Your Psychic Gifts: What are your Burning Questions?

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2017

πŸ’ž I would LOVE to schedule a Facebook Live chat with you all for tomorrow Saturday March 18th) around 11:00AM EST about your psychic gifts or what you might believe to be psychic, but you're not sure.

Do you have any burning questions?

It's a bit of a broad subject I know, but I'm feeling a nudge from my Guides and Angels so I'm going with it. Let's see what questions you have, these are not personal, it's about psychic energy, anything you don't understand, pop your questions in the comments below then I can bring them to our Q & A session.

If you're not on Facebook not to worry. I'll record the session and will post here later. Thank you!

Love you 
elizabeth XOXO


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Donna Is the quantum field the communication field of the psychic? Or how is it related to psychic ability?
sherry hall How do you know if you are answering your own question or is it angels?
Diana Dear Miss E: Whenever I feel as though I am receiving information from The Universe, I get a tingling numbness in the bottom of my left foot. This has been so for years. And recently, I have made a wonderful connection to Mother Mary and notice pressure on the outside of my right thigh, as though someone were right beside me. Can you talk about those kinds of physical sensations? Thank you!!
beth Hello Elizabeth I wondered if you could tell me why do i always find it so hard to do guided meditations especially ones that are trying to help me access things from past lives or family history. i find i either get very tired & sometimes fall asleep or my mind starts wandering off thinking of what I've got to do or i become easily distracted. can you tell me why this is happening & what i can do to stop it. Thank you for all you do. Big Hugs from Beth X
Carol Hi Elizabeth , Why is it that   sometime i can feel that something is going to happen but don't know what and   sometimes i don't have a   feeling , and i'll hear about it later. Also at times i'll be thinking about someone and the phone will ring and its the person i'm thinking about .   I also smell cologue either woman or man or cig's or a sweaty body . Thank You Elizabeth , Many Blessings
Susie Legg Hello Elizabeth
I have always felt a bit disconnected from people due to a sad upbringing, but as a child I would find peace in nature.   I too see photos of people, all ages.   They don't communicate but I feel they have passed over. Why do I see faces? I don't feel frightened.
Deepthi Elizabeth I notice subtle information come to me prior to certain events. The most interesting is, when an Angel message from you or someone else affirms what had already taken place - as if the Angels' message was one week late, what they informed this week had occurred already! Is this linked to parallel life events? Do give examples of parallel life events please? Love your Colorscopes Messages!
Yessie I have worked through a lot of my fears but yet I believe I have not work through the one that is still blocking me from having a connection with my guides, how do I know which block is the core of my block and not been able to hear my guides directly?
Teresa Hi Elizabeth!

I love your weekly angel messages. My guides often use your videos to deliver messages. So thank you! I have grown so much spiritually from listening to them and some of your meditations. I'd love to know if you are planning on teaching any courses this year in person.

Can you tell me why full moons affect psychic ability and sleep? The week of one I am more connected psychically and also have more trouble sleeping.  

Thank you!
Patty Also wondering how certain abilities come and go. Im mostly clairsentient and clairvoyant when I meditate.   A couple years back I saw spirits on three different occasions in courtrooms where I work. Two were victims and one was my Papa eagerly listening to some legal argument.   Then it stopped.
Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth! Your energy always makes my day. 
Glo Hi Elizabeth...had a past lives session involving a very quick connection then gone! I now realize was just for information and clarity as to why we came together. I want to reach out to him in some way to enlighten him and lessen his psychic load..relationships! Is that possible or just forget that? Thank u
Lourdes I have always wondered about those times where I am suddenly thinking of someone then the phone call or txt.   What is going on in those incredible moments? I like that question above: "How do you know which dreams are not just dreams?" I have had 4 fascinating dreams (one per yr. from 2013-2016, some were lucid dreams. They have set me on a delightful path!
Hugs, Lourdes
Veronica Hello elizabeth! Thank you for this opportunity to connect with you again. My question about psychic energy is this: how can I further develop it on my own time and way, on a practical level? I know that I get messages in my dreams or get drawn to someone or something in a very deep way , but I feel that I am blocked. Thank you should you choose my question. Peace and blessings to you!
Allan B Dear Beautiful Elizabeth,Come on giv it a Go- why are my psycics gift always comming and going. And not just permently have had them nearly since childhood. From one off your star family
Allan Denmark
holly kevorkian I'd like to know the difference between true psychic ability and what angels and guides whisper in your ear....or are they one and the same?
Holly Is there any Psychic gifts I have and i'm not aware of?
Renata Hello Elizabeth,

I have a question regarding the Akashic records.. There are many readers who access the Akashic records for a reading. How does one know that the information is actually from the Akashic records and is accurate? Most readers claim that there are Akashic Masters who oversee the records and every person has his/her Masters that maintain the records. There are other readers who claim that the records are stored in the Third Eye and can access them during a psychic reading. Are these records maintained by the "CREATOR OF ALL"?  
Thank You...
Nevine First thank you for all you do for us. In my eyes you're an earth angel <3   I hear ringing I'm my ears use to hear someone talking or doing something before they do it or talk, but now it stopped except for the ringing most of the time the ringing happens when i go to sleep and mostly from my left ear.   also randomly i see, like when i am sleeping and wake up and even in the dark i see things about other people or they are doing something like a tv screen infringement of me, but all this happens but if i want to do it on purpose i can't it happens only when I'm either sleeping and i wake up or when I'm about to sleep. I don't know how to take it further. Thank you so much.. Love & light Nevine
Pat I ask for ease and grace as I transtion through life and I believe that I truly deserve it. Why do I get such resistance or hard core messages or actions coming my way?
Sam Love this...How can one learn how to connect with the other side? my twin soul passed and I can sense him, see the signs everywhere, but haven't quite got a grasp on how to communicate with him directly, which I know would be really healing for my soul. Being an empath and having a strong intuition I hope I can learn a thing or two about this :) <3 & light!!   
Rachel I have been praying about my psychic question every night. The moment my eyes close I get visions. Sometimes they're snapshots, sometimes they're live action, some are black & white, and some are in color. I have seen a little boy from the 30's, little girls in prairie dresses, and even modern time people. I would like to know how I can use this gift to help people, and how to control it. Thank you.
Gabriele I got a ringing in my right ear....for quite some time now. I feel it's not a tinnitus - that's what Doctors told me. I feel angel/guides want to talk to me. What do you think? Any suggestions/excercise Elizabeth? Looking forward to your new class. Luv n hugs Gabi
Marie Hi Elizabeth i was yesterday talking to my angeles why I dont hear them I have feel them see lights feel energy but why I dont see or hear them. I said to Miguel and Rafael yesterday please talk in my dreams and nothing. I just dont understand can you help me. Marie
Siri Ohhh, you know what, I almost wrote you an email today asking if you were going to do another live (haha accidentally miss-spelled it love) video soon!! :D must have sensed it!
I was wondering what seeing colors mean. I see them when I meditate, recieve reiki and sometimes when I'm tired. Also Emapth, and possibly psychic dreams? How do you know which dreams are not just dreams?
xox, S

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