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Your Soul Colors

You are a kaleidoscope of colors on many differnt dimensions of being. Color is the universal language of the soul and through it we can connect with who we are and who we are becoming. Color connects us to our limitless potential. It is the missing link between us and our true selves.

What's a Soul Color Reading?

As you are a complex being made of light and color, a Soul Color Reading can help you tap into the unseen levels of yourself, realize what is stored in your soul energy, and begin the process of healing old and painful memories while awakening new gifts and talents. Elizabeth tunes into and paints the energy your soul shares with her. This is a glimpse into one aspect of your soul. She then interprets the colors, symbols and general vibration of the Soul Colors and shares a message from your light, from your soul to you. 


"One of my most cherished gifts is my ability to see, sense and interpret the colors and energies emanating from the hue-man soul. No two souls are alike, so no two paintings are alike. I am guided to perceive what "wants" to be seen, so the messages you receive are in alignment with your soul's growth. I feel this unique service offers you a window into the light of your being and the opportunity to begin a conversation with your soul."

What to Expect

The painting image and messages are either emailed to you within 2-4 work days OR you can also choose to have the signed 20cm X 20cm watercolor and mixed media original painting and write up shipped to you.

How to Book

* Decide which session most resonates with you.
* Click on the link and purchase your session.
* Elizabeth will be in touch and will request a photo, but if you don't have one to send her it's no biggie.

Email Painting & Reading $125

This is a great way to give or receive a unique gift without waiting for the finished painting to arrive in the mail. Just a couple of days from receipt of your request Elizabeth will email your soul image and reading.


Shipped Painting & Reading $135 + Shipping Fees

You will receive your very own soul color painting, personal, unique, and transformative, along with a written reading of the energies. A fabulous gift for yourself and others.