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Angel Messages MARCH 4-10


Invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ANGEL'S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!

😇 You can move along to your choice:
   MESSAGE 1 -- 1:23
   MESSAGE 2 -- 3:49
   MESSAGE 3 -- 7:06

Today I'm going to pull the angel cards from a big stack. There are four different card decks in here; Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, Archangels Oracle Cards and the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards which are all by Doreen Virtue. See if you can intuit which deck I get the angel cards from and maybe what the color of the angel card is, as well.


Look at that, "Express Your Inner Truth" it says, "Your creative work shines brightest when it reflects your genuine feelings and thoughts." Now, this is interesting to me because I'm seeing this trumpet almost like a long trumpet and then the snow around. It feels almost as if the angel is trying to wake something up. There's a sense snow being cold water, it's iced water, and is a symbol of your emotions. So that emotional energy is connected in with your right brain which is that creative intuitive, creative imaginative side of you. My sense with this is that, particularly as we've had quite a big full moon vibration coming through that full moon with 11 degrees. There's a sense of you walking through a new door, a new vibration, a new energy. That master number coming in and I feel that this is just saying about you waking that up. Waking your emotions up, waking your creativity up, waking your imagination up and this is saying about expressing your inner truth. That is that blue energy right here and I feel that inner truth is coming from your emotions. It's coming from that creative part of your emotions so there was a sense of again your emotional life is waking up. So it may be that you are going to meet a new relationship, meet someone new and that may trigger something in you that you hadn't felt for a long time. Some emotional energy that you haven't felt for a long time. So it's kind of interesting to me. I'm also seeing the sense of being alone right here and I feel like you might be reaching out for new relationships, reaching out for new friends, as well. So this is a good time for that and you know with that snow there's a sense that it's going to start to melt and then there's a new life coming in for you. My goodness that’s lovely, isn't it?

The second card is LET GO

Okay, so our next card is from Archangel Gabriel and it says, "Release the desires to control the situation and leave it up to God's infinite wisdom to resolve everything beautifully." Now when I look at this there's a lot of violet. So it looks blue on the on the camera here, but this is a violet color. It's a deep purple color and that energy is very much about releasing, letting go, transforming. Then there's more very like a blue-violet that's in here as well and then there's pink and red. So to me, that's saying let go of what no longer serves you, let go of physical things, mental, emotional, spiritual, anything that's just not feeling like it's the right relationship, the right career, right path, right energy around you. Feels like there should be water in here and there's a sense of somebody that's in there instead of the water and I feel like there's a reflection that's coming in here. So you may find that this month that relationships come in, people come in, they're reflections of you. They may say something that gives you an aha moment or they may say something that annoys you but again it's back to that triggering emotions and this is a great month for that. This is a great month for that triggering energy, especially as Mars is moving as well and there's that Venus-Mercury energy coming together. So there's a sense of a lot of relationship vibration coming into this month.

Now, this is transformation and you're given this opportunity to change. You're given this opportunity to make change for yourself and the Divine, your angels, your guides are saying Let Go. Let go and allow whatever is not working for you give it up to the divine. It's not that something isn't meant to be, or it's not your destiny, it's just that it's not the right time. Or maybe something is in the way and that something that's in the way could be an emotional thing. Could be a mindset as well that just needs to be tweaked and then once that tweak has happened then you get to move forward. I know there's something else in here.  I'm noticing the tree and I'm feeling almost as if there's a conversation about this tree and that it needs more nurturing. It needs more love and I feel that that is a message as well for you. That growth comes from love and that part of what you need right now is to let go of whatever isn't reflecting love for you. Bring more love into your life.


So this is a prayer card from Archangel Michael and it says "Divine love and wisdom, I call upon you now and know that my mind and emotions are eternally and continuously connected to you. I ask my Higher Self to be aware and conscious of the love and light that is within every person and situation." So we have that violet again right here and that violet is transformation. Around the violet is yellow and yellow and violet are opposite each other on the color wheel. There are a lot of colors in here. I love that this card has so many colors because this is an Archangel Michael card. So this is a great time to call in Archangel Michael to help you. These cards are all connected to help you to let go, to cut out the negative energy, negative programming, negative beliefs, negative thoughts, words, feelings, all of that stuff. Just to cut it away and to me, the gift is this incredible rainbow that's right here. There's this beautiful light and this is a sense of freedom and liberation. So what have you been saying to yourself that is negative? What have you been focusing on or maybe saying, "Oh this isn't working for me." or "Every time I drive to work there's all this traffic" or "This person isn't giving me what I need." Instead of focusing and giving energy to something that is negative, that isn't working for you, give energy to things that are working for you and also change your language. Change around that negativity into something positive. So if you go to work every day and there's a ton of traffic and you can never get to work on time then change that to, "There's always lots of space on the road. I get to work on time every day." It's just changing that vibration, changing the energy, focusing on the positive, access the positives as Bing Crosby says instead of the negative energy. I feel that when you go with the positive you get this rainbow and that rainbow is wholeness. That rainbow is completion. That rainbow has every single color in it and when you have every color you have every ingredient you need. It's like having a pantry full of all the ingredients and as a consequence whatever you want to manifest and create in your life you have access to all the ingredients for that. Whereas right now it's like your pantry is partly empty. It's not as full as it needs to be and I feel a little tweak in your language, a little tweaking in your emotions will help and you know what needs tweaking. Start with one thing to work on first. Don't get too adventurous and go with everything. Start with one thing and then you'll see change and that's what we want.

Make sure to get your Angel prayer gift from me. There is a link below in the description. Let me know in the comments below if the messages resonated with you and share it with your friends. I'm sure they would love to have an Angel Message. I will see you next week! Lots of angel blessings and love to you. 

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

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Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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March 09, 2018

Wonderful and inspiring message as ever! Thank you Elizabeth. Blessings and Love.


March 08, 2018

Thankyou for sharing the uplifting messages.

Stacey Greenhalgh
Stacey Greenhalgh

March 07, 2018

Loved my reading i asked angels to pick my card angel micheal was the one i pickedand was spot on xx

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