've been affirming it. Now it's time for you to open your wings and allow it to come in. So it's almost like you have to open yourself up to receive it. So it's not just about sitting back and saying, OK, well, I'm just waiting for it now. You need to open up to receive. You are worthy of receiving that.

That white beneath it is just clearing the slate just clearing your space, clearing your closet. Just clearing your home, clearing your life, clearing your energy field of everything that you don't need and don't want so that you can allow this golden energy in. Gold are your angels, that vibration of your angels so you can allow that energy to come into your life. So, on another level, this is you opening your own wings up as you align with the angelic vibration and you communicate. That's the blue. You communicate with your angels, so this is really special, what a special energy. Lots of change for you, certainly lots of change, but it's really opening up to this abundance of the universe in whatever shape or form that may take you.

Number two. I feel like it's this one. Number two is justice. Now this isn't the regular justice if you know about the tarot cards, because regular justice would be number eight or number 11 in the tower deck, but in Aura Soma It has a second round, so it's going round again. So this is clear on top and turquoise on the bottom. There's a part of this that is the Queen of the fairies, King of the Fairies Titania, Oberon So this is very much about relationships. There's a vibration of relationships that's here. So there can be a change in your relationships.

And this is about reflections of the kind of relationships you want to be in. So this week take notice of anybody who is maybe disrespecting you or saying things to you that are putting you down or being critical of you or being judgmental of you. Because maybe you don't need them in your life. Maybe it's time to sort of, you know, maybe I can move you out of my life. Or you might want to look within you to see Is this true? Is this something that I believe to be true? Is this something that I, am, having this reflection from somebody else? They are showing me something about myself that needs to be healed - because you know what? That's the way I look at it. If somebody is nasty to me, or judgmental or puts me down or says something that's negative to me or they email me and say something that's negative, you know about me or my work or anything like that, I look at it from the perspective of - So what is it about me that I've - I wanted to see this at this moment, and it's not that I keep them in my life because I look at can we move this out of my life as well? But I also need to look at where is this showing up for me, what I believe about myself that has created this reflection because there's no coincidences.

With this, I feel that's what this card is about. Its looking at the reflections in your life at relationships and who is reflecting the stuff that's really good and who is reflecting the stuff that you could totally do without? But at the same time, it's also a healing journey for you. I feel like there's something else in this, too, when I look at it because she's balancing, it's about balance. So right now your angels are saying to you need some balance in your life so we have this about the relationships, but also it could be about the jobs that you're doing. You're doing too much. Maybe you're saying Yeah, I can do that, when really you know, you need to say yes to yourself and no to other people, its reflections again.

It's looking at what's going on in your life that needs to have balance and maybe what's going on in your life that's reflecting you as well. And it could be, you know, with reflections that you're looking at something and thinking, well, that's not very good. This isn't very good in that other person's life. But when you judge that, it's also again a reflection of what's going on within you. So I hope you can understand that, if that makes sense to you, I know you can understand it. But it makes sense to you at the moment? And this turquoise vibration. You know, the turquoise energy. It's part of the New Age. You have stepped into this world so that you can find a way to heal and it's healing yourself, as you heal yourself. So you heal the environment, the world, everybody else around you as well. See you're a healer that's part of it.

Final card. Our final card is the sun card. Love this! This beautiful vibration of the sun and this is in Aura-Soma this is red and purple. And with this - its red on the top, and purple on the bottom. It's a little bit, you know, kind of upside-down, isn't it? Because we think of red as the root chakra and purple - maybe Violet as the crown chakra as we move into that higher vibration. Well, this is saying Okay, let's put a little stop on this, let's take a look at where we're living on the planet and looking at our material world and looking at how we work with everything around us, how we connect to everything around us, how we manifest everything in our lives. That comes into this particular card.

With the sun it's saying, Look at these sunflowers and look at the sun. So the sun is helping the sunflowers, and this person here is also an aspect of the sun and aspect of the sunflowers. Because this person is creating the sunflowers. It's about manifestation. This card is saying to you, your angels are saying to you this week, what are you manifesting? How are you manifesting? What seeds are you planting? Are you planting good seeds? Are you planting negative seeds, are you planting seeds that can grow, are you planting seeds that are holding you into some energy from the past? Memories from the past? What seeds are you planting today? And your angels are saying we are there. Let's listen. We are there with you supporting whatever it is you want to plant, so they're not judging you.

They're not saying Okay, well, don't go planting those negative seeds because that's not good. They are there supporting you. If you want a plant, negative seeds, they will support you. If you want to plant positive seeds, they will support you. Look at what you're planting. What are you creating? Because whatever it is you're planting now it's going to grow. Do you wanna plant something wonderful? Your angels are with you and they'll help you with that. I feel like the final thing with this, if you take a look at this on the robe of this person there are all the star signs, of course, because it's the sun.

An aspect of this is about finding new friends connecting to new tribes connecting to new people, networking with people connecting with new angels, connecting with new guides. You have over this week you're gonna feel or sense this urge to make new connections, maybe deeper connections, maybe soulmate connections. We've got this little solar energy going on here. I feel that again. It's about growth. It's about planting seeds. Do you want to make new connections? If you do plant the seeds for that now.

Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and pick up my gift, of a guiding angel meditation If you don't already have it, it's four minutes, 44 seconds long. 444 an angel number And it was completely by angel inspiration that it happened that that meditation, that little meditation to connect you with your guiding angel was four minutes 44 long. Isn't that great? Perfect. That gift is for my heart to yours. You'll see the link in the description. Get that meditation. I will see you next week, lots of love and angel blessings to you.

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO




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