"I want to give you some amazing feedback"

"I want to give you some amazing feedback on a previous reading.  I had some questions about the purchase of a rental property and you were so "spot on" with everything....  I’m pretty sure it was Jan/Feb when I emailed you.  We found the place in March and had delays in the closing and couldn't close until June (which is exactly what you said). Everything you said about it is so true.  You amaze me!"

~ Erin Owoc, ARNP, Florida, USA

"Thank you, Elizabeth, for the amazing reading"

"Thank you, Elizabeth, for the amazing reading. You blew me away! So much of what you wrote made complete sense to me. I remember a lot of my past lives, but not this one. However, that life is how I feel on a daily basis. Your advice was invaluable to me, and I have already proceeded forward with that advice with great success. It was hard for me to see clearly on my own. You gave me far more than I expected. I will surely seek your advice again and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you so much for your assistance. I am so glad I wrote to you."

~ Anita Raviele, Massachusetts, USA

"I am always amazed at how accurate she is"

"I've been following Elizabeth on her weekly and monthly Youtube readings and Scopes for several months. I am always amazed at how accurate she is----how everything she says hits home and was just what I was thinking.  I needed some guidance in life and love. Elizabeth has this soft, yet fun, energy. I want everyone to know how spot on her reading was. Elizabeth gave accurate descriptions of both my and the man I loves soul right now. She also described what we are both going through relationship wise.  It validated the big grand gestures he does for me. Thank you Elizabeth for this. "

~ Amanda Kunkel, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you so much Elizabeth, A very accurate reading."

"Thank you so much Elizabeth, A very accurate reading. I always ask Archangel Michael to protect me and my family and friends. It seems he hears. I always thank my angels for being with me, but was not sure who was with me. If Archangel Gabriel is blowing puffs of pink toward me, it explains why a lot of my digital art has a lot of pink in it lately.  It’s interesting that you say Angel Gabriel watches over my shoulder when I write and is guiding me because I have wondered if I should start writing books. Thank you again."

~ Gillian Moody, UK

When I met Elizabeth Harper my life immediately changed for the better.

I’ve never met anyone else like her. She has a beautiful combination of angelic healing energy and down-to-earth wisdom. I met her at a time where I was searching for a mentor for my psychic abilities. I was immediately drawn to Elizabeth’s light. There was just something about her that was so pure and sincere, yet very wise! I took her Intuition Playshop and it was one of the best weeks of my life! I am grateful for the many gifts Elizabeth has shared with me. She has truly blessed my life and now I am forever sealed with love.

Kari Samuels ~ Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

"It was so very helpful and confirming."

"A big heartfelt thank you for the guidance session from you and Alim that I received last week! I have listened to it several times. It was so very helpful and confirming. And also kind of hard and difficult in a good and deep healing way. It also opened me up even more to a better relationship with my guides and angels! :) You are truly an inspirational Angel"

~ Elisabeth Mjølsnes, Norway

"Elizabeth I so thank you on such a deep level from my Heart!"

“My Intuitive Business Visioning sessions with Elizabeth have moved me so deeply both professionally and personally in support of my growth. I am spreading my wings and allowing my abilities to shine through in a much more confident and open way!  Elizabeth works purely through spirit and being in her presence, experiencing her soft, gentle and powerful intuition is something that can only be felt to truly understand. Elizabeth I so thank you on such a deep level from my Heart!  I am so Grateful for the sharing, guidance and open heart you give through our time together! Your Energy as I have told you before even vibrates so powerfully, even when I am with your book, or in presence of your beautiful art and Jewelry that I keep so close to my Heart.”

 ~ Gina Barbara, Sydney, Australia 

“I absolutely loved my reading."

“I absolutely loved my reading. It confirmed a lot of things I already knew, and some I didn’t. It’s amazing how you forget your true self, especially in a world of many conflicts and stress.
I love to read my soul energy portrait from time to time to remind myself to not forget about me.”

~ Tanya Palmer, Australia

"I am so happy with my Soul Rainbows silk.”

“About a year ago I won a Soul Rainbows silk in a contest giveaway that Elizabeth was holding through her website. I was so pleased with my prize. Not only did I receive my silk but it also came along with a description of the colors and symbols on the silk. She also told me some really amazing things about my spirit that not only resonated with me but also helped explain some questions that I had.  Not only was it exciting and fun but it was also healing! It’s amazing how she infuses the wrap with such beautiful energy. I can feel my angels and loved ones when I hold it. I like to sleep with it over my bed to help me have clarity in my dreams. And I also like to wrap it around myself when I need healing or need to feel more strongly connected to spirit. I am so happy with my Soul Rainbows silk.”

~ Amy Ellsworth, USA

“I love my personal design rainbow spirit mala wrap necklace"

“I love my personal design rainbow spirit mala wrap necklace that Elizabeth created for me.  It has the most beautiful energy that brings me a sense of love, peace, and serenity whenever I wear it as either a necklace or wrap around bracelet.  It also came with a beautiful written reading that shares about the different chakras and energies that are a part of this special necklace.  I love re-reading the messages that Elizabeth received while creating my mala necklace because they truly resonate with my life and energy.”

 ~ Alison Walker, USA

Very blessed to have beautiful spiritual people in my life such as in Elizabeth.

I was intrigued when I signed up with a reading with Alim, Elizabeth’s guide. I didn’t know what to expect. I was not disappointed by the response I received. I am in awe every time I listen to it because it doesn’t even sound like Elizabeth! He truly came through Elizabeth in trance and gave some great advice on my questions pertaining to my future, and direction on where my soul may be guided. He is wise beyond my years and left me with a complete feeling of peace! I am very grateful for this experience and highly recommend.

Jennifer Shackford ~ Psychic Medium & Angel Messenger

"Thank you again Elizabeth for blessing my life with this wrap and my heart mala.”

“Seeing my Soul Rainbow wrap for the first time was truly a life defining moment. I had never trusted that someone could connect deeply to my soul and bring forward such a clear and vibrant reflection of its energy. All the energies of color and form came together through the loving touch of Elizabeth’s creativity and soul’s wisdom, crafting this magical and beautiful expression of love. I wrap myself in my “heart hug” each morning as I welcome the day in quiet stillness, blessing my day with a tangible soul reminder. Thank you again Elizabeth for blessing my life with this wrap and my heart mala.” 

~ Sally Leathers, USA

"Elizabeth’s custom pieces are life altering."

"Elizabeth’s custom pieces are life altering. They are artfully crafted from intuitively chosen materials. From the inception of a piece to the delivery and wearing - there are shifts and energetic transformations occurring. Energies opened up in my life as a result of wearing Elizabeth’s bracelets and malas and they facilitated evolutions that were seemingly unexpected. She has a tremendous gift to create intuitive jewelry and to read what your purpose is here on earth and the awareness needed."

 Jennifer Helene Popken-Leeds ~ Ontological Life and Health Coach, USA

"Your reading for me felt like it was channeled straight from Divine Source."

"Your reading for me felt like it was channeled straight from Divine Source, and I deeply appreciate that you reached out to me that day. I was conflicted and very sad about having to stay in the city we lived in, which came from listening to others’ ideas and really from my own fears!!, and wanted to be sure my own heart and intuition is true about relocating for mine and lovved ones’ having a better energy for our living space. And Lo you pulled 4 cards for me, telling me the old city meant boredom and discontent, and our new city we are moving to got material harvest!! And this meant so much to me, as definitely your channeling that through kept me and loved ones on the Divine Right Path for us!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Elizabeth, this helped us so much!!"

 ~ Lisa LoveStar, USA

Elizabeth Harper’s work has held a guiding light for my path."

“I met Elizabeth Harper almost a decade ago while on retreat at the Omega Institute. I was in my mid-twenties and floating to find my path. Looking back over the past 10 years, I realize that I stumbled upon (or was guided to find) an amazing insightful intuitive! Her Made For You Meditations and Soul Guidance readings have held a space for me to spiritually grow into my unique inner light.  Her work has helped me to feel old patterns and harness a stronger connection to my true self: embracing where I am, what I need to shed and where I am going.  Her personalized meditations are an essential tool for me to learn how to use my intuition professionally: where I can tune into, help process and let go of the energy of others.  As a psychotherapist and body worker, this is a vital skill when assisting clients to embrace their own transformative journeys without holding on to their energy. I look back and acknowledge that Elizabeth Harper’s work has held a guiding light for my path ever since! I hold tremendous gratitude for her continuous presence in my life.”

~ Alicia Kohn LMT, LMSW USA

The intuition playshop brought out the unique gift we each had."

“We all have had a brief glimpse of intuition at times, but the thought of being able to connect on a regular basis was only for a select few. The intuition playshop brought out the unique gift we each had and to trust the messages whether they be felt, heard or thru sight. The excitement of trying different tasks to find your communication style opened the door for each one of us. The guidance is always there , sometimes we just need to turn the volume up and listen.”

~ Carl Hildebrand, Frederick, MD

I have contacted Elizabeth for guidance on many occasions over the years and her accuracy is amazing.

She is always supportive with compassion and sincerity, with a dash of fun sprinkled in. Elizabeth makes the most fabulous jewelry. As soon as you wear it you can feel the magic of her energy within it. I recently asked Elizabeth if she could design me a chakra silk and it completely took my breath away. Elizabeth is so talented and I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Trish Grain ~ Psychic Medium & Angel Messenger

"You have opened a door for me and for that I am grateful.”

“I love my Earth Angel Portrait! It is both beautiful and accurate. The description is fascinating and very in depth. It confirmed what I understood about myself and helped me remember the things that I had forgotten. I now have a deeper understanding of myself. I have you to thank for that Elizabeth! You have opened a door for me and for that I am grateful.”

~ Caitlyn PalmerAustralia

"I think you are fabulous!

“I wanted to give you an update on how I am doing. I did a healing session with you on July 12th & I am feeling much better, I’m happy to report! You suggested that acupuncture would be helpful & I am so glad you mentioned it. I had done one session and not had a great experience & was on the fence about whether to seek out another practitioner. When you brought it up I took that as Life saying yes try it again. I have found a wonderful new acupuncture doc named Lily Li and I’ve done 3 sessions so far & feel so much better in my body. I’ve also been working with the meditation recording you sent me and doing it most evenings before bed & I know that has helped as well. Overall I feel more secure & relaxed in myself and feel like I’m on a great new path & moving toward better & better health. Thank you so much for your help. I think you are fabulous!”

~ Kate H. USA

"Soul Rainbows make the perfect gift.”

“I have 2 beautiful Soul Rainbows, I asked Elizabeth for one for my healing room and Elizabeth intuitively made the perfect Soul Rainbow it adds an extra healing energy when I work and is always a talking piece with everyone who sees it. I was also very grateful for winning one of Elizabeth’s competitions where I won a Soul Rainbow which is the most amazing shades of green and blues and I use it for me, it gives me healing and balance. When they come they are so beautifully and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper you can feel the love. Soul Rainbows make the perfect gift.”

~ Janet Wood, New Zealand

"Thank you, this has left me feeling more connected with me."

“The gift of Alim’s Spirit Guidance was not only in the insights revealed but was also in the comfort of understanding my journey clearer, the truth talk and the essence of me, so delightful.The gentle yet purposeful guidance of Alim’s words spoke to the heart of me and the beautiful encouragement and support given throughout, along with this understanding of purpose, has me stepping lighter on my path…with a skip and a smile. Each listening of the recording highlights or reveals something for me but I also just love spending quiet moments with this healing and beautiful soul, Alim. And the gorgeous light of Elizabeth shone through at the end of the session and her reflections of what had been channelled were another gift within this experience. Thank you, this has left me feeling more connected with me…and loving that.” 

~ Marcelle McConchie, Australia

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” 

“I just wanted to thank you again for my “Ask Alim”! Since May when things in my home started to change, I started frantically trying all sorts of things…programs, processes, healing calls, healing sessions… I ran up debt just trying to manage. Of all the services I came across I wanted you to know that my message from Alim felt the most meaningful and helpful to me. It really “hit home” and touched and inspired me deeply. I am working on ways to meet and channel my guides now! Also I feel like “someone” understood me finally and put into words how I feel about myself and what I am here to do. How awesome is that?! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” 

Kristina DeFord ~ Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Lynchburg, VA

"The reading is extremely accurate.”

“This was very interesting to read! It confirmed what I already knew about myself. I look at the picture everyday and it brings joy and happiness when I look at it. The reading is extremely accurate.”

~ Steve Palmer, Australia

"Elizabeth is one of the most inspiring and magical teachers."

“Attending Elizabeth’s Intuitive Playshop at Omega Institute in 2010 was one of the most profound and memorable experiences of my life, which brought many beautiful discoveries and changes with it. The way Elizabeth helps you to connect with your own gifts and introduces you to a whole new level of understanding and communicating with the unseen worlds throughout this fun and meaningful class is truly astonishing and the results will be carried with you for life! There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than trusting your own gift of intuition and Elizabeth is one of the most inspiring and magical teachers, who not only walks her talk, but brings you that healing presence that can guide you to the journey of self-rediscovery and finding your life purpose, which truly happened to me!”

~ Marina Shapiro, USA

"Elizabeth, you are a gift!”

“Elizabeth Harper is an insightful, charming woman who radiates enthusiasm and joy. I was delighted with my consultation and the beautiful personalized scarf which she created for me. I am in an intense transition process and the wonderful support she offered with her excellent guidance and intuition, was invaluable. Elizabeth, you are a gift!”

~ Jeralyn Glass Refeld, USA

"Thank you to Elizabeth, Alim, and my guides for lighting my path."

“I would like to share my deep gratitude for my healing experience with Alim. The information he shared resonated with me at a soul level. It has given me a new insight and specific plan into healing a phobia I have had since I was a child. He also included some family history and inherited genetic energy that I am meditating on everyday to heal. It was a beautiful experience, and I wanted to say thank you to Elizabeth, Alim, and my guides for lighting my path.”

~ Suzanne Lee, USA

“Soul Guidance sessions with Elizabeth are incredibly powerful."

“Soul Guidance sessions with Elizabeth are incredibly powerful, insightful and healing!  I have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth over Skype many times and have always felt held in an embrace of love and support.  Her sense of humour and honesty is refreshing and her clear insight and guidance have supported me to GROW through many major life transitions!  Thank you Elizabeth for teaching me so much about spirit, psychic development and providing evidence that the universe is here to support me… and she makes amazing jewelry that makes me Sparkle!”

Carolyn Burke ~ Co-Founder, DevaTree School of Yoga, Canada

"There is a rainbow of magic surrounding all that Elizabeth touches!”

“When I first met Elizabeth at Omega many moons ago, it was instantly clear that she has a highly developed gift.  Her work has inspired and supported me over the years in multicolored ways!  I would whole heartedly recommend all of her services - her Soul Guidance sessions, book, Oracles, courses and her inspired products.  There is a rainbow of magic surrounding all that Elizabeth touches!”

Tamika Schilbe ~ Co-Founder DevaTree School of Yoga, Canada

“I am so grateful to have connected with Elizabeth Harper again in this lifetime"

“I am so grateful to have connected with Elizabeth Harper again in this lifetime, it has been such a gift to receive her Personal Design Jewelry. The Readings that have come with my jewelry pieces have been great validations and confirmation about my mission as a light worker on the planet.  I have ordered 4 custom design pieces for myself in the past few years and I feel like pieces of me have returned and awakened.  One of the coolest things I have experienced is that once I receive and connect with my pieces, I become one with them and they become one with me, they are truly parts of my heart and soul, so regardless of whether I am wearing them or not, I am always connected with them.  They make great gifts for friends and family and are really something special with purpose and love to gift to loved ones.  All in all my custom pieces from Elizabeth have been great and valuable tools to help me awaken and move forward on my journey.  They are not just pieces of Jewelry but they are living manifestations of who I am, why I am here and what my gifts are. The real gifts are all the wisdom, love and abundance that comes with the energy of the jewelry.  As my teacher Starlight says and quotes ” Elizabeth is a real Treasure on the planet “

~ Dan Hyman, USA


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