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Chakra Empowerment Meditation

Sealed With Love

This powerful healing meditation releases the stored up psychological, emotional and mental energy that has prevented you from fully realizing your potential. Using the natural ebb and flow of energy you raise your vibrational frequency through the eighth chakra, meet and strengthen your connection with your higher self, and receive a gift relating to your current journey through life.

The Empowerment Meditation is one of the Chakra Workout Meditations used in Elizabeth’s popular Intuition Playshop. These are designed to promote healing, intensify psychic sensitivity, and heighten spiritual awareness.
 They are part of an evolving practice shaped to increase the flow of energy through the subtle blueprint of individual consciousness. Each meditation enhances connection with your guides, guardians, and angels allowing you to receive answers to all of your questions.

Sealed With Love meditations written & recorded by
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This meditation is approximately 24 minutes. When listening to meditations create a sacred space, free from distractions and noise, have a pen and paper or journal with you for insights and intuitions that emerge during your meditative state, be in a relaxed atmosphere, turn off your phone, and have water and Kleenex handy if needed.

DO NOT drive or handle machinery while meditating.

Regular use will unleash the dynamic psychic and healing potential contained within your chakra system opening you to the realization of your true divine essence.

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