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SAGITTARIUS JULY 2016 Astrocolorscope, Astrology, Color & Crystals

Mars is finally direct, lots of expansion and movement forward in business, relationships and decisions for the future.

Is this a month filled with blessings or challenges for you? What do you most need to be aware of?
Crystals and color intuition mixed with a sprinkle of astrology for a unique bite-sized peek into influences ahead for you this month. Remember to watch your ascendant and moon signs too. Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and please share and pass on the ASTRO COLORSCOPE to your friends by gifting them with a message too.

Thank you so much, love you + enjoy your day 

XOXO elizabeth

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Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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July 14, 2016

A Saggitarius. Your reading was spot on! I’m about to begin a business venture. A dream come true. This is with family and we are so excited. Also my spiritual side has awakened more with each passing day. An empath from childhood on, I feel so much all the time, but I’m finally able to channel it differently so as not to wear myself out. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life. Thank you Elizabeth!

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