Illuminate Your Lightbody

Take this amazing opportunity to let go of karmic bonds and step into your Life Purpose.


The Time For Change is NOW!

If you've had an intuitive feeling that something is about to change but you're still waiting for it to happen, then you're on the edge of HUGE transformation.

I've been getting a strong feeling that we as light workers need to come together to clear and cleanse our energy, embrace our luminous lightbodies and ascend to the next level of enlightenment.

What is a Lightbody?

Your lightbody is that part of you that holds the space for higher consciousness. As you awaken or illuminate your lightbody you align with your truth, and with that part of you that is Divine.

Stepping into your lightbody you experience the vastness of your being. You realize that you have access to all knowledge and to every answer to every question.

By becoming your lightbody you awaken Divine gifts of the spirit.

Becoming Enlightened

Other than aligning with our truth, we get to be more in alignment with everything and everyone around us, manifestation becomes easier, relationships are harmonious, our health improves and is balanced, we readily can access our creativity, we release emotional challenges with ease, we choose to live in the flow and intuitively realize what will and won’t work.

One of the biggest benefits is that you find your purpose by illuminating your light body. It’s as if you open the door to your potential and what’s possible. 

The Universe Has Set The Stage...

...and it's time for you to become ONE with the light. I invite you to embrace and heal the shadow you've carried with you lifetime after lifetime.


⭐️ Illuminate your Lightbody ⭐️
⭐️ heal the blueprint of your soul ⭐️
⭐️ awaken your super powers ⭐️

Illuminate Your Lightbody Class

You have access to this wonderful and empowering 90 minute class drawing on supportive heavenly frequencies. In this class you'll learn ⭐️ What the Lightbody is and it's shape ⭐️ How to open the higher heart chakra ⭐️ How to awaken the 12 chakras with Chakra Breathing ⭐️ You'll be taken through a Karma Cleansing meditation with Archangel Michael and step into your Lightbody and life purpose.

Chakra Breathing

Breathing light into the 12 chakras is very powerful and cleansing. A downloadable mp3 has been created for you to use to continue this practice.

Karma Clearing With Archangel Michael

The feedback received about the healing impact of this meditation has been so phenomenal that we've added some beautiful healing music to make it even more special. 

Becoming Your Lightbody

This is a BONUS meditation to bring light into your 12 chakras, step into your lightbody, and awaken a special gift, plus visit a time in the future when your gift can be put to greatest use.

What's Included?

✓  90 minute recorded class

✓  Illuminate Your Lightbody Guidebook

✓  Chakra Breathing audio download

✓  Karma Clearing Meditation download

✓  Becoming Your Lightbody Meditation download

✓  Online community sharing within the course site

Student Experiences

Chat from attendees in the live class.



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