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7 Ways to Use the Power of Amethyst

One of my favorites crystals is Amethyst. I think it's the color that attracted me to it first The way the light hits a cluster is so mysterious and mystical all at the same time. I use it to cleanse my jewelry. Simply place one or two pieces on a cluster, leave it to do its magic for 24 hours and hey presto, clean as a whistle! I don’t know exactly how it works, but energetically anything I leave on my cluster always feels as if it has just been through a wash cycle. I have Amethyst dotted around my office. A cluster sleeps next to my computer to cleanse the energy coming and going from it. I feel intuitively that it's about the color. Most Amethyst is a rich violet, the color of change, so whenever you want to go through change or you need support as you tackle the energy of change then carry a piece with you or pop a piece inside your bed pillow.

 Amethyst tumbled crystals sealed with love

Amethyst was once considered a precious stone. It's known as the “Stone of Spirit,” mirroring the color of the crown chakra - our doorway to the Divine. Amethyst is used in Mala beads as a meditation tool in Tibet and is said to calm, protect, and cleanse the spirit. Its color strengthens the muscles of the eyes. Gazing into an amethyst sphere will exercise your eye muscles, it really works too! I tried this many years ago when I was having some eye problems and it was so successful that I ceased to wear glasses. I got lazy though and haven't worked with Amethyst this way lately, hence why you'll see me in my specs in some of my videos. I need to get back to Amethyst orb gazing pronto!

I am Pure Light Amethyst Handmade Icon

Its name comes from the Greek word Amethystos, meaning to be sober or not to be drunk. There are two stories linked with Amethyst, here is the least violent version. The tale reveals the love of Bacchus the God of Wine for one of Aphrodite’s nymphs named Amethyst. Problem was Amethyst didn't fancy him. She got tired of his advances and begged Aphrodite to help curb his enthusiasm. The Goddess of Love granted Amethyst’s wish and transformed her into a beautiful clear quartz crystal. Byseide himself, Bacchus poured his cup of wine over the top of the crystal - making it change color - and vowed never to drink again. That's probably why it's associated with sobriety. In Greece, goblets were made from Amethyst with the idea that they could beat drunkenness. Now there's a different perspective for you.

Spiritual Wisdom Amethyst bracelet Sealed with Love

These days it’s a different kind of spirit that Amethyst works best with! 

Amethyst is a stone of transformation, healing and cleansing. It is known for its ability to help release addictions - hence the story. It's violet color raises your vibration turning your thoughts to service and what you can do for others.  

Little side note here; those born on the violet ray are here to be of service.

One of the best ways to work with the Amethyst mojo is to wear it. Wearing Amethyst brings peace and calmness to my soul and is especially effective when made by someone that is a healer - like me. I wonder what it does for you? Do let me know in the comments below.

Amethyst is also a protective stone - remember it transforms energy so anything coming at you will get kicked right out of your space. Right now I am sleeping with one of my tumbled Amethyst stones tucked safely into my pillow. I wake up feeling more relaxed and in tune with my intuition, always a good way to greet the new day right. It's really a great stone to have anywhere in your home or work space. Have it with you next time you take a shower or bath. Invite it to do what it does best and see how you feel.

Amethyst is of course a great stone for a spiritual teacher, it helps you to find and access your truth, connect with your Higher Self, and then somehow dissipates the fear that can go with sharing your wisdom.     

Seven Ways to Use the Power of Amethyst

1. Place in the corners of your home and office to protect your energy and space from negativity.

2. Add to a crystal grid when you're ready for change or if you need help to smoothly move through change.

3. Pop a piece under your pillow to cleanse your energy overnight, stimulate intuition, and encourage healing abilities.

4. Improve your eyesight by gently gazing into an Amethyst orb.

5. Make a healing gem elixir. You can see in the picture above that I use a glass tube to hold the crystals, leave in my water and sip on it thoughout the day.

6. Wear Amethyst jewelry to take advantage of it's healing, spiritual and cleansing powers.

7. Place jewelry onto an Amethyst cluster for cleansing and energizing.

* I would LOVE to know your experiences with Amethyst and what you use it for. Please share your stories with me in the comments below.



Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


9 Responses


November 14, 2016

Hello Elizabeth – my story regarding amethyst is somewhat radical. I am an Irishwoman who has been working and living in Kyrgyzstan for 15 years. I invested a lot and built a flourishing business – a fruit farm. A few years ago an organised criminal group together with a couple of powerful governmental deputies told me to get out of the country and leave all of my possessions and business with them – and said that if I stayed they would put me in prison / deport me / bankrupt me / seize my property by force / kill me. Being Irish I told them where to go, so to speak, and they proceeded to carry out their threats as promised. At the time that the problems started, a highly intuitive and shamanic friend in France advised me, telephonically, to get a protective stone for my Russian assistant Olga whom she said would be suseptible to the ‘black magic’ that the group would also undoubtedly be using aginst me in addition to their physical actions. At first we could not find a stone that felt ‘right’ but then I stumbled one day on a woman selling stones in a street corner made into small bracelets and so forth. I bought beautiful moonstones for Olga and then on a whim bought an amethyst bracelet for myself – even though my shamanic friend had said that I am energetically very strong and not as suseptible as Olga. Cutting a very long story short, I wore the bracelet 24/7, in the shower and everywhere, but none-the-less the moment came when the group, loosing patience with an Irishwoman who simply refused to listen to them, decided to kill me as promised. I was shot twice at point blank range (less than a metre) through the face with a ‘control’ shot through my right shoulder. They used 9 mm bullets and a pistol known here as a ‘PM’ (a serious weapon). I frose like an animal and faked dead, knowing a third bullet would finish me and somehow retained conciousness to intensive care (local Kyrgyz variant) and through the excrutiating process of being sewn up (I now only have half my tongue and my jaws and teeth are still completely shattered) without anaesthetic. On arrival I was blood soaked from head to foot. My hair completely sodden and my clothes to my feet. They simply cut them off me and left me totally naked. Only the next day I realised that my amethyst was also missing – presumably that got cut off accidently as well……but it was never found. The police say to today that nobody understands how I survived. The bullet came out of my neck exactly on the point of the pulse on the jugular vein. What do you think ? Did my amethyst protect me – albeit that I am now maimed for life ? And where did it go ? Alexandra


November 09, 2016

My birth stone is a amethist!!


November 06, 2016

I have black white and purple amethyst that fit together in a yin and yang way what should I do with them


November 04, 2016

Well for me my birthday falls into the 24 of February and I know that month it’s about that stone but now I have a necklace with the stone I have been experiencing a lot of lucid dreaming idk what that means I need help … I had this necklace for 1 year it doesn’t leave my neck unless i play soccer other than that I always have it on


October 26, 2016

I bought a small cluster to keep near the chair where I sit in the evenings and I’ve been so positive and feel much better about life since. It has helped me definitely.

DoN Roland
DoN Roland

October 02, 2016

I bought one amethyst stone, then another raw stone, then I got this cluster of seven that I’m now about to send to my closest friends for they can reap the benefits I’m loving every single day. Point is that my art and music has skyrocketed to new heights that scares me sometimes, I wanna pass these out to everybody.

V J Ashok
V J Ashok

September 30, 2016


Very informative thanks. I got one last tuesday.

Thanks once again.

Regards/ VJ


March 05, 2016

Very informative post. Amethyst also helps one remember the relevant dreams. Gargling with water that’s purified with amethyst crystals helps relieve a sore throat like magic, even minor wounds on pets heal super fact when amethyst crystals are wrapped in muslin cloth and gently placed over their wounds. My cats almost always sleep near the amethyst geode , no wonder they are so intuitive??


March 04, 2016

Thank you Elizabeth ..Loved this post …?

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