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Soul Patterns Healing Meditation

We carry patterns within our soul and DNA that direct our decisions, influence our experiences and for better or worse have a deep impact on our lives. We carry within us the cellular memories of our ancestors. Going back in time changes their energetic cellular imprint on your life.

This meditation can help you to reprogram negative patterns by journeying along a timeline to discover and heal the root cause. You can "energetically" change the past and directly impact your current and future lifetimes now.

Sealed With Love meditations written & recorded by
This item is a DOWNLOAD AND NOT A CD - please note you have 7 days to download your audio file. Digital purchases are non-refundable.

This meditation is approximately 10 minutes. When listening to meditations create a sacred space, free from distractions and noise, have a pen and paper or journal with you for insights and intuitions that emerge during your meditative state, be in a relaxed atmosphere, turn off your phone, and have water and Kleenex handy if needed.

DO NOT drive or handle machinery while meditating.


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Type: Meditation

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