Step Into a New Realm of Spiritual Awakening:
Illuminate Your Lightbody and Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul's Journey!





The Time For Change is NOW!

If you've had an intuitive feeling that something is about to change but you're still waiting for it to happen, then you're on the edge of HUGE transformation.

This has been an intense time for many souls. Fear of the unknown, limiting beliefs, and karmic patterns, can get in the way of you moving beyond change to find your higher purpose or even know what your calling is.

We as light workers need to come together to heal the shadow that we've carried lifetime after lifetime, clear and cleanse our energy, embrace our luminous lightbodies and ascend to the next level of enlightenment.

Are you ready to step into your Lightbody?

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What is a Lightbody?

Your lightbody is that part of you that holds the space for higher consciousness. As you awaken or illuminate your lightbody you align with your truth, and with that part of you that is Divine.

Stepping into your lightbody you experience the vastness of your being. You realize that you have access to all knowledge and to every answer to every question.

Becoming Enlightened 

Other than aligning with truth, becoming enlightened means:

more in alignment with everything and everyone around you

manifestation becomes easier

relationships are harmonious

health improves and is balanced

readily access creativity

release emotional challenges with ease

choose to live in the flow

intuitively realize what will and won’t work.

One of the biggest benefits of illuminating your light body is

---> you find your purpose <---

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The Universe Has Set The Stage......

...and it's time for you to become ONE with the light.

I invite you to embrace and heal the shadow you've carried with you lifetime after lifetime.


★ Illuminate your Lightbody 

★ Heal the blueprint of your soul

★ Awaken your super powers


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You have access to this wonderful and empowering 90-minute class recorded during the transformational energy of the solar eclipse.

Together, we call in our Guides and Angels for support and Divine guidance. We release and cleanse karmic energy, raising the consciousness of the personal and group dynamic. 

We call in all those parts of you that you've left behind in this and previous lifetimes, while empowering your soul to awaken your greatest gifts.

In this class you'll learn:

✓   What the Lightbody is and it's shape

✓   How to open the Higher Heart Chakra

✓  How to awaken the 12 chakras with Chakra Breathing

✓  Karma Cleansing with Archangel Michael to step into your Lightbody and life purpose.


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Illuminate Your Lightbody is a 90-minute class filled with wisdom, intuitive guidance, meditations, techniques, and practices.


Recorded during a powerful solar eclipse, we take full advantage of the heavenly frequencies to help clear and cleanse karmic energy, access Divine guidance and raise consciousness, opening the way to step into your luminous lightbody.

In this mini-course you will receive:

A 90 minute recorded video class

 90 minute recorded class audio

Illuminate Your Lightbody Guidebook

Chakra Breathing audio download

Karma Clearing Meditation download

BONUS Becoming Your Lightbody Meditation download

★ Online sharing within the course site

★ Access via the Sealed With Love app

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The Sealed With Love App?

Every course from Sealed With Love includes easy access to your personal portal using any device through the Sealed With Love app. What does this mean? You won't have to keep logging in, you can access and fully experience everything in the course at your finger tips.


When you join you'll see these and other comments about the course.

"My light body was extremely vast, expanded and so so light. Wow loved it! Shall come back to experience it again. It was perfect divine timing, exactly what I needed, am truly blessed to have come across your program today!"

"Elizabeth Harper, you amaze me with the powerful creations that come forth. I feel so blessed to be guided by your wisdom and know that at the same time I am reconnecting to that which is my own."

"I felt like I was in another place or level of immense peace and quiet. It's like an inter-dimensional travel with sparks flying off me. This a powerful activation/meditation yet loving one. Thank you, Elizabeth!"

"This was the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced. I am humbled by the loving energy I felt. Elizabeth, thank you so much for making this possible. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to participate in this sacred healing experience. I will certainly come back to it again and again on my ongoing journey to release that which no longer serves me. "

"Thank you so much for making the course so affordable! I find each and every course of yours to be a mine of treasures .. treasures of self discovery.. so true that the secrets are hidden in our hearts ! Thank you for helping to look within and find the wonderful secret hidden gems! "

"I feel centered and relaxed. It was not easy during the transformation, but I believe it's worth it. You told me Heart opening not always a pleasurable thing. I have come through a lot of pain and suffering and the dark night of the soul experiences. And I know it always leads to my highest good and well being of all. Thank you for making this course and supporting the ascension process on the planet.."

"Thank you! Lighter, brighter, uplifted and empowered! Excited to see how the gifts manifest. "

By becoming your lightbody
you awaken Divine gifts of the spirit.

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Harper

As your guide, my purpose is to remind you of the intuitive and spiritual gifts sleeping within your soul.

It's my mission to guide you to awaken the true essence of your light in this lifetime, to nurture your gifts and reconnect with your truth.

Through my award-winning books, popular weekly YouTube video series, and magazine articles, I’ve helped thousands of people like you access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success, and realize their soul’s purpose over the last 30 years.

One of my SUPERPOWERS is my ability to channel powerful and transformative meditations. You'll experience that during this course.

Meditation is probably the most beneficial practice you can do for spiritual development. I’ve been meditating since childhood. It makes me feel peaceful and helps me to breeze through anything that comes my way.

I want this for you too!

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"Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive."

Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!"

Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies



  • 90-minute recorded video class
  • 90-minute recorded class audio
  • Illuminate Your Lightbody Guidebook
  • Chakra Breathing audio download
  • Karma Clearing Meditation download
  • BONUS Becoming Your Lightbody Meditation
  • Online sharing within the course site
  • Access via the Sealed With Love app

Illuminating your light body opens the door to your potential and what’s possible.


Chat from attendees in the live class.

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  • you're ready to experience the vastness of your being
  • you yearn to know and embrace your light
  • you desire to explore your intuitive and spiritual gifts
  • you're ready to release old karmic patterns that stand in the way of your growth
  • you're guided to raise your vibration to the highest level you've ever experienced
  • you're experiencing the signs and symptoms of ascension
  • you're ready to step into your power
  • align with the frequency of light and the abundance of blessings this has to offer


  • you're looking for immediate enlightenment
  • you don't believe your life can change from within
  • you believe there is only the physical realm and no other reality
  • you don't want to grow spiritually or intuitively
  • you're not ready to step into your power
  • you don't believe in karma
  • you're not ready to raise your vibation
  • you don't believe you have a team of light beings supporting and helping you
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Her soothing presence and loving nature are transmitted through her guided meditations.

"Her soothing presence and loving nature are transmitted through her guided meditations. They feel like a one-on-one session. I have never found a guided meditation to be more healing than those Elizabeth creates. The results in my life are undeniable! Each time I sit down to one of her meditations it’s like opening a precious gift..."

Allison Rolfe, USA - Praise from the Past Life Healing Journey Through the Chakras course

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Elizabeth's words got me thru a huge block of fear that I've never been able to get past in any other meditation.

Elizabeth's words got me thru a huge block of fear that I've never been able to get past in any other meditation. I would get very real pain that was so bad I couldn't go any further, no matter how many times I stopped and tried to do it again. When Elizabeth said " You are the light " I knew in that moment I was connected to all that is and that my guides and angels are with me all the time. It was the most amazing feeling.

Brenda Lee Norquay, Canada - Praise from the Connecting with Your Guides & Angels course