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Angel Messages SEPTEMBER 10-16


Invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ANGEL'S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!

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MESSAGE 1 -- 1:04
MESSAGE 2 -- 4:02
MESSAGE 3 -- 8:06

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's Angel Messages. What I'd like you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings and invite your angels to guide you to either message one, two, or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do, is using your intuition and the guidance of your angels, move your cursor along to a place where you feel intuitively there's an extra special message for you from your angels. 

Okay, so we're using some of Doreen Virtue's cards, these are some of my favorite cards. I'm going to shuffle them and then see if you can intuit where I get the cards from.

So, our first message is Courage.


This is from archangel Ariel and it says, "Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs." Now when you look at this card there are very strong wings right here and then there's a lion right behind her. That lion, of course, is a symbol of courage. When I feel into this card I feel as if this week you need to focus just on one thing. You may have had your focus all over the place, your intention all over the place, that maybe you don't know where you're going or what you're doing because there's too many things going on. So, my sense with this is just to get one thing that is a priority for you or is something that you've been wanting to get around to doing and you just can't cause too many other things going on. My feeling is that the courage part is being courageous and saying no to everything else that doesn't... It's not that it doesn't matter. It's just that it may be all those other things can come next. There's one thing that needs your focus right now. That's what I'm feeling when I look at this card for you and I feel that the lion aspect, that courage behind, is you standing your ground and being courageous. It takes courage just to narrow it all down to one thing because we get into this place of thinking "I've got to do this, I got to do that, all the other, help people," You know, so much to do and then we get into a bit of a tizzy. I'm sensing with this that that courage is again just to narrow everything down to one thing and not to go into fear. This vibration's kind of golden energy can link in with the solar plexus, that's where your power is and that's what that courage is. To release the fear about all that other stuff. It feels like the simplicity that is needed for you this week. Alright? Okay, I feel that's the message.

Okay, our next card is Career Transition. That's interesting!


So, Archangel Chamuel is that angelic vibration of love. When you look at this, there's this flower right here at the heart and that energy is opening up. There's almost a sense of a V right there, isn't it? With victory and when I look at it, the image of it almost looks like a grid or like a symbol that you would put a grid on that pattern. That you would put on a grid on sacred geometry. The message on the card is "Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change." When I look at this it's very gentle and it's very soft. There's a red energy that the angel is wearing and that red is about moving forward. Red is the root chakra, it's that first vibration or that first energy. Then the rest of the pattern here is gold. Red and gold are "I AM" colors. Right behind the angel at the nape of the neck is the winged energy. That nape of the neck is a psychic vibration as well as an opening up of that psychic energy. I'm feeling with this card being career transition that it doesn't necessarily have to be about your career. It could be that you are realizing intuitively and psychically that there's a path for you that is opening up and it just requires a decision and for you to start making plans or to move towards that. Doesn't have to be some big career transition, but I do feel that it's about you making steps to move towards them. That's that red energy and that's that golden energy, as well. It's a golden opportunity. It feels like something around you is going to help you with that, as well. You know, when you make an intention and when you say, "Okay this is what I'm going to do," you find that the universe supports you. It puts things in your path to help you, lead you toward that destination that you're focusing on. I feel with this that your heart is coming to that place where you are ready to embrace this career, this project. Again, it doesn't have to be a career transition it could be a path into a particular project that's part of your heart energy. Whatever it is there's a golden opportunity that's emerging this week and I feel that golden opportunity. You see these golden lines coming out? It's like you are opening up and then everything else starts to open up. So you make that decision, then everything else starts falling into place. One last thing, because I mentioned sacred geometry, I really feel that there is a pattern that's coming in here. There's an energy that's coming in here that's going to help you. It may be worth checking out crystal grid. So creating some kind of sacred geometry pattern around you or in your life to support you, to help you with that next step.

All right so our final card is Patience.


Interesting how often this card comes up, patience. So, when you look at her she is watering a garden and when you water a garden you've planted seeds or you've planted seedlings. You're watering them and you're allowing them to grow. Those seeds can be your ideas, your thoughts, your positive thoughts but you may also be planting negative thoughts, negative ideas, so those are those weeds that need to just come out of that garden. And I feel that with the Patience, going to read the card in a moment, that patience is about you being patient with yourself. This isn't just about seeds being planted and growing and you're watching them grow and you're really excited about that. This is also about weeding out things that are getting in the way of whatever it is you're trying to grow. Watch your thoughts, watch your language, watch your actions this week. See if everything you're doing is nurturing your way of being, your purpose, your path or whatever it is your heart desires. Make sure that everything that you're doing is nurturing that, and if it doesn't, then don't beat yourself up about it. Just notice it and make an intention to change it.

So, on the card it has Archangel Jophiel who is an angel of beauty. "Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize. Still they need nurturing and patience." Now when I look at this card I'm actually seeing a crystalline vibration in her. There is this little Cupid and there's also this lovely energy of lilac and coral. This is in the tulips, in the flowers, in the bottom, the lilac and coral. Those two colors can come together around you transforming a vibration within you that is connected with love and your worthiness of receiving love. When you've planted seeds, sometimes we can get into this place of thinking "Why would they grow for me? Why would they grow? Why would I be able to receive something because I'm not worthy to receive it." You might not be thinking the exact same words around being worthy, but I feel there's something here around the weeds being worthiness and releasing that energy. Plucking that energy out around unworthiness so that you can open to receive the love that you deserve. That love is connected with the growth of whatever it is you're focusing on. The cupid vibration that's in there is about that love. Not just for yourself, but it's the love for everything that you're creating around you. When you put love into everything, then the universe supports that. It supports the blessings, supports the growth of that energy for you. If you think that you don't deserve that love then the universe will support that too and I feel that that's one of the weeds. And again, don't beat yourself up about it. Just notice it and make an intention to open your heart to receive the love and to affirm "I am worthy. I am worthy of love. I am loved. I love myself," and I feel the universe will support that energy for you and huge change will happen as a consequence.

Make sure to get your Angel prayer gift from me. There is a link below in the description. Let me know in the comments below if the messages resonated with you and share it with your friends. I'm sure they would love to have an Angel Message. I will see you next week! Lots of angel blessings and love to you. 

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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3 Responses


September 14, 2017

Love you and love your readings…always hits home for me!! Love & light

Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper

September 11, 2017

Hi BN the timing isn’t off on the video, so I’m not sure what you’re seeing, maybe your angels are guiding you to see something unexpected


September 11, 2017

Thank you for this. It seems the timing on the video for each message is off? I was guided to message 3 but the time listed land in message 2.

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