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Free Crystal Reading SEPTEMBER 2017

What do the crystals and colors want to share with you

Time to ask the earth's gems and crystals for guidance. Using your intuition select either CRYSTAL 1, 2, or 3. Test your intuition by tuning into the color and crystal before its taken out of the bag. Watch the crystal message for all of us and then when prompted select and move to your crystal number for your own personal intuitive message. PLUS intuitively move to a point in the video where you may receive an additional message.

⇾ If you picked 1 – 4:44
⇾ If you picked 2 – 7:55
⇾ If you picked 3 – 12:02

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this month's Crystalscope. I have my bag of crystals and in a moment what I'm going to do is pop my hand in the bag, take a crystal for all of us, read the crystal, the energies, to give you an idea of the influences this month. Then I'm going to ask you to select either crystal one, two, or three and see if you can intuit what the crystal is before I take it out of the bag. You can move along to your particular crystal. You can also use your intuition to move your cursor along to a place that you intuitively feel has a special message for you. Okay, so you ready? We're going to choose this crystal for all of us.

Okay, so this is Blue John fluoride.

This comes from a specific place in England called Casselton in the Blue John mines. Blue John but it's actually called bleu jaune. So, it's that color blue and then jaune, which is French for yellow. So, this crystal is usually blue with yellow in it as well. The fluorite can often be about renewal. At the beginning of the month we have Mercury retrograde and then we're moving into direct. So, I feel almost as if this stone is saying that something is going to be renewed. You're going to reconnect or remember and then that energy is going to come from deep within your soul. I feel as if you're putting energy towards it. This is apothecary blue, so as I'm looking at it there's a sense of connecting with health, good health but not medical. This is more related to alchemy, healing, herbal remedies etc. because of that apothecary vibration. I feel as if you're going to be looking for ways to help your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

With the blue, it's such a deep blue that there's a sense of like recreating a vision. You've had a vision and there's something that you wanted, there's something that you focused on or had a dream about and this stone is saying it's totally possible for you. I feel as if it's a dream that you've had previously and it's coming back, so I don't feel like it's something new. I'm also getting this feeling of manifestation with this and the way I'm getting it is it looks like a little neuron that's firing. So my sense here is that you're going to get ideas of how you can manifest your dreams. I feel like there's something else that wants to come along here and it's writing. Just in that moment because it's like blue ink, there's a sense of writing. So, I feel that you're writing your plans this month. Everything might not connect for you but it may just be a little slither of truth in there for you. Whatever it is that resonates with you, of course, this is for everyone. Alright, I'm also being reminded that this was one of the very first stones that I got when I was a child. So, there is a sense of something coming up that is from your past. It's going to be a beautiful memory for you, very special, very magical.

Okay so now it's your turn. Use your intuition to select either crystal one, two, or three, then you can your cursor along to your special crystal. Okay, message number one. Crystal number one, let's see what you got. See if you can Intuit the color and the crystal.

All right this is amethyst. This piece of amethyst is interesting.

So, amethyst is violet and violet is a color transformation, of change, and of regeneration. This particular piece has an X in there and there’s a sense of opening up. It's like opening yourself up. I feel as if, when I'm looking at it, it's almost like a sand dollar. You know in sand dollars you see this five pointed star and that's what I'm looking at here. It's like one little piece is missing for the five-pointed star. It is actually in there. That sand dollar is something that is linking in with manifestation because of the word dollar. That I feel because it comes from the ocean, I feel that there's a link in here with your emotions. So, it almost feels as if as you cleanse (because the violet is about cleansing), you come into this place of being open to more manifestation. We're talking about dreams with the fluorite and maybe this is going to help you to manifest.

Of course with the blue and the violet, this is moving up those chakras and opening up with the crown chakra. So, you're cleansing your energy and you're moving up to this place of manifestation. I'm getting a sense of faith and you are being asked not to lose faith. To not to let go of that vision that you've had, even if it hasn't worked out yet. Even if you've been suffering, or having difficulty, especially with abundance. I feel as if you just don't let go. Don't let go of that vision, don't let go of that dream. I feel that's what the message is with this, too. There's a final thing with this, you know with the violet color you are at your most intuitive, your most mediumistic, this is a great time for you to meditate. It's a great time for you to sit and converse with your guides, with your angels, with the heavens, with the energy. I feel as if something's going to change for you and it's going to take you in a better direction. So, it may not be that everything is going to be rosy but I feel as if something's going to change. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel. You're going to be taking a new direction and it's going to be very fortuitous. There's a sense of that word fortuitous for you.

Okay, number two you have rhodochrosite.

This is beautiful. What a beautiful stone that is. It has these lovely layers and it's pink. Pink is the color of love because pink is the color at the core of a heart. So, this is saying that you are opening that heart up. You are ready for relationships, you're ready for connecting with people, you're ready to maybe put yourself out into the world a little bit more. With the pink vibration, especially with this stone, it can bring up memories of your childhood. I find it interesting we started out with the fluorite, as well. The memory of childhood. I feel as if you're going to be releasing and letting go of something from childhood. So, it's an old belief, it's something that maybe stood in your way. I feel this month you're going to be looking at... I was going to say health again because it just feels like there's a health vibration that's moving through this particular month for some reason.

As I'm looking at this I get this sense of hearing or of listening and it's like you really want to hear something that is going to support you, is going to help you, is going to make you feel fabulous, is going to make you feel better about yourself. But I'm being told that you don't need to get it from someone else. The knowledge of how wonderful you are, how good you are, how lovable you are, has to come from yourself. It has to come from your own soul, your own wisdom. I get this sense of going back to the childhood. I get this sense of reconnection with friends, there's a friend that's coming in. It doesn't feel like a new friend, it feels like a remembered friend. So, a childhood friend or someone that you'd lost touch with. This little tiny black mark that's here I feel like is going to be you staking your claim to something. There is a sense of you saying, "This is mine. This is what I've created. This is my space." I just feel like you're owning something. You're owning your space, or you're owning a particular invention or a particular thing that you've created. You're owning it.

I also feel as if you are going to take a little bit of time for yourself. Getting some fresh air moving through your hair, fresh air through your energy field. Could be healing, I keep getting this sense of being outside. You know when I look at this it gives me this idea of being on the rocks on the top of a mountain or being on a cliff. There's a feeling of just looking at the expanse of what's possible, of potential and then the wind going through your hair. There's an enormous amount of love that's coming in for you and it's going to come in the form of people telling you that you are loved but I also feel that there's a wonderful blessing coming for you as well. I feel as if it's going to help you to feel really good about yourself or help you to be reenergized.

Alright, crystal three, let's see what you have. This is Bowenite. 

So Bowenite has these lines in it. You know as I'm looking at this, bowenite is about healing the past. It's a link with healing the past, past lives particularly. So, when I'm seeing these lines in it there's almost a sense of time and notching up the time with the lines, which is interesting. Green is a vibration that connects with the heart. I also see it in energy fields with Karma, that you're releasing karma, so this is a great month for releasing Karma and for letting go of karma. That green energy, because I can see through it's very translucent, I feel as if you are cleansing your heart. You are letting go of something or someone, so relationships are shifting for you this month. I get this sense that you are looking at who's important to you, who can stay, and who can move off. I also feel that it feels almost as if it could break. There's a fragility in it and at the same time, there's strength in it. I get this sense of you standing taller. It's almost as if you're owning your energy. There's a sense of cleansing through and again there's this release that's coming in for you.

I have a feeling of you looking for a place to be. A place to be a home or it could be a job, a career. There's almost a sense of trying to find a place for your identity. Where do I belong? Who am I? What is going to help me to really embrace my gifts or to reveal my gifts to the best of my ability? And I feel that green energy, there's a sense of abundance, of money and of wealth. So, I feel with this that you are looking very carefully at your finances and what you can do and what you can't do or what just isn't going to be beneficial for you at the moment. Or maybe not financially viable for you, but with this it feels like it's saying that if you want to do something, even if at the moment you're thinking to yourself "there's no way I'm going to be able to do that because you know I just don't have enough money for it," I feel that this is saying if you want to do something you need to start looking now at putting money away for it. It doesn't have to be right now, you don't have to do it right now. Start putting money away for it, towards it because before you know it that money will be gathered and as you gather that money more will be drawn to it. Like the law of attraction.

 I feel like there's another sense that it's like a little arrow that's pinpointing. Again, I feel that's about money being gathered with you moving towards your dream or whatever it is you want. Green is such a lovely energy of healing. I feel as if there's going to be some pain in your heart with relationships that you're going to be healing with this green vibration. I feel that you're sealing something off. It's almost like for the last time. So, if you've been coming back, coming back to the same situation, the same old, even if it's a different relationship, it's the same old story. The same old pattern. My sense of this is that you are going to look at it, you’re going to acknowledge it, you're going to figure out how to heal it and then you're going to let it go.

Let me know how the messages speak to you in the comments below and if you intuited the colors and crystals. Please share and pass on the CRYSTAL COLORSCOPE to your friends by gifting them with a message too.

LOVE + Blessings 
elizabeth XOXO


Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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1 Response

Dorothy Voulgaris
Dorothy Voulgaris

September 18, 2017

I picked #3. From the beginning I thought of the color green. I have been doing a lot of work of healing myself and trying to figure how to honour, discover hidden and accept my innate gifts from God. I have been looking at my patterns as well and at my relationships, who has real love to share with each other. And I have been looking for a home to buy. All of this was spot on. Awesome.

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