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Welcome to Sealed With Love

Are you searching for an intentional talisman, a reflection of your soul's purpose, a healing tool or a gift that will empower your Divine gifts? If you are then you've come to the right place. I am delighted you were guided here. Many of the gifts I offer are one of a kind unique creations, affordable luxuries that inspire, support and align with your true self. I began designing jewelry when I was 11 years old when my yogini mother gave me a bag of rudrashka seeds and taught me how to make a sacred prayer mala. I continue to create new pieces of Divine wearable art to infuse you and your home with the color of love, beautifully packaged in recycled boxes and made in the USA.

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Seeing in Color

I see auras and what I call "Soul Rainbows. I understood what the colors meant, but when I trained as a Color Therapist in the 80's I learned how to interpret the combinations of colors. I was introduced at that time to a system called Aura Soma, this helped me to understand the combinations of color in the auric field. I love to use color in my consultations, your choice of color says much more than just your current preference. Color impacts your life in so many ways and it's a great tool to invoke magic and to create your heart's desires.

About Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed artist, color intuitive, and author. Her work has been featured in popular magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook, and Health. She is a magazine columnist, regular contributor to Australian radio, award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires, and co-author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers. 

Through her videos, articles, and teaching she guides an international community of thousands of global lightworkers to easily access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success, and realize their soul’s purpose. Elizabeth’s super power is her intuitive relationship with color. Through her vision of your unique color thumbprint she reveals your innate gifts and talents, your most powerful past lives, and the life path that will bring you the most joy.

Raised in a yogi and spiritually conscious environment Elizabeth teaches from the heart, leading you on a Divine Adventure that is fun, purposeful and illuminating. As your guide she will take you on a journey back to your true self, reminding you of the radiant light that lives at the core of your being and the abundantly blessed life that awaits you.

Elizabeth has presented workshops and seminars at the Open Center in NY, Lily Dale, the Learning Annex and is on faculty at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

“Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive. Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!" —Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies