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Angel Messages SEPTEMBER 3-9


Invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ANGEL'S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!

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MESSAGE 1 -- 1:27
MESSAGE 2 -- 5:07
MESSAGE 3 -- 9:07

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's Angel Messages. What I'd like you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings and invite your angels to guide you to either message one, two, or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do, is using your intuition and the guidance of your angels, move your cursor along to a place where you feel intuitively there's an extra special message for you from your angels. 

So, we're going to use some of Doreen Virtue's tarot cards. I'm going to shuffle them three times, of course, and then we'll pick three cards. See if you can intuit where I'm going to pick those cards from, especially your card. So, let's see what we have.

Number one you have Nine of Fire

Now, normally that would be Nine of Wands. It says "Don't give up. Protect that which you've created. Have courage and believe in yourself." Now, when I'm looking at this card I see a very powerful woman and it's almost like her hand is saying to the dragon, "No. This is what I'm doing. You stay right there, I'm doing my own thing right now," and there's a lot of power around her. It almost looks like the dragon is also holding the wand of fire. So, when I look at this my sense with it is that you are standing in your power. You're saying "No I'm not taking any notice of this fear anymore. This is the direction I'm going and this is what I'm going to do. This is what I'm going to focus on," and I feel that that, of course, it's a feminine vibration there. Feminine energy is creative and its creativity, it's intuitive, it's that passionate vibration. She's wearing this pink top and pink is love, so it's something that you love or someone that you love. Because I'm saying it's someone that you love that dragon could be the person and you're saying "No more. You're not doing this anymore. This is not what I signed up for or this is not how you need to treat me or you need to respect me more." I feel that that is what's going on here, too.

That vibration is a number of completion. There are lots of nine's in the universe, aren't there? Nine months for a baby to be born and that creative energy is right there, too. There is a feeling with this that you are coming into your power and just turning your back on something but you don't need in your life anymore. I feel that's what that dragon vibration is because the dragon is a symbol of fire. It's the fire that's been burning and that fire may well be that you're angry, or frustrated, or that you are setting something alight within yourself. You're saying "This is where I need to be. This is what I need to be doing. I'm turning my back on everything else." I was feeling like there was Violet in here, as well. That Violet down here in her pants or her at the bottom half she could be wearing a dress or skirt or something. Violet is a color of transformation and because it's on that lower half that's about that movement forward. So, I do feel that something is changing around where you're going and where you're coming from. So, that Violet is also saying you have faith about that next step. The pink is saying to move towards what you love. You are what you love, so focus on love. 

Okay, our next card is Six of Fire. Now isn't that interesting? 

Six of Fire now look at this, there's a horse. This is usually the victory card. Yes, that's exactly what it says "Victory! Good news is on its way, public recognition or rewards." Now when I look at this card what I notice is there's an arrow right in the center. That arrow has a rainbow color moving through it but it's also the sword that the knight is holding. The warrior is holding on to one end of that sword and that is the fire energy from before. So, when I'm looking at this I'm feeling as if he has completed a task. That's the rainbow. You've completed a task or you've completed a project, could be a relationship that you've completed. It could also be a thought or an idea or even a diet that you've completed. Whatever it is you've completed, that victory is in there. It's saying that you've won. You've done well. Give yourself a pat on the back.

The horse is a symbol of power. There were lots of people around this image and those people seem to be smaller than both the horse and the warrior. My sense with this is that you're rising above a situation. You are moving through this time with almost a sense of everything that you need is in the rainbow. Everything you need to succeed. Everything you need for your next step. Everything that you need, that is going to help you to move into this place that you're really proud of, that you're really happy with. With these people around there's a sense of support that's there for you, but you need to reach out for that support. It's right there but ask them. Ask for support, ask your angels, your guides, ask your friends, your family, go to support groups. There's a sense of receiving support for whatever it is you want to take that next step into. With the rainbow energy, there's also a sense of healing and a sense that whatever it is you need to heal again, that whatever you need is available to you. It's right there all around you. There's a lot of green in this card and six is the number of Venus, Aphrodite, and love. That green is like camouflage green and there's a feeling with this that you may have been through a difficult time, but now you need to know that it's time to step out. Step out of your heart. There's healing that's happening here but you've done really well. Now it's time to realize that achievement and make an intention to move forward. 

Our final card is Ace of Water.

This would normally be the Ace of Cups. Ace of Cups is a symbol of love, is a card of love and this one looks like a mermaid, doesn't it? It is a mermaid and it looks like she's going down to the bottom of the ocean to get this cup like a Holy Grail. It says "Falling in love or the resurgence of a relationship, spiritual growth, and enhanced intuition. A new home." It's kind of interesting. Now, when I look at this card I see that mermaid or fish in the background and then the face very strongly there. Water is the emotions, the emotional energy. That Cup is saying, you know last week we talked about one of the cards having your cup full or being open to being a bigger cup to receive more abundance? That also applies to this mermaid. She is going right to the bottom of the ocean to get that cup. This is digging deep in your emotions to really access your emotional power, your intuitive power. It's realizing that everything is down to you. If your relationships aren't working, it's not necessarily about them. There's something to access within yourself. Now, as I'm saying this what I'm being inspired by my guides and angels is that the symbol of this is love. You're digging deep within your emotional being, within your soul, to find the love for yourself. But as you find that love for yourself then others will see the love within you. They will see that you respect and acknowledge yourself. It's a little mirror. If you don't love yourself, it's not that others won't love you, it's just that you may not be satisfied with the love that you receive until you truly love yourself. And I feel that's what this card is about for you.

Blue is a color of healing and there's turquoise all around this card. Turquoise is a color that links in with the higher heart, the chakra that comes between the heart and the throat. So, it's that higher heart vibration. An aspect of that is communication and there's a sense of healing rejection. This is again very much about accepting yourself and loving yourself. I feel that this week you have a lot of healing to do around loving yourself but look at your relationships. Look at what kind of relationships you have around you. Is there a common theme in the relationships around you? It's interesting that this week there seems to be a lot of love and power energy coming into these cards.  I feel this particular card is very powerful for you and it could very well mean that you've achieved that love for yourself. You've already achieved it, you've healed it and you're open now to receive the relationship that you deserve because you have this amazing relationship already with yourself.

Make sure to get your Angel prayer gift from me. There is a link below in the description. Let me know in the comments below if the messages resonated with you and share it with your friends. I'm sure they would love to have an Angel Message. I will see you next week! Lots of angel blessings and love to you. 

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth

Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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3 Responses


September 06, 2017

I picked the third card and you’re right – it is a powerful card for me. I’ve been working on my relationships and especially my relationship with myself for the better part of a year and I’m beginning to see many great changes in my life. Still a work in progress, lol! Digging deep – scary sometimes, but necessary. It’s interesting to me that I wasn’t able to intuitive the card, but I was spot on with the crystals, blue and pink. The card and the crystals bolster my thoughts that I am moving i the right direction. Thank you so much for everything you do, Elizabeth. Your spirit and joy are infectious and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and guidance. Much love to you!


September 06, 2017

I seem to pick the first card all the time. I feel that works for me.
I appreciate the strong meaning for me. It still amazes me. I was taught this
was something evil. Good information can never be evil.


September 05, 2017

Somehow I intuitively picked the last card before you intuitively picked it too! The message was strong for me. Thank you for all that you do, Elizabeth. You’re an angel in and of itself.

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