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Free Crystal Reading JULY 2017

What do the crystals and colors want to share with you

Time to ask the earth's gems and crystals for guidance. Using your intuition select either CRYSTAL 1, 2, or 3. Test your intuition by tuning into the color and crystal before its taken out of the bag. Watch the crystal message for all of us and then when prompted select and move to your crystal number for your own personal intuitive message. PLUS intuitively move to a point in the video where you may receive an additional message.

⇾ If you picked 1 – 4:58
⇾ If you picked 2 – 7:50
⇾ If you picked 3 – 11:11

Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and if you intuited the colors and crystals. Please share and pass on the CRYSTAL COLORSCOPE to your friends by gifting them with a message too.

LOVE + Blessings 
elizabeth XOXO

Transcription of the JULY Crystalscope below:

"Hello, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this month's Crystalscope. So, in a moment, I'm going to dip my hand into this bag of crystals to find a crystal for all of us for the month ahead. Then, what I want you to do, is select either crystal one, two, or three. I'm going to do the same thing and I'm going to invite you to intuit which crystal is coming out of the bag and maybe what the color is of the crystal. See if you can get one, or both, of those things. I'm going to explain what the crystal is, so I'm going to share what the energy is and what my insights and intuitions are as to what's coming up for this month. All right. You ready? Okay, so I'm going to dip my hand in the bag, let's see what Crystal comes out. Okay, so this is Selenite.

So selenite usually has a kind of stripey appearance. This one, I think, has been a little bit battered. So, it has a... it's almost like a mystical energy to it. Now, because of that white, white can be about cleansing, about creating something new. It's like a new beginning. You know? Like a white board. And there's a sense almost as if you are looking at an agenda. It's like do A, B, C, D this kind of thing. So, you're organizing things. So this month it's the month of organization with this white. It's a month of clearing things out of the way and bringing new things in, a new beginning.

This particular piece has lots of little dots on it, which you don't usually find with selenite. It's almost like a piece of candy. It looks like a piece of candy and I feel that that is... there's a sense of people coming in to support you. Now selenite is Angel stone, links in with your angels, your guides. So, those people, those beings that are coming in to support and help you could well be your team, your spirit team coming down, coming in. And supporting you linking with you to guide you on your journey and to help you to release the old and really step into the new, as well. This is a psychic energy too, you know? Because of that white vibration, it's like all of your chakras connected together the rainbow. You stepping into that rainbow energy and there's a sense with this of cleansing and healing all at the same time, but also expanding your energy and connecting in psychically, with maybe loved ones in spirit, or maybe helping others with readings, or with support. It's like your inspiration, your intuition, is very high this month and your psychic abilities are really on. So, it could well be that you are seeking for a way to use those psychic energies. To use your psychic abilities and I feel that that white vibration, that whiteboard vibration, is you kind of listing all the things that you can do. All the things that you're fabulous at, or your gifts and then seeing how you can put those together in one form and I feel that one of those gifts is going to be about your psychic energy.

I feel like there's one more thing that comes in with this and I'm hearing the word, "law". So, you know with that law sometimes it's about balance. So, I feel with the white energy as well that something... it's almost like a sense of something is going to be repaid to you. Something is coming back to you. It's like a law of karma, that's what it is. Something is coming back. It's like something's being owed to you, or you've been giving, giving, giving and now the universe is giving back to you. Oh, I like that.

All right. So, what I want you to do now is Intuit crystal one, two, or three. Which one has a message for you? You can have more than one. You could also just move your cursor along to where you intuitively feel you need to be and your message will be there, too.

Okay, number one. Let's see what you have. See if you can intuit the color, or colors and shapes. Who's going to intuit the shape? Your crystal is Tiger's Eye.

This, of course, is a heart shape. So, the tiger's eye has this beautiful golden vibration and it also has brown as well. So with the brown, it's a very earthy energy, so it's about being grounded. It's about being focused on physical things this month, you know? Your job, your home, your abundance, your wealth, your physical body, your health etc. Then that golden energy is linked into the sun. So, it's heaven. So this is very much about heaven and earth. Bringing heaven to earth.

So, the Sun vibration is that light. It's expansion. It's your spirituality. It's your emotional self. It's your mental vibration, or it's everything that is not necessarily the physical. So, it's up there! So, there is a sense here of balance for you with this bringing heaven to earth. So, it's connecting the two together. So, there's almost a feeling of, you're creating space in your life this month in order to honor your values and those values may be about your emotional life, or your mental life, or your spiritual life. So, whatever it is that's not physical, your values are going to balance out with your physical life. So, let's say you've been really, really busy all the time. Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. You're doing stuff, constantly busy. So, this month what's going to happen is you're going to look a little bit more into what you can bring into balance that. So, maybe that balance is going to be about having fun because that's going to nurture your emotional side. Maybe it's about doing crosswords, or reading books, or education that might be balancing the mental side. Maybe it's about meditating more or tapping more into your intuition. Or maybe it's about going to a sacred space where you can connect with the Divine. That's going to balance that spiritual side. So, I feel that this is very much about you bringing balance into your life this month. And I feel as well with that Brown, that is about grounding. So, it's about staying in the present moment and really honoring yourself, and your light, and you as a spirit.

Okay, number two. Let's see what you have. There's an enormous stone right there. I'm moving past it onto a small stone. Okay, this is Black Tourmaline.

So that beautiful Black Tourmaline you see it's got a lovely shiny side? On this particular piece of black tourmaline, it's got a rough side as well. And you know, it makes me think of coal. So, usually with black tourmaline it's about protection because that black energy you know? When you wear black anything coming at you is reflected off of it. You can't get through that black vibration. It's just reflected off and it's almost like it moves past you. So, that's the same with this, it's got this reflective side, you see? So, you are protected this month. So, if we think of it, think about Archangel Michael particularly because that popped into my head. That is a protective energy, a protected vibration, so call in Archangel Michael this month to support you, to cleanse again. It's that cleansing energy. To cleanse you of anything that you've picked up doesn't belong to you. To help you let go of anything that is getting in the way of your success, that's blocking your success and also to help you release.

I feel like it's about releasing past patterns that haven't worked for you and now it's time for you to see them, to be aware of them, and to make an intention to change. To let them go, to move through them, move on and create something new. Then there's this rough side and I'm feeling almost as if this is about luck. About some good luck that's coming your way because often with coal it's about good luck. So, I feel that there's something, it's almost as if you're going to meet somebody that's going to support you just when you needed it, or if you were looking for a home, it's like there's a home that's just suddenly going to appear that's exactly what you wanted. That kind of thing. There's a sense of good luck coming up for you this month. I also feel with this that it's about protecting yourself from the environment things like electromagnetic things, you know? The computer, the phones, the certain lights that may be affecting you health-wise. So, it feels that you're going to be looking at ways to get rid of things that you don't need that are affecting your health. One final thing with this, I'm getting this sense of water around you. It's not going to be same for everybody, but I'm getting the sense of water around you and there's a feeling of relaxation. So, I feel as if emotionally, because water is linked in with your emotions, I feel like emotionally you're going to be much calmer this month. There's almost a sense of relief. That's it. There's a sense of calmness and relief that's coming up for you. I love that.

Okay, number three. Let's see what number you have. All right, see if you can intuit the stone, the color. Oh, this is a piece of Blue Lace Agate.

See that? See the lacy part in it? It's kind of lines, the lines, and ridges. It's a little bit more lacy on the other side. So, it's blue. So, blue is the color of communications the color of peace, calmness. It's also a color about life purpose as well. So, with this blue vibration, it can be, especially with the lines, it can be you looking at your purpose. The different things that you can do just how we started out with the gifts. Everything that you can do and kind of lining those up. There is a sense of healing that comes in. It's very gentle stone. So this is saying that this month is very much about you being gentle on yourself, nurturing yourself, looking after yourself. The lines, of course, those layers are about you nurturing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. I'm getting the sense of travel and being in a place that is nurturing. An environment that is nurturing and it feels like a sacred space. So, it could be that you're looking at going to a particular place where you're going to receive a lot of support, where you're going to receive healing, where you're going to be with others that are of like mind. It's just a sense of that with this particular stone. I feel that communication is going to be easy for you this month. So, if you've been having issues around communication, if there's been your people around you that have been challenging, there are the sense of the stone that it's saying that any challenges are going to be... The word that's coming to me is 'nullified'. Not entirely sure that's the right word, but that's the word that's coming into me. There's a sense of peace, again, that's coming through on every level for you. And I feel as well that if you've been having issues with hope, if you feel like you know things are just not going your way, there's a sense with this stone that it's saying you're going to realize that you need to stop worrying and once you stop worrying and just being in the present moment that you'll if I could accept that the universe is going to give you exactly what you need and you have everything that you need right now the universe, in its own time, will share with you enormous blessings but I feel that with this blue is just saying, ‘Be at peace. Be in this present moment. Everything is going to be okay’.

Okay, that's it for this month's Crystalscope, I hope you enjoyed it. Now I will be offering my one and only intuition play shop at the Omega Institute this month, I hope you can join me. This is a women's only event, very empowering. You can tap into all your intuitive gifts, your psychic abilities, your healing abilities. I will share all kinds of different things. You'll be able to see auras, draw auras, feel, and sense, see, and hear your guides and angels and of course lots of other things. You can find out more, if you have any questions about it just shoot me an email. Let me know the comments below if the messages resonated for you and if you got your crystal, as well, if you intuited it and of course if you enjoyed this video, please share it with your friends. I'm sure they'd love to have a crystal message. I will see you next month. Lots of love and crystal blessings to you! Bye!


Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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July 16, 2017

The number I intuited was 3, blue lace agate. Wow, was that spot on! Yes, I am traveling to a sacred space that is SO nurturing for me, Omega Institute’s Family Week, which I have been attending with the same people since 1998. You mentioned communication. I recently broke up with my boyfriend, who was going to attend with me, because of lack of communication on his part as well as betrayal. You said there will be peace again and mentioned hope. I certainly hope so!

I miss you at Family Week <3

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