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Identify What You Need to Know NOW to Follow Your Soul’s Plan

Are you…

If you said yes to any of the above questions and have more on your mind then an intuitive soul guidance session can offer you solutions. Whatever the issue, this is your chance to draw on Elizabeth’s psychic skills to answer your burning questions. During a session Elizabeth can:

Elizabeth Says

My work is a blend of prediction, insight, and healing. It is pro-active and holistic so my approach offers a grounded perspective of the options available to you. My intention is to offer healing and enlightenment on your soul path, keeping you on course to experience a life that your heart and soul most desires. If you are ready and willing to step into your power then I am here to support you as you become your most radiant, shining self.

What Others Are Saying

"I want to give you some amazing feedback on a previous reading. I had some questions about the purchase of a rental property and you were so "spot on" with everything.... I’m pretty sure it was Jan/Feb when I emailed you. We found the place in March and had delays in the closing and couldn't close until June (which is exactly what you said). Everything you said about it is so true. You amaze me!" — Erin Owoc, ARNP, Florida, USA

"When I first met Elizabeth at Omega many moons ago, it was instantly clear that she has a highly developed gift. Her work has inspired and supported me over the years in multicolored ways! I would whole heartedly recommend all of her services - her Soul Guidance sessions, book, Oracles, courses and her inspired products. There is a rainbow of magic surrounding all that Elizabeth touches!" — Tamika Schilbe, Co-Founder, DevaTree School of Yoga, Canada

"Soul Guidance sessions with Elizabeth are incredibly powerful, insightful and healing! I have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth over Skype many times and have always felt held in an embrace of love and support. Her sense of humour and honesty is refreshing and her clear insight and guidance have supported me to GROW through many major life transitions! Thank you Elizabeth for teaching me so much about spirit, psychic development and providing evidence that the universe is here to support me… and she makes amazing jewelry that makes me Sparkle!" — Carolyn Burke, Co-Founder, DevaTree School of Yoga, Canada





What to Expect

Whatever the issue, an Intuitive Guidance session can offer you solutions. This is your chance to draw on Elizabeth’s psychic skills one-on-one to answer your burning questions. 

Elizabeth always invites her guides and Angels to offer their insights. She works with many tools and uses color to guide her work on line the same way she works in person - color is the perfect way for your soul to offer you guidance.

Decide on your TWO BIGGEST QUESTIONS then select the Guidance session you’re most drawn to. Elizabeth will contact you within 48 hours. She works with her clairvoyant ability to see color. She also uses cards and guidance from her guides during your session. While sessions can be predictive the main focus is on navigating your journey from where you are now to where you want to be, what could be preventing your next step and how to achieve the success you so desire.

In person Skype sessions differ from Intuitive Guidance audio sessions in that she might also paint the colors and symbols in your energy field tuning into your essence and interpreting what she sees. For Skype sessions she usually invites you to select a number of colored bottles. She often breaks down your two questions into smaller ones to hone in on a deeper understanding of your questions and answers, but you're also welcome to ask other questions during your time together. 

What NOT to Expect

Elizabeth has many talents, but she does not answer questions about your own or another’s time of death, what the lottery numbers might be, or whether or not an illness will worsen. While these questions may have answers it does not serve the best or highest interest of the client’s soul, and this is what Elizabeth is most interested in. Instead she will guide you to heal, to access your own inner-tuition, and to seek ways to attract a positive outcome.

Audio Guidance $195

This is a great way to receive the benefit of Elizabeth's guidance on your own time. She uses a blend of color intuition, clairvoyance, card reading and inspiration from her guides to answer your questions. Recorded sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes, an email will be sent to you when your audio is ready for download.

Skype Session $350

One-on-one 45-minute appointments are available in the mornings during weekdays. Elizabeth offers weekend appointments at varying times when her schedule permits. For Skype sessions you will need a FREE Skype account, and a computer with camera and audio enabled. Sessions can be recorded upon request.