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Weaved WIth Gold Fairy Queen Crown

Sealed With Love

Fairies are all around you, ready to play, waiting to be of service, excited to share their knowledge, wisdom and life with you. Fairies are earth angels that have come to earth to bring healing, light and love during times of transition. They are very sensitive to energy and have volunteered to anchor in the new vibration into the planet. Rainbows are all around them, in their energy fields they appears as sparkles and the contract with their soul mission is covered with glitter. If this crown speaks to you then YOU ARE A FAIRY TOO!! It's your mission to color your life and those around you with love. You are the Fairy Queen, the leader of a tribe of fairies. Wear your crown and the fairies will follow you wherever you go. 

Her crown includes:
  • Swarovski Crystals: For light heartedness and rainbow blessings, the sparkles attract fairies and light beings.
  • Gold, Pink & Green: For wisdom, abundance, joy, love, compassion, healing and growth

Sealed With Love and handmade by 
This is a one of a kind item made with 12 hours of love (from a fairy) in it.

This Fairy Crown is made with tarnish resistant gold wire, swarovski crystals, and beautifully finished with berries, tulle and ribbon. Crowns are sized to fit and can easily be adjusted for wear by pulling the ribbons apart at the back and perfectly sizing for your "crown." You will receive your Fairy Crown in her own box with a card to explain the meaning of the Fairy energy, crystals and colors included.

"Goddess Crowns are a perfect addition to a wedding for the bride and bridesmaids. They make fabulous statement pieces for speakers with an empowering message to share. And they are perfect for meditation, healing, and energizing your purpose. I wear my crown when I speak at conferences. it gives me confidence and each time I wear it the energy just increases. I call it my "Crown Chakra." It helps me open to a new level of awareness. Wearing it empowers and supports me. It truly is a reflection of my open crown to the divine light."

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Type: Crown

Vendor: Sealed With Love

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