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Triple Prosperity Necklace

Sealed With Love

Are you abundant, wealthy and prosperous? If not then infuse your life with green, the color of abundance, wealth and fertility, and golden yellow the color of power, success and unlimited potential. Call on the powerful resources of Gaia to open your heart and attract to you prosperity that is rightfully yours. The power of THREE is magnetized by the triangular locket holding three empowered PROSPERITY crystals - Citrine, Green Aventurine and Peridot.  

  • Citrine: A sun stone, joyful, awakening, optimistic, empowers manifesation of success from within
  • Green Aventurine: Attracts to you whatever makes you happy, creates opportunities for wealth, abundance and prosperity 
  • Peridot: A stone of growth, stimulates your inner fire, increases energy, used by mystics to attract abundance and wealth

Sealed With Love and handmade by 
This item is a LIMITED EDITION meaning there are only so many available

Natural loose citrine, green aventurine and peridot crystals sit in a stainless steel triangular magnetic locket just over 1 inch wide, held on a silver plated steel chain 16 inches long including hook and eye clasp.  Your necklace is beautifully packaged in a pink presentation box together with its own calling card explaining it’s meaning and placed in a gold organza bag.
3 is the number of Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, making it the perfect number to empower your desires. With the addition of crystals to help invoke and magnetize your desires this is one powerful piece of jewelry.

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Type: Necklace

Vendor: Sealed With Love

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