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This Year's Color Vibration REPORT

2016 Colors for the Year: Transformation, Love & New Identity

I see everything in the terms of color energy. So when I seek the answer to a question I take a look at how the colors are moving. When I look into the past, peresent or future I look at lines of energy and how they connect with each other. And of course seeing the auras of people, animals and all living things I can see what is going on energetically for them through the colors in their fields.

Something I have done for many years is look at the colors of the day, month and year I am in. This year I thought I'd share this with you. It links in with astrology and numerology too with a little Tarot thrown in for good measure. Nothing is really separate, its all vibration so all of these methods of connecting with your truth align perfectly with one another.

I shared some of this content on a webinar a short time ago, but I wanted to give you more information, maybe there is something in it that you can relate to. I joined with Numerologist to create a video. Some of you may already have the mp3 to help you tune into the colors for yourself. If you don't here it is, you can download it using ===>>>THIS LINK

Please let me know what colors come up for you in the comments below and what you feel those mean. This is a great way to tap into your inner wisdom and decipher the messages from your soul. It will also help you to interpret the colors you choose to wear every day and why you're wearing them or eating them or surrounding yourself with them.


Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper


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August 28, 2016

Really enjoyed your videos watching your process for creating the silks,and I am blown away. Thank you for showing that as it really helps me.

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