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Guidance From the Earth’s Treasures

Do you desire…

If you said yes, then a crystal gem reading can offer insightful guidance direct from the natural kingdom of the earth’s treasure trove. 

This is the perfect choice when you want to receive support for your soul, explore which crystals will help you to heal specific issues, receive channeled guidance from crystals and gemstones chosen for you, and gain earth based wisdom on upcoming influences. It can also help to affirm your own intuition and affirm whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Above all a crystal gem reading offers you peace of mind by clearly revealing what your soul needs right now!

A crystal gem reading can be many things; it can offer an immediate answer to a question and it can simply guide you to know which crystals and gemstones will support your energy in this moment.

Elizabeth Says

I’ve always loved the earth and her stones. On my first visit to Stonehenge at age 10 I could clearly hear and feel the vibration of the stones in this ancient circle. They told me their stories, how they were placed, and where they came from. Crystals and gemstones share their messages with me too. When I was 12 years old I received my first crystal ball. This powerhouse of energy fascinated me and from then on I was hooked on all things sparkly! Since sharing my crystal oracles in the monthly AstroColorScope show I have received many requests to offer crystal readings. People are guided to me just when they need to hear or read something that I have to share with them. If you are attracted to a CRYSTAL GEM READING then the treasures of the earth are calling you too. There are no coincidences. If your soul is pulling you to connect with me in some way, then go with that feeling.

I will share with you what the crystals have to say specifically for you. I will ask them for recommendations, and guide you to use specific crystals and gemstones for your own healing.

First decide on a question…

What to Expect

Once you have decided on your question hit the Add to Cart button, you’ll be directed to the crystal gem reading request page where you’ll be prompted to enter your question.

You will receive a type written reading with the crystal images chosen in PDF format readable on any computer and sent to you via email within 48 hours of request weekends not included. Depending on the subject of your question a number of different crystals, gemstones, and crystal decks may be used to gather insights and intuitive guidance. The tools used and their meanings will be explained.