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Chakra Glow

Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Life: Discover the Power of Chakra Glow for Spiritual and Emotional Wholeness in Just 7 Days!

What's Included

  • 9 X Chakra Glow Videos
  • 7 X Archangel inspired Chakra Glow Meditations
  • 8 X Chakra Glow Guidebooks
  • Chakra Glow Daily Healing Meditation
  • Chakra Glow Reference Guide
  • Extra Chakra Glow Healing Tips

Plus these Bonuses

  • Bonus: Chakra Sounds Video
  • Bonus: Chakra Empowerment Meditation
  • Bonus: Healing with the Angels Meditation

Meditation is the most beneficial practice you can do for spiritual development.

Return to wholeness with this 7-day healing meditation journey to restore inner radiance within the sacred centers of your energy body. Clear chakras with the Archangels and get back into the flow of happiness.