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Angel Messages AUGUST 6-12


Invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ANGEL'S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!

😇 You can move along to your choice:

MESSAGE 1 -- 1:11
MESSAGE 2 -- 3:40
MESSAGE 3 -- 6:13

Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's Angel Messages. What I'd like you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings, invite your angels to guide you to either message one, two, or three. A message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is, using your intuition and the guidance of your angels, move your cursor along to a place where you feel intuitively there's an extra special message for you from your angels. 

All right we're using Doreen Virtue's Healing With the Angels cards. I've already shuffled them so we're going to pick three cards. So, I'm going to cut them into three and then take the top card. Okay, this is it. Oh, number one is "Intention". How about that?

So, with Intention look at this beautiful lilac all the way around. These colors are about being open to receive. The intention is she is holding herself open. It's almost as if she's got... you know when you see flights coming in or going out of the airplane? There's somebody there saying "Okay let's go right! Let's go left. Come on in." That's the sense with this image that I'm seeing. It's the angel saying "Right, this is the way to come." So, I feel with this your angels are saying to you that you're ready. You have an intention. Focus on your intention and put it down the runway. Know exactly where you're going with that intention. What do you want? Keep within the lines of that intention because what can happen sometimes when we have an intention is we think of something like, "Oh yeah! This is where I need to go. This is the focus I need to have.", then we get a little bit distracted and we start moving other things into that intention. Or we can begin switching it over here or over there. I feel as if your angels are saying for you to keep it laser sharp and focus on your intention. This is a direction you want it to take and they will help you. They will guide you toward the manifestation of that intention.

As I'm looking at this I'm hearing this is an egg. There's an egg shape that's there and I feel as if, again, they're saying that your intention is growing. There's a birth period, there's a growth period and then there's a birthing. There's a beautiful golden energy in here, as well. So, with that gold, I feel as if an intention that you've already set is coming to fruition and now your guides and your angels are saying it's time to set a new intention. Whatever you focus on you create. Alright, we all know that it's just a reminder.

Number two, I feel like it's this one. Oh, New love!

That's lovely! Now there's all this turquoise because it's up in the sky. There's a sense of freedom with that new love, isn't there? There's two little Cupid's in there. The Cupid's are again about focus. They're laser-focused with their arrows. New love is coming in. When I see this card, there's a little boundary around and then there's a little cherub that has a foot outside of the boundary. I noticed that I feel that says it's time to go outside of your routine, outside of those boundaries. It could be that the relationship, a new relationship, a new love interest (if this is a person) might be different from the usual kind of person that you tend to be attracted to or that tends to be attracted to you. I feel as if it's time to open your perspective with relationships, with partnerships and networking as well. Now new love doesn't have to be a person. It could be a new love interest like a new hobby, or a career, or a passion, the food even, a color. There's a sense of something new coming in that is opening you up. Whatever that is allow it to come in. Notice how you are becoming much freer, there's a sense of freedom that's in here because of the sky and the cupid. The little Cupid's are flying around and they're naked, as well, so there's a sense of no inhibitions and no boundaries, just openness. With this beautiful turquoise, there's communication and there's green in the wings. This is communication from the heart but also healing the heart and it's just a little bit of green with lots of turquoise. It's not super emotional, it's just a little bit of healing and then you're ready to open. I love that! It's beautiful.

Alright, the final card is "Retreat"


Now notice how there's this gorgeous blue around there, this indigo and deep blue. So, let's look at this card. Now the angel almost looks like she's been photo shopped under there. It's like she doesn't really belong in that space. She's just been put into that space and there's this lovely blue, indigo and lilac that's moving through here. Now that Indigo is the third eye. It's also a place where you put indigo into the energy field so you're not seen. People don't see you as much. It's like that black vibration, as well. You tend to move through crowds and not be noticed. I feel as if that retreat is not necessarily going somewhere. It could be retreat in your own space, where you are right now, and I feel that's why I'm noticing this as her being just photo shopped onto this image. I feel as if you are already in your retreat. You're already there and it's time for you to maybe not be seen or not be noticed. You just need some time for yourself.

Now sometimes you can do that by taking your energy into your heart, making an intention of retreat, and making an intention that you want to spend some time for yourself. Some quality time for and to yourself and you can let people know, you know? Say, "Just for this week I'm having a little retreat. I'd like you to get on with your lives I'm going to get on with mine. You do your thing I'll do my thing." Maybe that retreat is putting your phone down, turning it off for a week. Maybe turning off all technical things. Computers are locked for the week. It might be that you need to go to work, but then the evenings are your retreat time. Whatever this is, it feels like you are going into yourself and just locking out of everything else. That white vibration gives me the sense of cleansing, of clearing through your energy field. Because there's this beautiful nature vibration in the back there it may be that on a daily basis for the next week it would be nice for you to take time and take a walk-in nature. But that's not possible when doing a meditation, where you can go into nature. Listen to the sound of the babbling brook. I feel like that's going to be important for you, as well.

Make sure to get your Angel prayer gift from me. There is a link below in the description. Let me know in the comments below if the messages resonated with you and share it with your friends. I'm sure they would love to have an Angel Message. I will see you next week! Lots of angel blessings and love to you.

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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Heather Thurston
Heather Thurston

August 07, 2017

Thank you so much for your readings. I always love them. I have a hard time around full moons and especially this month with the eclipse energy. It helps to listen to a reading today!

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