Whatever the issue, an Intuitive Guidance session can offer you solutions.

This is your chance to draw on Elizabeth’s psychic skills to answer your burning questions.

Searching for answers...

...about your relationships, career, health, or money?

Stuck in a rut...

...lost and purposeless unsure of which way to turn?

Ready for change...

...but don’t know what that next step looks like?

Seeking to understand...

...your life and purpose from a spiritual perspective?

If you said YES!

If you said yes to any of the above questions and have more on your mind, then an intuitive soul guidance session can offer you solutions. Whatever the issue, this is your chance to draw on Elizabeth’s clairvoyant skills to answer your burning questions. During a session Elizabeth can:

  • Shed light on current issues, reveal their gifts, and show how to overcome challenges that are holding you back

  • Offer clarity and confirmation on important decisions before you take the next step

  • Expose negative patterns that get in the way of your success, and offer ways to move through and beyond them

  • Guide you to reconnect with your intuition and awaken a new inner awareness

  • Reveal ways to step into your power and create a more fulfilling life NOW!

Elizabeth uses color to tune into and guide your soul.

Elizabeth's "superpower" is her ability to tap into your true essence, your personal rainbow. She uses color to guide her work - color is the perfect way for your soul to offer you guidance - and usually hones in on a deeper understanding of your questions and answers.

She invites her guides and Angels to share their insights and channels their wisdom during your session to reveal a bigger perspective on your questions. While sessions can be predictive the main focus is on navigating your journey from where you are now to where you want to be, what could be preventing your next step and how to achieve the success you so desire. 

Elizabeth Says

"My work is a blend of prediction, insight, and healing. It is pro-active and holistic so my approach offers a grounded perspective of the options available to you.

My intention is to offer healing and enlightenment on your soul path, keeping you on course to experience a life that your heart and soul most desires.

If you are ready and willing to step into your power then I am here to support you as you become your most radiant, shining self."

Your next step!

Once payment is received, Elizabeth will reach out to you within 48 hours of your request for guidance. This is a virtual session meaning there is no appointment time.

Elizabeth takes your questions,  tunes in and records her insights. You don't need to be present for her to do this. Your reading will be recorded digitally and sent to you via email.  Recorded sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes.



"I want to give you some amazing feedback"

"I want to give you some amazing feedback on a previous reading.  I had some questions about the purchase of a rental property and you were so "spot on" with everything.... I’m pretty sure it was Jan/Feb when I emailed you.  We found the place in March and had delays in the closing and couldn't close until June (which is exactly what you said). Everything you said about it is so true.  You amaze me!"

~ Erin Owoc, ARNP, Florida, USA

"I'm always amazed at how accurate she is"

"I've been following Elizabeth on her weekly and monthly Youtube readings and Scopes for several months. I am always amazed at how accurate she is----how everything she says hits home and was just what I was thinking.  I needed some guidance in life and love. Elizabeth has this soft, yet fun, energy. I want everyone to know how spot on her reading was. Elizabeth gave accurate descriptions of both my and the man I loves soul right now. She also described what we are both going through relationship wise.  It validated the big grand gestures he does for me. Thank you Elizabeth for this. "

~ Amanda Kunkel, Pennsylvania, USA


What Not to Expect

Elizabeth has many talents, but she does not answer questions about your own or another’s time of death, what the lottery numbers might be, or whether or not an illness will worsen.

While these questions may have answers it does not serve the best or highest interest of the client’s soul, and this is what Elizabeth is most interested in. Instead she will guide you to heal, to access your own inner-tuition, and to seek ways to attract a positive outcome.


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