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Soul Centered Healing for the Parts Other Therapies Can’t Reach

Are You…

You are made of ENERGY and everything around you is made of energy too. When your energy is low you can pick up energy and vibrations from your environment. This is fine if your surroundings are healthy, but if they’re unhealthy then you’ll be open to bad vibes, feel drained, out of balance, dis-eased, and probably helpless.

What you may not be aware of is that you carry the cellular memory of wholeness, meaning you have the ability to heal anything and everything.

The intention of every soul centered healing session is to stimulate your cellular memory and guide you back to health.

A soul centered healing session promotes well-being by:

Soul centered healing assists you on your journey back to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by offering loving support, insights, and healing energy.

Elizabeth Says

Healing is such a wonderful way to gently nudge your energy back to wholeness. It can get to the parts that other modalities cannot reach and has the added benefit of making you feel physically lighter. I am a channel, so you don’t need to be present in the same room to receive healing. My guides and yours guide the healing radiance of light to wherever it needs to go both during and after the healing session. In fact, the work continues well beyond the time and space of the allotted session and oftentimes just one session can be enough to stimulate your cellular memory.

What Others Are Saying

"I wanted to give you an update on how I am doing. I did a healing session with you on July 12th & I am feeling much better, I’m happy to report! You suggested that acupuncture would be helpful & I am so glad you mentioned it. I had done one session and not had a great experience & was on the fence about whether to seek out another practitioner. When you brought it up I took that as Life saying yes try it again. I have found a wonderful new acupuncture doc named Lily Li and I’ve done 3 sessions so far & feel so much better in my body. I’ve also been working with the meditation recording you sent me and doing it most evenings before bed & I know that has helped as well. Overall I feel more secure & relaxed in myself and feel like I’m on a great new path & moving toward better & better health. Thank you so much for your help. I think you are fabulous!" — Kate H, USA

What to Expect

SOUL CENTERED HEALING sessions are via video chat on Skype. Elizabeth will discuss your healing journey with you, what you wish to heal and how she can help you. With the assistance of her guides she will scan your energy field, identify chakras that are out of balance, make notes on the areas she feels most drawn to, offer insights into the origin of energy blocks in your system, and make recommendations for the next step on your healing journey. You will then be taken through a guided meditation inspired by Elizabeth’s healing guides and focused on your specific healing needs. This meditation is recorded for you to use after your session.

From the first session you will feel a difference in your energy. Sessions are 45 minutes, you may only need one session, but if you choose you can enjoy regular healing sessions with Elizabeth.

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