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Angelite Meditation Stone

Blue Angelite Crystals are wonderful stones to meditate with to align with the energy and vibration of the Angels. It is a stone of peace, telepathy and perception that connects you with the higher dimensions of the Divine Source. Its blue color links with both the throat and ear chakras, allowing you to communicate with the ethers and be a channel for Angelic inspiration. Add it to an Angel communication grid. Meditate to invite in peace.

Working with this crystal:

  • Helps bring peace and healing to the energy field Blue is an all around healer bringing peace and harmony to the energy field
  • Blue empowers communication Stimulates the throat chakra
  • Connects with Angels Telepathically connect with Angels, guides and Masters.

Sealed With Love and picked by
This item is natural and one of a kind. Your special crystal will be dowsed. Each crystal is infused with Sun & Moon energy, cleansed with a special essential oil and rose water Love Potion and programmed with intention and love.

Each crystal is approximately 3 X 2.5 X 1.75 ins. Your crystal will be wrapped in tissue and comes with a small card explaining its meaning and use. 

Crystals and gemstones are Earth's treasures, little reminders of the blessings held within. Gaia shares her loving support through the power of these pieces of light. Connect with them daily; meditate with a chosen crystal, invite it to infuse your energy field and life with its power, place in your home and work space with the intention of invoking its qualities. The impact can be subtle and at the same time incredibly profound. They carry the healing vibration of the earth from her heart to yours.

Most crystals need to be cleansed. To cleanse hold for a short time under running water preferably a natural source. Some crystals will cleanse best when buried in soil, but be sure you know where you buried your crystal. Those crystals with fire in them such as opals are best cleansed with intention and by placing in or on an Amethyst geode. Smudging is also a great way to safely cleanse the energy of your crystals. Once crystals are cleansed they can be programmed with intention and energized. One way to energize is by placing in sunlight and moonlight, especially new and full moon energy depending on the intention of the crystal.

*Do not leave crystals in direct sunlight or soaking in water for long periods. Some crystals cannot tolerate salt cleansing, so if in doubt best not to use this method.

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