Do you keep having the same challenge
over and over again?

Whether you notice the same pattern in your relationships, career, or finances, you realize there’s something holding you back from moving forward… but you’re not sure what. In just 21 days, you can have a clear path to free yourself from the things that keep you stuck, so you can move forward and reach your goals!



WHAT'S STOPPING YOU... from having the job you love, living in a comfortable home, being in a loving relationship, or experiencing radiant good health?

Who would you be if you were fearless, empowered, sure of your purpose in life, and confident that you can achieve your mission?

What would you give to live the life of your dreams, to be happy, abundant, successful, and fulfilled in every way?

You can have all this and more. The SECRET TO HEALING YOUR LIFE is through unblocking stuck and stagnant energy in your chakra system.

And much of that blocked energy comes from things that happened in your previous lifetimes.

If we clear up those past wounds - you'll finally be able to move forward in your life!

Start Your Journey Today! 



Revisiting previous lifetimes through the portal of each of your chakra pinpoints your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges at its foundation.

You'll see how to recall the initial problem, emotions involved, and events that led up to it, while at the same time revealing the way to initiate healing.

LETTING GO OF THE PAST frees you from the limitations of the energy you brought with you and creates a new vibration within your energy system. It’s as if you’re wiping the slate clean and being reborn again.

No more abundance problems, ill health, or relationship issues.


MY STORY About Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, speaker and award-winning author. Raised in a yogi and spiritually conscious environment Elizabeth teaches from the heart, leading you on a Divine Adventure that is fun, purposeful and illuminating. As your guide she will take you on a journey back to your true self, reminding you of the radiant light that lives at the core of your being and the abundantly blessed life that awaits you.

Elizabeth’s super power is her intuitive relationship with color. Through her vision of your unique color thumbprint she reveals your innate gifts and talents, your most powerful past lives, and the life path that will bring you the most joy.

Through her videos, articles, and teaching she guides an international community of thousands of global light workers to easily access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success, and realize their soul’s purpose.

"The intense global transformation we are currently experiencing is raising the planetary vibration to a higher level offering unprecedented potential to break free of all limitations, clear karmic energy, release primordial traumas, reprogram old patterns and completely change your life around."

Elizabeth Harper


Are you ready to heal inharmonious energy and wounds stored up lifetime after lifetime within each of your 7 major chakras?

Every 3 DAYS you’ll focus on one specific chakra, time travel to a past life to discover where a wound that's currently impacting your life originated, learn what you can do to heal it, and receive a beautiful light and love healing from one of your many angels.

On DAY 2 you’ll let go of negative energy using a powerful and transformative light alignment technique and then on DAY 3 anchor in the energy, boost your vibration and seal in the intense healing you experienced on your journey with chakra specific affirmations.

"Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive."

Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!"

Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


Many people have memories of past lives they just don’t realize it. Such as: 

✓  Visiting a place for the first time and without prior knowledge being familiar with where everything is. 

✓  Meeting someone and instantly making a connection like you would an old friend, as if you’d known them for years. 

✓  Immediately loving someone though you’ve only just met. 

✓  Recurring dreams about a specific time in history where you “intuitively feel” this is not just a dream; it’s your life. 

✓  Experiencing fears and phobias that bear no relationship to your current life. 

Time is just an illusion, a thought that can be changed.

You are a shapeshifter with an amazing gift to transcend time.

"Elizabeth has created such a magical healing experience. You can tell how guided she is by spirit just by listening to her voice. Elizabeth really takes the time in her meditations to bring your awareness into a complete state of peace before journeying into the chakras. I love this because usually it takes me a little while to relax and allow for the healing to occur. Elizabeth always provides this time and space before diving in. I have had many brilliant insights and sneak peeks into parts of my journey that I didn’t even know existed. In doing so, I was able to tie in current day traumas that had an origin in a different life. I never would have believed it was possible, but through Elizabeth’s meditations, I was taken into a specific point in time and brought tremendous healing. The Angels are completely surrounding and guiding Elizabeth through this sacred healing work. I trust her completely to guide me through this healing. You are in very good hands. The affirmations for the Chakras and the Light Activations are meditations I expect to come back to and repeat for a long time. The great thing about this program is you can return to it at a different time and always find something new to look at and heal. I think it would be interesting to return to this program a few times throughout a life and see what comes up for healing as you travel through different lessons in your journey. I think this program is a true gift for those seeking healing at a soul level. The Angels work very closely with Elizabeth, and so you can be assured that this program is coming from only the most pure and loving place of heart. Elizabeth has provides a great healing tool."

Lindsay Clemmons, USA

""Elizabeth Harper’s 21-day program is salve for my soul. Her soothing presence and loving nature are transmitted through her guided meditations. They feel like a one-on-one session. I have never found a guided meditation to be more healing than those Elizabeth creates. I discovered Elizabeth serendipitously on the Internet after I used one of her free meditations daily to guide myself out of chronic pain. Then when I experienced the after effects of her past life guided meditations I gave up trying to figure out how they work. The results in my life are undeniable! Each time I sit down to one of her meditations it’s like opening a precious gift. They are both deeply relaxing and comforting but also offer powerful results over the long-term. I can’t say enough about the positive element the program adds to my life!"."

Allison Rolfe, USA

"Thank you Elizabeth!!! The 21-Day program has benefited me in so many ways! From feeling totally connected, energized and grounded to having an incredible breakthrough with my writing - ideas which I had put down for a few years just came in flooding my whole body with amazing insights and creative ideas! I have taken action and listen to parts of the program in the background throughout the day! A wealth of information for use on myself and to share in my work! Much gratitude for this amazing sacred journey!"

Gina Barbara, AUSTRALIA

"I want you to know how amazing this journey has been. Got a few past lives all at once with the heart chakra meditation and then when I returned to the tree it had turned to watermelon tourmaline and emerald when it had been almost white green before. Today my throat had a lump in it and my ears were burning. Another amazing experience of a past life that explained why I like to fade into the shadows and why I was so scared of water until I was 9. Thank you more than I can say! Your voice, the imagery, the music, the guidance, it is all so incredible! I want people to know what a rich experience it is. You certainly make it easy to remember that we are all connected in the light!"

Cathering Andrews, USA

Take this journey and clear away everything that has stood in the way of your success.



The journey is easy to navigate. Everything you need to support you is available on the program website including direct access to Elizabeth's wisdom and guidance through the comments section under each chakra journey to support you as you heal.

This beautiful program offers proven and tested techniques to gently guide you to access your wisdom and initiate healing.  You'll first learn about each individual chakra before journeying with the meditations, focusing on one chakra for 3 days before moving onto the next. This way healing builds through each energy center.


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✔️ 8 Videos/Audios
✔️ 7 Meditations
✔️ 7 Light Alignments

✔️ 7 Affirmation Audios

Lifetime access

You don't have to leave your home. With LIFETIME ACCESS everything you need is accessible NOW! Instructional videos, audio, and meditation mp3's.

Learn at your own pace

You are unique! Let your intuition be your guide. You can spend as long as you like on each chakra. The blessing of this program is it is always avalable to you.  

Meet fellow journeyers

No matter where you are in the world, this is a wonderful opportunity to join, share, offer and receive support, and make lifelong friends in the "Members Only" website.



✓   7 Powerful PAST LIFE meditations to identify and heal wounds in each of your major chakras (VALUE $105)

✓   7 Chakra clearing LIGHT ALIGNMENT audios to free your chakras from negative patterns and self-talk (VALUE $105)

✓   7 CHAKRA AFFIRMATION audios to infuse your energy anatomy with healing vibes for lasting change (VALUE $105)

✓   8 VIDEOS to guide and support your understanding of your energy anatomy (VALUE $150)

✓   BONUS - meditation to clear and protect your energy field

✓   BONUS - meditation to help you release energy cords holding you back from achieving your heart's desires

✓   BONUS - meditation to journey into your future for answers that will empower your present life

✓   BONUS - meditation channeled healing from Archangel Raphael








 Flow of prosperity – the universe opens up and money easily flows into your life from unexpected sources 

✓  Abundance of opportunities – flourishing business opportunities, job and career offers 

✓  Healthy physical body – increased vitality and the ability to heal 

✓  Discovery of your life purpose – increased confidence in your power awakens your life mission 

✓  Increased stability – a home, family, career, wealth and happy relationships


  • Failure to thrive
  • Food issues
  • Career problems
  • Diffculty finding purpose
  • Survival problems
  • Money diffculties
  • Relationship challenges




✓  Awakened creativity – inspiration flows artistically, sexually and intuitively 

✓  Blissful life – fulfillment of your every desire is met with love 

✓  Healthy independence – you feel supported in your choices and you are enough 

✓  Healed inner child - you allow yourself time to play, explore and have adventures 

 Equality – you create healthy relationships based upon mutual respect


  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Abuse or abstinence
  • Infertility
  • Addictions
  • Dependency on doomed to fail relationships
  • Emotional immaturirity and inner child abandonment




✓  Greater confidence - higher self-esteem empowers you as a leader 

 Increased Success – you’re on top of your game and sought out by others 

✓  Good boundaries – you are in control, no one’s going to mess with you 

✓  Fearlessness – you’re in your power, bring it on! 

✓  Happiness and laughter – your life is filled with joy


  • Power struggles
  • Disempowerment
  • Mental & emotional abuse
  • Loss of identity
  • Lack of success
  • Fear of everything
  • Boundary issues




✓   Expansive self-love –realization that you are never alone 

✓  Life long happy relationships – you find your tribe and soulmates  

✓  Abundance overflows – blessings fill your life, you are wealthy and prosperous ! 

✓   Growing love for yourself - and the domino effect of a happy, healthy heart 

 Enough for everyone – contentment in every area of life, you want for nothing 


  • Unhealthy love relationship patterns
  • Lack of self love
  • Jealousy
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Fear of loss
  • Loneliness
  • Abundance issues




✓  Increased creativity – you’re inspired by a constant flow of fresh ideas 

✓  Power to say what you want – you’re fearless, you say YES to what you want, and NO to everything else 

✓  Positive attitude – your life is changed by your optimism and hopefulness 

✓  Go with the flow - you’re happy and confident that the universe supports you 

✓  Expanded communication – you effortlessly converse with your guides and angels


  • Failure to speak up
  • Let others dominate & abuse
  • Mental & emotional abuse
  • Blocked creativity
  • Unable to connect with spirit 
  • Speech defects
  • Control issues




✓  Magnified psychic gifts – you’re able to see and sense the energy of other dimensions 

✓  Clear vision – you no longer journey through life directionless, you know where you’re heading and you know the steps to get you there 

 Immediate manifestation – as you think so you create incredible miracles in your life 

✓  Pure knowing – you have access to the Divine mind and to all knowledge

✓  Soul acceptance – you have faith in your gifts and dreams


  • Intuition/intellect disconnect
  • Lack of vision
  • Blocked intuition
  • Fear of unknown
  • Feel unseen & disrespected
  • Feels persecuted
  • Difficulty making decisions




✓  Bridging heaven and earth – you’re spiritually connected and know your spiritual identity 

 Abundant blessings – all of your needs are met physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you want for nothing 

✓  Embrace change – you welcome every transformative moment knowing it will bring you closer to the 

✓  Divine Life purpose – you acknowledge and fulfill your life’s mission 

✓  Blissful contentment – there is no separation, you are one with the Divine


  • Lack of purpose
  • Spiritual abandonment
  • Loss of spiritual identity
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Resistance to change
  • Lack of faith
  • Distrust in source

"What a splendid journey indeed!   

More than anything I came to realize how many negative thoughts and words others and myself are subject to each day and how destructive they are over time and past lifetimes.  As a result of these healing journeys I have set a goal to be more mindful of the impact I can have on others through my words and deeds.  I can only express heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth for this remarkable work."

Joseph Randazzo, USA

"Elizabeth is a rare gem

I've listened to many meditation tapes and CD's over the past 25 years, but Elizabeth, by far, has the most amazing gift of transferring her beautiful Energy and Spirit into words.  Through her soothing voice the delivery of her words become a healing balm for one's Soul. I could clearly sense and hear the messages of my past life and chakras. The "alignments" cleared and re-balanced them with Light energy and Elizabeth's "affirmations" are a wonderful daily reminder to celebrate my life and existence and to release what no longer serves me. Elizabeth's program is essential to anyone interested in healing their Light Body, raising their vibration, and finding their own Sacred Space and inner peace."

Marika Ohryn, USA



When you do intensive clearing work emotions emerge that you're not always used to feeling or expressing. Some are positive and you enjoy experiencing them, but there are some emotions that are uncomfortable and difficult to shake. 

This meditation is for clearing and cleansing your energy field using the light to flush out anything that no longer serves you. You'll also work alongside your angels to create a channeled prayer to seal this positive light into your field. 


Are you in a relationship that isn't changing, a job that's stuck, or are you on the treadmill of the same old experiences that occur in your life over and over again?

This powerful technique is a valuable compliment to the journey helping you to release emotional cords, memories and energy patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you to transform and move on with your life.


What if you could look into your future and ask your future self how to navigate a challenge you're currently faced with, or ask advice on what's the best path to take for your highest and greatest good, or maybe you need guidance on if and when you'll meet your soulmate? Well in this meditation you can do just that.  

Meet your future self and receive guidance on current decisions, and gain insight into the opportunities that lie ahead.


Archangel Raphael is the healing angel. As you take this journey with this powerful healer you're guided to clear karmic bonds, heal your chakras, and bring a new vibration of light into every level of your being. This gift is a wonderful infusion of green light straight from Archangel Raphael's loving heart to yours.


As an additional gift to help you to navigate the Chakra healing you'll receive the recording of a BONUS LIVE Q & A CLASS with Elizabeth that includes a special meditation to bring healing to all of your Chakras.


This is for you
if you want to

… you’re ready to heal blocks that have stood in the way of your success

… you want to live a magically abundant life where you have access to everything your heart desires

… you’re willing to let go of old wounds and stand in your power … you’ve searched for a relationship and your soulmate STILL hasn’t turned up

… you want to improve on an area of your life that hasn’t benefited from using other techniques

… you want to empower the special gifts that each of your chakras has to offer you

… you want to understand why something has happened to you in this lifetime

… you want to discover the karmic connections you have with current relationships

… you’re curious about who you were in other lifetimes and how that’s impacting your current life

… you want to know what your chakras have to teach you … you want a deeper connection with your guides and angels

… you want to reach enlightenment before your next passage into spirit

This is not for you

… if you’re not willing to meditate

… if you don’t have the time to spend on the journey right now

… if you don’t believe in past lives and feel it would get in the way of your healing

… if you have difficulty concentrating on guided instructions

… if you don’t believe in angels and guides

… if you don’t believe you can be healed this way

… if you’re happy just the way you are and you’re not the teensiest bit curious about who you were








This course is only available to my clients

Everyone is different so we can’t tell you what you’re going to experience by taking the journey. You can expect anything from HUGE life transformations to smaller subtle changes in your world. You will notice a shift, but it’s completely individual as to how that change will manifest. Sometimes it can happen on the first day, for others it takes longer. You are unique. You might just have one wound to heal or many. The beauty of the journey is that it will continually support you as you peel away the layers and heal on a profoundly deep level no matter when you access it.

YES! When your intention is to heal then your energy will in fact move toward that goal. One of our journeyers also didn’t see and would fall to sleep during the journey. But she began journaling after her return from the meditation, prompting her mind with questions and imagining what came up for her. This technique resulted in her past life memories rising to the surface.

You are always protected by light during your journey so no harm can come to you. If you experience anything that is uncomfortable then you can stop your journey and use the LIGHT CLEANSER meditation to cleanse you energy field, plus the CUTTING THE TIES meditation if you feel you’re connected to a person and can’t let go.

You can go at your own pace. If intuitively you feel you need to stay focused on one chakra then it’s important that you follow your inner guidance. Everyone is at different stages of the journey. The beauty of this is that we as a group are connected on an energy level. This means that when others journey they can initiate healing in the chakras they’re working on within you too.

The program is available to you as soon as you purchase it and you have access to it at any time from that point on.

That’s OK. Each journey starts with a video introduction about the qualities of each chakra plus there’s an article to guide you. When you journey with your chakras you’ll also receive all the information and knowledge you need from them.

You can join the journey from any place on the planet, provided you have Internet access.

No! You can listen to them online if you prefer or/and download all of them. It works either way.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your Sealed With Love log in page link and password. You’ll also receive a “Welcome” email from Elizabeth with a link to a video message from her and instructions for the first step on your healing journey. Then every day for 21 DAYS you’ll receive an email reminding you of which audio you’ll be working on. As previously noted, you can go at your own pace, these are just suggestions.
"The daily meditations, alignments and affirmations are easy to follow and much more powerful than I could ever have imagined. Her gentle, loving and bright energy resonates throughout the course and her exquisite ability to lead me on this healing journey was truly awe-inspiring. She is an eloquent teacher with incredible healing gifts. This chakra journey has helped me to release deeply stagnated wounds that I was not aware I was holding onto in my cellular memory. Elizabeth's program assisted me greatly in gaining clarity on a level of depth that I could not have achieved on my own. I am truly grateful for this experience. Elizabeth, you are the best!"

Venetia Bailey, USA

"My heart stayed lifted by her gentle voice and the warm love radiating through each spoken word. If anyone is looking to transform to the next level and be empowered by evolving into the best version of themselves, this 21-day course with Elizabeth Harper School for Light Workers is a great way to kick-start this journey. I feel completing this course has and will continue to positively influence my life in the weeks, months and years to come. Elizabeth thank you for assisting me on this journey of healing!"

Sophia Myles, USA




Includes Lifetime Access

* 8 Videos (Plus 8 video MP3's)
* 7 Meditations 
* 7 Affirmation MP3's
* 7 Light Alignment MP3's

Channeled Light Meditation

Cutting Ties Meditation

Future Self Meditation

Archangel Raphael Meditation




Elizabeth, a psychic medium was raised with an innate understanding of energy anatomy and how it works. Her profound knowledge and interpretation of our spiritual blueprint is colored by her ability to see and sense both the chakra system and auric layers of the spiritual body. She was inspired by her angels and guides to create a chakra healing program to unblock, heal and activate the chakras.

Whatever is happening in your current life that isn’t working for you can be transformed and healed by this 21-day journey. Whatever is standing in the way of you achieving your potential can be released. Whatever you have longed for and have yet to experience can manifest. Whatever powerful new gifts you wish to unleash can emerge.

"’m learning so much about what each chakra governs. Fascinating. I’ve found it to be very informative - I'm learning something new every day!! Elizabeth is very calming to listen to and I love the way her personality and energy shines through. I would be very happy to recommend this program for anyone wanting to do some deeper healing. You are awesome!!"

Leslie Wilson, NEW ZEALAND

"Initially, I thought I might have some idea of what to expect, based upon my past work with Elizabeth, including personal healing meditations and her Intuition Playshop at Omega Institute. While these forays into exploring my intuitive gifts allowed me to re-shape my thinking and resulted in personal healing, the 21-Day Past Life Healing Journey was absolutely cathartic. A new chakra is explored every three days through an introduction and past life meditation, followed by 44 Light Alignments, then Affirmations. What makes this course so special is Elizabeth herself. Her pure spirit and love are conveyed through every word of the course. As one is guided through each day of the journey, Elizabeth’s presence is the driving force of the program. The imagery she creates through each meditation provides an easy to follow, but in-depth map to each destination. The listener passes through beautiful fields of flowers to a variety of locations to make the chakras come alive. The dazzling white light that surrounds us throughout each day’s activity is calming, protective, and healing. These pathways truly create an individualized venture that leads to personal discoveries and deep healing. Being able to do the meditations multiple times creates a more multi-faceted experience to further explore the specific chakras that may require more healing. I repeated several of them and each time I did, it provided more clarity and improved understanding. I have also listened to the Affirmations many times, even when falling asleep, so that my subconscious can continue to reap the benefits of Elizabeth’s beautiful and supportive words. I feel absolutely blessed to have completed this wonderful journey. It has opened doors to the healing of old wounds of which I had no conscious awareness. I am forever grateful for this experience and for the light and love Elizabeth so generously shares."

Carol Gee, USA


The Journey Begins With YOU!

You deserve to be abundant, to live the magical life of your dreams and achieve the success your heart desires. You have this amazing gift to transcend time. Take this journey and clear away everything that has stood in your way in this and previous lifetimes.


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