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Affiliate Agreement

By signing up as an affiliate with Sealed With Love LLC you agree to the following Terms of Service.

This agreement is by and between Sealed With Love LLC and you, the affiliate. By completing the affiliate application, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree with all the terms and conditions within it. Sealed With Love LLC has the right to modify the terms and conditions contained in this agreement at any time and at our sole discretion. By continuing to participate in the affiliate program you accept and agree to any changes made to this agreement.

Sealed With Love LLC agrees to pay you a % commission on the final price paid after any discounts, or promotions have been taken into account and before taxes and shipping on all completed and approved sales and services purchased by individuals through your referral banner.

Affiliates are not eligible to earn commissions on their own purchases of Sealed With Love products and services. Becoming a Sealed With Love LLC affiliate does not guarantee or predict any type of profit or response from said services.

Commissions will be paid once per month for the previous month’s earnings. Commissions are paid via PayPal. As an affiliate you must obtain a free PayPal account.

FOR US CITIZENS & RESIDENTS - Affiliates must provide Sealed With Love with a completed W-9 Federal Tax form before any commissions are paid to the affiliate. The affiliate agrees to be responsible for all taxes on commissions paid.

FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES/NON US AFFILIATES - Affiliates must provide Sealed With Love with a completed W-8BEN Federal Tax form before any commissions are paid to the affiliate. The affiliate agrees to be responsible for all taxes on commissions paid.

You agree to provide Sealed With Love LLC with your physical address, email address, telephone number, billing information, and any other information needed as an affiliate. You agree to notify us if your address, email address, telephone number, billing information changes.

We may terminate your account at any time if you violate our Terms of Service agreement; promote Sealed With Love LLC in a manner that is unethical or inappropriate; spamming: advertizing on sites that promote or contain illegal activities; or for any other reason, in our sole discretion by giving a written notice of termination. When written termination is received, you will immediately be ineligible for any further commissions. Once terminated, you will be paid any outstanding commissions due within 3 months.

As an affiliate you understand that you use this service at your own risk. Sealed With Love LLC is not responsible for system outages, loss of revenue/commissions/profits, tracking failures, loss of data/information, or computer damage. Sealed With Love LLC shall not be liable for any damages suffered by you, whether indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential, including, but not limited to, loss of data or service interruptions, regardless of cause or fault. You agree to hold Sealed With Love LLC harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages, costs, demands or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature in which Sealed With Love LLC may become a subject arising out of becoming an affiliate under this agreement. This includes, without limitation, in each case attorneys' fees, costs and expenses actually incurred in defending against or enforcing any such losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages or liabilities.

As an affiliate you agree to promote Sealed With Love LLC in an ethical manner, respect the privacy of others, you will not intentionally seek the passwords or data belonging to others, you will not modify files or banners provided you by Sealed With Love LLC, you will respect the legal protection provided by the copyright law, trade secret law, and other laws protecting intellectual property.

*All Sealed With Love LLC materials are copyright protected and cannot be duplicated without permission from Sealed With Love.

You agree to accept email promotions from Sealed With Love LLC with marketing suggestions.

In entering into this agreement, you agree to be an independent contractor and not create any partnership, agency, franchise, joint venture, sales representative, or employment.