Your Angels Have a Message About Where Your Soul is Guiding You

πŸ’– A MESSAGE FROM YOUR ANGELS ABOUT WHERE YOUR SOUL IS GUIDING YOUπŸ’– Your Angels Have a Message About Where Your Soul is Guiding You. Place your hands over your heart like angel wings, then invite your angels to guide you to select 1, 2, or 3 for a message from their heart to yours. You can watch all the messages or go straight to your personal number:

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's angel messages. Now, this week, the messages are about what your soul wants you to know. Where's your soul guiding you at the moment. So what I'd love you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three. A message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is move your cursor along until you intuitively feel there's a place for you to stop and right there is another message from your angels.

Your angels are guiding you to stop right there. Your soul is guiding you. Your intuition is guiding you, so check that out too. Okay, so we have three cards see if you can intuit which card is yours. What's on the card? Fun, Right! So let me see. Number one feels like it's the middle. Number one. Your card is called Dream. So your soul is guiding you to listen to your dreams, to notice your dreams. So in this beautiful card, there's so much blue isn't there and it's matching my top, all these beautiful dream images.

So she is peacefully asleep. Almost Looks like angel wings right there over her hair doesn't it, maybe angel wings coming down here too. So I feel like that's saying she's protected by the angels. This looks like a wing as well that she may be that you may be connecting with your angels in your dream state that they want you to know that they are there with you they're looking after you. They're protecting you, they're guiding you, but also that this little child in the water.

This is the emotional energy, too. Especially the Luna, the Luna vibration, the moon here. So it's saying that take notice of your emotions. They're connecting to your dreams. What's coming up in your emotions is also going into your dream state as well. I feel as if the message here - there's an aspect of it that saying Don't worry, don't fear we are there with you. If at any point you have negative dreams or dreams that are a little bit scary, then your angels are there just call on them, when you wake up, call on them, know that they are protecting you, supporting you. They can't take you out of certain situations that you have asked to experience. But they can certainly be there for you and with you.

So the card says Connecting with self and spirit. Believe in the power of your dreams, guidance, and direction. So your dreams can - there are lots of different kinds of dreams, but your dreams can also share with you what you are releasing, what you're letting go off and maybe what you want to bring in. So your dreams can offer you insight into something that you want to maybe embrace in your life and take into your life and allow it to be your next step in your life.

But I also feel that you know, with your dreams, you can ask to connect with your angels. You can, you can say before you go to sleep. I want to. I want to connect with a particular Archangel. I want to connect with my guardian angel I want to connect with my guiding angel, the angel who guides me every day.

So ask for that before you go to sleep, ask to connect with your angels and then allow that angelic presence to be in your dream state and as soon as you wake up in the morning, remember, see if you can remember something about dreams. Make an intention to remember something about your dreams so you can have that memory anchored into your being, of your connection, of the communication with your angels during your dream state.

Okay, our second message number two. Which one is it? What do you think? I feel like it's this one. This is Journey. Beautiful journey. So your soul is saying there is a journey waiting for you. It's time for you to go on a journey. I love this image because when you look at the journey it could be up this pathway, but then there's another pathway right here, there's another pathway right here and here there's a little signpost, isn't there. The message says Crossroads forward-thinking time to move on.

So your angels are - you know, I feel almost as if - take a look at that image if you can see it. What are you most attracted to? Attracted to the path Are you attracted to the trees? Are you attracted to the flowers to the signpost to the distance to the sky What are you attracted to and what does that mean for you? So don't ask me what it means because you're attracted to the symbolism there. What does it mean for you? Ask your soul. What does that mean for me - I'm seeing the trees -- what does that mean for me? And as soon as you put that question into your soul energy into your subconscious, into your being, it's almost like you've got your own little inner Google going on there.

So you put that question in there, and then the answer can pop up if you just allow it to pop up, that is. So when I look at this, your soul is saying there are decisions to make here which way you're going to go, which direction? It doesn't make a difference in which direction you go in because they're all good directions. It's whatever feels right for your soul.

Allow your soul to guide you. I feel that's the message here, and some of these paths are a little bit rocky right, and you could go off the path and onto the grass. So you could go the direction that you want to go, it doesn't have to be what tradition say's what everybody else says. It's whatever feels right for you. It's your journey. I feel that's the message that this is saying it's your journey. There's so much growth that is ahead of you, there for you. I just feel that it's time to make a decision. It's just time to make a decision. To take that next step for your journey. It's that time of year, isn't it? Make decisions.

Okay, our final card - is choices. Choice. You have a choice. You always have a choice, and it's interesting, she's still in the garden here and there's that pathway right there, isn't there? Maybe if you chose number two and chose Number three, maybe, this is part of that journey that you're taking as well. Now, when I look at her, she's wearing this blue dress and she's pouring water onto flowers. So she is making something grow.

She's creating something. She's allowing that growth to be there and she's nurturing the growth as well. So the message here is looking at the options, growth, learning, new beginnings, decisions to make. I love this image. She has flowers in her hair, so that growth, she's taking on the growth and it's around her head. So she's thinking about the growth. She's putting it into her consciousness. Blue is a color of purpose, there's an aspect of purpose that is there as well. And there's a connection with Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael is about that purpose connecting with your life purpose.

So there's something here around making choices with your life purpose. Maybe either seeds that you've already planted, allowing those to grow, nurturing them for sure. And I feel with this the message is, we always have a choice, even when you think that you don't have a choice. No, I don't have a choice. I have to go to work, and I have to. I have to do this or to do that when you say you have to do something instead of saying I choose to do this, then you're taking your power away. You're taking away that power from yourself by saying you have to do it instead of choosing to do it.

So maybe with this - with your soul - your soul is saying own up to the choice. Let go of this thought that you are powerless and realize that you have so much power that you are making this choice to go on this journey and then connect to something that is growing within you.

Maybe that power is growing within you because you're nurturing it by saying I have a choice. So notice that say to yourself,

I have a choice. I choose to do this because.... so allow that sentence that phrase to empower you. I choose this because.... and then see what comes to you and allow that to be your Affirmation as well to empower you.

I feel like there's a final thing here that this is blue and green. And, I talked about purpose. I feel that this is about you also choosing your purpose, that you're on that edge of choice around your purpose. What is it you want to be known for? What is it your heart is sharing with you at the moment. What is your soul is guiding you to do so take notice. Take notice of the signs that are popping up. That is guiding you towards your purpose now.

That's it for this week's Angel messages. Make sure to subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching and pick up your gift of a Guiding Angel Meditation. This is four minutes, 44 seconds long. It's an angel number. It just happened that way that I meditated, channeled that meditation and it was 44.

It was 444 - 4 minutes, 44 seconds, and it's for you so you can pick it up. There is a link in the description I'll see you next week, angel blessings to you.

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO

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