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Flower of Life Necklace

Sealed With Love

The flower of life is a pattern of creation. Clear Quartz is a stone of power. Gold Pyrite promotes confidence, positivity and abundance. Together they make a magnificent tool for manifestation. Wear it at your Hara, your seat of enlightenment in the space around your belly button, and you amplify the power of your blossoming soul.

  • Clear Quartz Amplifies energy. Enhances & boosts whatever you focus your intention on. Cleanses, heals and magnifies energy especially memories as this emerges from the chakras. Helps in the development of psychic skills. 
  • Gold Pyrite A stone of fire, Pyrite reminds you that you are powerful, confident and strong. It gives you the willpower to overcome any challenge. Creates golden opportunities for abundance and wisdom. 

Sealed With Love and handmade by
This is a LIMITED EDITION necklace. 

24K Vermeil gold 30mm faceted Rock Crystal Quartz pendant coupled with a 36-inch 24K gold vermeil wire wrapped Pyrite bead chain. Hangs to the Hara, beautifully packaged in a Sealed With Love pink presentation box together with its own calling card explaining it’s meaning and placed in a gold organza bag.

The Hara is the center of your spiritual body, the seat of consciousness. It draws in and provides vital life force energy to your spirit essence as well as balance on all levels of being. Wearing this necklace will empower one's will and give clear and positive insights for one's path to enlightenment.

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Type: Necklace

Vendor: Sealed With Love

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