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Color Intuitive

Seeing the Colors of Your Soul

For as long as I can remember I have seen auras – beautiful emanations of color emerging from, around and within a living or none living being or object. I believe we all have this ability in varying degrees. Some of us see the energy, while others feel it. I was fortunate to have a mother who was a yogi and a psychic. She taught me about the chakra system. This helped my understanding of the “coat of many colors” we all wear. I’ve learned to ask my soul for help with interpreting the meaning of the personal rainbows of others. This knowledge is key in much of my work. 

You see, you are not just one color. Within your energy field is a kaleidoscope of color, moving, flowing, expanding, contracting, coming and going. It's a thoroughly beautiful light show.

In everything I do, my intention is to bring color and healing energy into people’s lives. When I design a piece of jewelry, paint a picture or infuse a silk scarf with the color of someone’s soul rainbow, I am always in every instance guided by spirit. My knowledge takes a back seat to the wisdom of my spirit guides.

My ability to see, sense, feel, and know color is a gift I called COLOR INTUITION, a term I coined in 2002. I began calling myself a COLOR INTUITIVE around the same time. For many years I had used color as a predictive tool for guidance. From it I created the first Color Intuition course at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, and the first predictive oracle using color – the COLORSCOPE ORACLE. It has and continues to appear globally in magazines, is featured weekly on Australian radio and seen online in weekly videos. 

What Others Are Saying

“Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive. Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!" — Elizabeth Lesser, Co-founder, Omega Institute

“I've never met anyone else like her. She has a beautiful combination of angelic healing energy and down-to-earth wisdom." — Kari Samuels, Intuition & Happiness Coach


Color Intuition Revealed

In my one-on-one Intuitive Guidance sessions I often paint and interpret the energy field of my clients. There are many layers to your aura and I believe that while I am working with you, your soul “reveals” to me what “wants to be seen.” One day I was inspired to tune into a clients soul, to go deeper than the layers of the aura and tap into the core of their being. I could see the energy swirling, the beautiful vibrant colors of the soul, but instead of painting what I saw onto a piece of paper, I was guided to first dowse the colors and then with my guides working through me, to add these colors to a piece silk. The result is what I call a Soul Rainbows silk.

Your Soul Rainbow is your unique color thumbprint. No one else on the planet has the same exact proportion of colors in their soul as you. You are unique. Reconnecting with your soul rainbow colors can align you with your purpose, support the emergence of new gifts and talents, and offer healing, especially when you go though a period of deep change. I don’t just paint the silk though, I also write about the colors, energies, symbols and intuitive impressions I receive during the process. I am thrilled to offer this service it is well received, makes a unique and beautiful gift, and is to date the most popular item in my store. You can watch some of the videos I made while creating a Soul Rainbow silk here > 

One of the beautiful things about color is it can lift your mood, heal a broken spirit and if you know how to use it wisely it can even change the course of your life.

Intuitive Guidance

This is a great way to receive the benefit of Elizabeth's guidance. She uses a blend of color intuition, clairvoyance, card reading and inspiration from her guides to answer your questions. Recorded sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes and are emailed to you, or choose a ONE-2-ONE 45-minute personal Skype session.

Soul Color Readings

This is a wonderful way to experience Elizabeth's gifts of clairvoyant sight. You have two choices, you can receive your unique gift by email or for an additional shipping fee depending on where you are in the world or you can receive the actual painting of your soul essence and reading in the mail.


Soul Rainbow Silk & Reading

Elizabeth merges her clairvoyant skills, color wisdom, and visionary art to lovingly create a personal SOUL RAINBOW on a large silk veil that can be worn, spread on a bed or altar, or hung on a wall. This is a very personal item and like you there is only one soul rainbow silk in the world with the exact colors, symbols and patterns.