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Soul Rainbow Silk Plus Video

Sealed With Love

A Soul Rainbow is a Window into Your SOUL! Do You Know..what your soul colors are?..which gifts and talents lie hidden within your soul?..your most important past lives?
 Your SOUL RAINBOW is your unique color thumbprint revealing your innate gifts. When you embrace your true colors it empowers your soul to fulfill its mission. Many interpenetrating layers of light unite to create YOU and one of these is your SOUL RAINBOW. No other light being on the planet contains the same colors in their exact proportions as you. You are unique! *Do you know what your SOUL RAINBOW looks like? The colors and symbols in your SOUL RAINBOW reveal who you are on a soul level. When you reconnect with your true colors in this way the resulting resonance in your soul can initiate: 

  • changes in direction
  • the emergence of new gifts and talents
  • increased confidence in who you are and who you came to be
  • past life memories
  • enhanced psychic awareness
  • healing
  • realization of one’s own inner truth

Watch the video to see how a Soul Rainbows silk is created. Elizabeth merges her clairvoyant skills, color wisdom, and visionary art to lovingly create your personal silk. Your SOUL RAINBOWS silk carries the vibration of your true colors and the radiance of your inner glow.

Sealed With Love and custom made by 
This item is one of a kind and especially made for you.

Luxurious 100% habotai silk begins life as a blank 35 X 84 ins canvas - big enough to wrap around yourself. Silks are freehand painted using French Dyes, steamed to seal and bring the colors to life, then washed in hot water to remove loose dye and ensure colorfastness. This intense process reveals the silk’s true luminosity. Silks are beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and placed in a gold organza bag. Included is a personal write up of the colors, meanings, symbols, and messages that emerge from the completed silk.

Silk is a high vibrational weave of fibers with a cellular pattern similar to crystals, and like crystals it can literally raise your vibration to match its own. So wearing a Soul Rainbows silk is like being embraced by your own personal power crystal. Wear when meditating or when you want to feel an extra boost of energy. Hang it on a wall, drape over a bed or place on an altar. Wrap your favorite crystals in the silk to energize them.

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