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Angel Messages DECEMBER 3-9


Invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ANGEL'S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!

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   MESSAGE 1 -- 1:47
   MESSAGE 2 -- 4:07
   MESSAGE 3 -- 7:45

Today I'm going to pull the angel cards from a big stack. There are four different card decks in here; Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, Archangels Oracle Cards and the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards which are all by Doreen Virtue. See if you can intuit which deck I get the angel cards from and maybe what the color of the angel card is, as well.

Our first card is Allow Yourself To Receive

So, you see this angel is receiving light that's coming down and then there's this red and white that the angel is wearing. Red is an interesting color because that's a grounding color, it's grounding you into the earth. With red and white there can be a letting go vibration that comes in and there are open windows that are right here, as well. I feel as if you may have been a little bit stuck. You may have been trying to move forward, move forward and you haven't been able to do it and there's a sense of somebody's coming in to support and help you. It's time now for you to reach out and say, 'I need your help. I need your support. I need something other than what I'm getting right now.' Now, this could be with physical people around you, with family members or friends etc. or professional, but it could also be your guides and angels. So, call on them to support you because they're always there waiting in the wings, so to speak, to help you with whatever it is you need help with. So, the message here is, "Open your arms to welcome the blessings and answered prayers that God is sending to you." How beautiful. When I look at this it appears to be flowers in the air or around the angel as well and that is about that blossoming energy, isn't it? So, there's a seed that you are planting and that seed that you're planting could very well simply be you asking for support. There could be a prayer that you're putting out there and that prayer is helping to open you up to receive whatever it is you need right now. 

Our second card is Compassion

It's from Archangel Zadkiel and just look at that energy that's coming out from there. Now, look at the colors around here. There's this beautiful deep indigo on the edge's there and they're coming into a violet-lilac and then pink and gold and orange and then just coming into this white. That's a very powerful vibration, isn't it? And with Zadkiel as well there's this sense of mercy, of course. So, it says, "Soften your heart with respect to this situation and all the people involved including yourself." So, this is compassion. So, you might be thinking well you know I'm not asking about a situation, but I feel they're such powerful colors, that violet and golden energy that comes in. The violet is deep transformation and that golden energy is wisdom. So, when I look at this there's enormous healing that is coming for you this week. It is there for you this week if you're ready and willing to open yourself up to receive that healing. I feel that Archangel Zadkiel is going to be around you this week so call on that energy, call on that vibration of this beautiful Archangel to support you as you open up to the healing. This is not an easy healing with all these colors that are coming in. This is not just a boo-boo on your finger that kind of healing this is much deeper into your heart. This isn't necessarily about this lifetime either it could be a previous lifetime energy that's coming up. So there's a real deep sense that that's coming through right now with this. There's a sense of releasing any guilt or releasing anything that could have stood in your way of your success as well in relationships, in your career and in your finances too.

There's a sense of huge shifts, huge change that's coming in for you but it's not something that's going to be bad or negative or that you're going to be fearful about it. Put that out of your mind completely. This is very much about burning away and moving away what doesn't serve you, what doesn't need to be there, what you've held on to for too long and this is with compassion, as well. You are so loved, you are so cherished, you are so needed as a lightworker and I feel that now you are being told that it's time to release. Time to let go all the burdens or everything that you've just thought about that have prevented you from really living this life full of light and I feel that your angels are going to support and help you to move on to that next step. It's very exciting to me and I feel like it's going to make you a little bit tired so make sure that you take in lots of water as you go through this period of time. Drink lots of water.

Our third card is Leadership


So, look at that beautiful energy. We have this golden orange again with the trumpet that she's holding. This is probably Gabriel calling out to others and giving a message to others, as well that's that leadership energy. So, from Archangel Gabriel, it says, "It is time for you to assume your leadership power and position and lovingly guide others." The orange energy is highly creative but that orange energy is so powerful. It's full of fun so it doesn't make it something that is lording it over others or controlling others. The orange energy has that yellow vibration of opening yourself up and being seen. So, this doesn't necessarily have to mean that you're a big leader on a stage or that you're leading a ton of people it could be that you're just opening yourself up to be seen so that more people can see your leadership qualities. So, more people can see the gifts that you have and that comes in with that leadership vibration. And of course, with this trumpet it's just saying to people, 'This is what I can do. I'm totally capable of doing this. Give me a chance.' That's the sense of it here. Call on Archangel Gabriel to support you. There's a highly creative vibration that comes in with this and again it's fun. It doesn't have to be anything difficult.

Make sure to get your Angel prayer gift from me. There is a link below in the description. Let me know in the comments below if the messages resonated with you and share it with your friends. I'm sure they would love to have an Angel Message. I will see you next week! Lots of angel blessings and love to you. 

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

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Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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2 Responses


December 06, 2017

I’vve felt a strong push to meditate on letting go and Card 2, the one that I thought to read talks about this and the healing that is taking place. I’ve lso been feeling tired!


December 05, 2017

Hi Elizabeth,

I felt in my heart that a message from the Angel Gabriel was for me. The light and colors that I saw confirmed that the Angel Gabriel support me with divine blessings.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Namaste!
Maria Reichert, Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master

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