Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Life:
Discover the Power of Chakra Glow for Spiritual and Emotional Wholeness in Just 7 Days!


Chakra Glow

Heal your life with the Archangels, release stuckness, restore inner radiance, and get back into the flow of happiness.

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HAVE YOU BEEN FEELING AS IF...'re stuck, unhappy, burned out, and unable to move forward

...abundance isn't flowing in your life despite all the work you're doing're not in the kind of relationships that support who are and who you want to be've been trying to get from A to B and the path is constantly blocked and you don't know why.

Let me show you how you can be in a totally different place in 7 days time




Inside Chakra Glow you'll learn:


How to identify key energy blocks

Your soul has all the answers you need to help you live a happy, successful, and fulfilled life. When things don't go your way it seems like the whole universe is against you, but it's really coming from within.

In this 7-day program, you're guided through a channeled meditation to connect and communicate with your energy blueprint. You'll discover what's been preventing you from achieving the success you've dreamed of, being in the relationship your heart desires or having the abundance you deserve.Β 


How to clear and energize your chakras every day

Once you understand what has been in the way of your happiness, you'll be guided to clear energy pathways with the help of specific Archangels in partnership with your soul.

You might be surprised by what emerges from deep within you. Old decisions that are running your life, past wounds, and forgotten hurt whose scars restrict your freedom, even past life memories can surface as blocks to your success.


How your energy can work for and not against you

In the ancient spiritual teachings of the east, the opening of the chakras was a highly valued and guarded secret. It’s here that the meeting of the creator and the human being occurs in all its wonder.

But, you and I know, there are no secrets. All the wisdom, answers, and knowledge lie within you. Chakra Glow can help you to get back on track inviting healing, balance, and wholeness into your life every single day.

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You came from the stars and within you is your own universe

Within you is a blueprint of consciousness, and like the stars in the sky, there are hundreds of chakras in your energy system, governing and directing your life probably far more than you realize.

When you catch a cold, your throat and third eye chakras don't function well. They're blocked with sticky liquid, and while it appears to have started externally, a cold can reflect stuck and blocked emotions. 

What if all the light in your universe has been clouded by this heaviness every day for years. 

Imagine how it would feel to clear away this trapped energy and let your light shine once more.


Chakra Glow

>>> 7 DAYS TO <<<

high vibrational living 

  • If you’ve been feeling stuck, unhappy, and purposeless, then Chakra Glow can help clear mental and emotional patterns that prevent you from fulfilling your heart's desires.
  • Return to wholeness with angel-inspired channeled meditations to restore inner radiance within the sacred centers of your energy body.
  • Clear your chakras and light body with the Archangels and get back into the flow of happiness, joy, and abundant living.
  • Learn which crystals, affirmations, and other practices will help maintain your whole self that you can grow and glow every day.

A Note From Elizabeth...

I'm passionate about helping you to heal and connect with your light. I've been teaching about the chakras, angels, crystals, affirmations, everything you find in this program, to thousands of people globally both in person and virtually for decades, in fact for most of my life.

I’ve been meditating since I was a child and believe this practice has contributed to my happiness and well-being.

Taking others on a meditative journey is one of my superpowers. I don’t write a script, instead, I’m guided by divine source and channel the words, energy, and light at the moment.

Meditation is a great way to tap into your intuition, connect with your angels, align with your soul, or simply de-stress.

If you're called to work with the angels to clear stuckness, and heal the soul, then Chakra Glow will help you to return to wholeness within your energy system.

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--In just 7 days you can be on the right path toward a happier and more fulfilled life.

--Abundance flows, all the blessings you've been praying for begin to manifest, everything that stood in your way just seems to dissolve.

--The kind of relationships you've been yearning for enter your life from unexpected places and you're ready to welcome them into your heart.




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What's Included


#1- Daily Videos

You'll learn about your energy body and how what goes on within different aspects of it affects every aspect of your everyday life.

#2- Daily Meditations

Each meditation is angel inspired, channeled, and contains the highest frequency of light to support your healing.

#3- Daily Guidebooks

Understand the deeper energy within your chakra and energy system, learn about the Archangels working with you, and which crystals will support your healing journey.


What is it?

A 7-day clearing program with 2 extra days of additional support that will raise your vibration and keep your chakras balanced, helping every aspect of your life to run smoothly.

You'll experience increased sensitivity and awareness of what's going on with your whole body and energy systems, including tools to support your return to wholeness.

And welcome a deeper connection and understanding of specific Archangels aligned with each of your chakras.


What is it?

7-day clearing program with 2 extra days of additional support that will raise your vibration and keep your chakras balanced, helping every aspect of your life to run smoothly.

Increased sensitivity and awareness of what's going on with your whole body and energy systems, including tools to support your return to wholeness.

A deeper connection and understanding of specific Archangels aligned with each of your chakras.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • It's time to focus on your own needs
  • You're ready to manifest a life of optimal health, wealth, and happiness
  • Your intuition is telling you to clear and cleanse your energy system
  • Nothing in life is working for you and you know you need to turn inward for change 
  • You're guided to work with angels and healing but don't know where to start.

Not for you if:

  • You're an excuse maker
  • You aren't willing to take time for your own healing
  • You can't invest in yourself and your well-being
  • You don't believe that you're worthy of wholeness and happiness
  • You want to keep procrastinating and staying stuck
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at what's inside

Calling in your Angels

In every meditation, one or more Archangels bring their loving energy into the healing process.

Initiating Healing

Additional techniques and practices are offered to support healing for each of the chakras.

Clearing Chakras

Regularly clearing and cleansing your energy system improves health and happiness.

Support Crystals

Learn which crystals increase vibration and amplify healing for each of the energy centers.

Grow and Glow

Your energy body will begin to release, let go of blocks, and lighten up right from day one.


The Chakra Glow eBooks offer a deeper understanding of your energy anatomy.


Wait, and there's BONUSES too!


Sound Healing

Experience the healing frequencies of each chakra's sound to fine tune your energy for health and wholeness.


Chakra Empowerment Meditation

This meditation will help you cleanse and empower your energy system with chakra affirmations, and bring balance and love back into your beautiful energy body.


Healing with the Angels

This is a powerful channeled meditation, not read from a script, and inspired by the Angels to bring healing into every level of your being.

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

What I really found beneficial about this course was that I was able to pinpoint where my energetic blocks and repressed memories were being held. It gave me the opportunity to heal and shift the blocks and forgive the people and situations that came up for me. Transmuting all that no longer serves and feeling lighter and brighter afterwards.

Nur Haifa

Chakra Glow is another fantastic course. The guided meditations are amazing and Elizabeth's gentle and soothing voice is perfect, helping to elicit the right result. In each, I gained something very powerful and relevant to my current situation. Thank you for this, Elizabeth. It has been as incredible a journey to further support the 'glow' that we all seek.

Lynne Hallett

If you are serious about advancing on your spiritual journey, this program will meet that desire. I knew this course was working two days after the Solar Plexus meditation. A dear friend emailed me with a request. I gently turned her down, strengthened my boundary (which I had been an easy pushover in the past) and I responded, 'I love you, but the answer is no'. That was a good test (because empaths can be vulnerable if their boundaries are weak). This confirmed that my best interests were being protected, that we have the tools, and are capable and enabled to stand in our truth as our authentic selves.

Sharon Larsen

With each meditation a particular wound I have been carrying throughout life was highlighted so I could work with it. In particular, as a child my throat chakra was shut down from expressing my feelings when I screamed in frustration and both my parents chastised me at the same time. No wonder I have been reluctant to voice my opinions through life, but now this wound has been highlighted it has enabled me to work with it to clear it. Elizabeth has such a soothing voice that is easy and calming to follow, as she guides you to find what you need to know to help you on your healing journey.

Tracy Ridgers

What's Included

  • 9 X Chakra Glow Videos
  • 7 X Archangel inspired Chakra Glow Meditations
  • 8 X Chakra Glow Guidebooks
  • Chakra Glow Daily Healing Meditation
  • Chakra Glow Reference Guide
  • Extra Chakra Glow Healing Tips

Plus these Bonuses

  • Bonus: Chakra Sounds Video
  • Bonus: Chakra Empowerment Meditation
  • Bonus: Healing with the Angels Meditation

All this for just $111

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To Grow and Glow with the Angels?

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Yours Today!


One time payment

  • 9 X Chakra Glow Videos
  • 7 X Archangel-inspired Chakra Glow Meditations
  • 8 X Chakra Glow eBooks
  • Chakra Glow Daily Healing Meditation
  • Chakra Glow Reference Guide
  • Extra Chakra Glow Healing Tips
  • Bonus: Chakra Sounds Video
  • Bonus: Chakra Empowerment Meditation
  • Bonus: Healing with the Angels Meditation



Commonly Asked Questions

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Chakra Glow is a wonderful course. I’ve really enjoyed the meditations and working with the Archangels. For anyone considering taking this course you’ll find it easy to follow, deeply healing, and so easy to digest. There’s something in here for everyone, wherever you are on your healing journey. I’ve learned a lot, healed some deeper issues and my chakras are glowing now. Thank you so much Elizabeth πŸ’—βœ¨

Beth Drysdale

This has been a cleansing and empowering adventure. Each lesson has been a vital component in supporting my mind and emotions to shift. The course was like taking a daily mega-vitamin allowing me to remain more centered throughout the day, feeling nourished and supported. Thank you, Elizabeth for infusing your knowledge, wisdom, and healing light into all that you do. Your soothing voice and shining heart are a gift to us all.

Ruth-Ann Horner


Here's What Others Are Saying...

Despite doing inner work for some time and previously working with my chakras there are always hidden undiscovered things. Elizabeth is a meditation guru and this course is structured so well, with all the in-depth information and support you need. As I began “repolishing” my Chakras, other layers started to unravel with emotions coming up. I have learned and discovered more about myself, and now I'm feeling the shift within. My energy body is literally glowing. I'm definitely going to revisit this course in the future over and over again, there's always room to grow and glow!

Lidia Marciniak

This is just what I need to clear away the cobwebs have the love I've been yearning for, experience all the abundance the universe has to offer and receive the blessings I so deserve. I'm ready to take this healing journey, ARE YOU WITH ME?

Your Energy Body


If life isn't working for you,
the best place to look is within

Any technique focused on changing your physical, mental, or emotional well-being, can take time for the results to appear, but there are times when miracles happen and the change you seek is immediate. This could be one of those times.
What's stopping you from getting started right now?