21 Day Past Life Healing Journey Through the Chakras

 What’s stopping you from having the job you love, living in a comfortable home, being in a loving relationship, or experiencing radiant good health?

  • Who would you be if you were fearless, empowered, sure of your purpose in life and confident that you can achieve your mission?
  • What would you give to live the life of your dreams, to be happy, abundant, successful and fulfilled in every way?

You can have all this and more. The secret to healing your life is through unblocking stuck and stagnant energy in your chakra system. Yes, it’s that simple. Looking outside of yourself isn’t going to get you very far. The path to happiness is an inside job.

What's Inside the 21 Day Program Valued at $864

  • 7 Powerful PAST LIFE meditations to identify and heal wounds in each of your major chakras
  • 7 Chakra clearing LIGHT ALIGNMENT audios to free your chakras from negative patterns and self-talk
  • 7 CHAKRA AFFIRMATION audios to infuse your energy anatomy with healing vibes for lasting change
  • 8 VIDEOS to guide and support your understanding of your energy anatomy
  • BONUS meditation to help you release energy cords holding you back from achieving your heart's desires
  • BONUS FACEBOOK private support group

How Can Healing My Past Create Miracles in My Future?

Revisiting previous lifetimes through the portal of each of your chakras pinpoints your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges at its foundation helping you to recall the initial problem, the emotions involved, the events that led up to that issue while at the same time revealing the way to initiate healing. Letting go of the past frees you from the limitations of the energy you brought with you and creates a new vibration within your energy system. It’s as if you’re wiping the slate clean and being reborn again. No more abundance problems, ill health, or relationship issues.

The intense global transformation we are currently experiencing is raising the planetary vibration to a higher level offering an unprecedented potential to break free of all limitations, clear karmic energy, release primordial traumas, reprogram old patterns and completely change your life around.  It’s time to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to let go of the past, reclaim your birthright as manifester of your own reality, and rise beyond the level of conscious awareness you have ever experienced in any of your lifetimes so far.


Here's What Some of the Travellers on the Journey Have to Share

 "Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Elizabeth has created a course that is truly life changing and very enlightening. The 21-Day Past Life Healing Journey experience is just what I needed to help me to move past old wounds and energy that was preventing me from being the best version of myself. The daily meditations, alignments and affirmations are easy to follow and much more powerful than I could ever have imagined. Her gentle, loving and bright energy resonates throughout the course and her exquisite ability to lead me on this healing journey was truly awe-inspiring. She is an eloquent teacher with incredible healing gifts. This chakra journey has helped me to release deeply stagnated wounds that I was not aware I was holding onto in my cellular memory. Elizabeth's program assisted me greatly in gaining clarity on a level of depth that I could not have achieved on my own. I am truly grateful for this experience. Elizabeth, you are the best!"
Venetia Bailey, Maryland, USA

 "Elizabeth Harper’s 21-day program is salve for my soul. Her soothing presence and loving nature are transmitted through her guided meditations. They feel like a one-on-one session. I have never found a guided meditation to be more healing than those Elizabeth creates. I discovered Elizabeth serendipitously on the Internet after I used one of her free meditations daily to guide myself out of chronic pain. Then when I experienced the after effects of her past life guided meditations I gave up trying to figure out how they work. The results in my life are undeniable! Each time I sit down to one of her meditations it’s like opening a precious gift. They are both deeply relaxing and comforting but also offer powerful results over the long-term. I can’t say enough about the positive element the program adds to my life!" 
Allison Rolfe, California, USA

 "I want you to know how amazing this journey has been. Got a few past lives all at once with the heart chakra meditation and then when I returned to the tree it had turned to watermelon tourmaline and emerald when it had been almost white green before. Today my throat had a lump in it and my ears were burning. Another amazing experience of a past life that explained why I like to fade into the shadows and why I was so scared of water until I was 9. Thank you more than I can say! Your voice, the imagery, the music, the guidance, it is all so incredible! I want people to know what a rich experience it is. You certainly make it easy to remember that we are all connected in the light!"
Dr. Catherine Andrews, Washington, D.C., USA


Some of the Journey's Benefits

  • Flow of prosperity – the universe opens up and money easily flows into your life from unexpected sources 
  • Abundance of opportunities – flourishing business opportunities, job and career offers 
  • Healthy physical body – increased vitality and the ability to heal 
  • Discovery of your life purpose – increased confidence in your power awakens your life mission 
  • Increased stability – a home, family, career, wealth and happy relationships
  • Awakened creativity – inspiration flows artistically, sexually and intuitively 
  • Blissful life – fulfillment of your every desire is met with love 
  • Healthy independence – you feel supported in your choices and you are enough 
  • Healed inner child - you allow yourself time to play, explore and have adventures 
  • Equality – you create healthy relationships based upon mutual respect
  • Greater confidence - higher self-esteem empowers you as a leader 
  • Increased Success – you’re on top of your game and sought out by others 
  • Good boundaries – you are in control, no one’s going to mess with you 
  • Fearlessness – you’re in your power, bring it on! 
  • Happiness and laughter – your life is filled with joy
  • Expansive self-love –realization that you are never alone 
  • Life long happy relationships – you find your tribe and soulmates 
  • Abundance overflows – blessings fill your life, you are wealthy and prosperous 
  • Growing love for yourself - and the domino effect of a happy, healthy heart 
  • Enough for everyone – contentment in every area of life, you want for nothing
  • Increased creativity – you’re inspired by a constant flow of fresh ideas 
  • Power to say what you want – you’re fearless, you say YES to what you want, and NO to everything else 
  • Positive attitude – your life is changed by your optimism and hopefulness 
  • Go with the flow - you’re happy and confident that the universe supports you 
  • Expanded communication – you effortlessly converse with your guides and angels
  • Magnified psychic gifts – you’re able to see and sense the energy of other dimensions 
  • Clear vision – you no longer journey through life directionless, you know where you’re heading and you know the steps to get you there 
  • Immediate manifestation – as you think so you create incredible miracles in your life 
  • Pure knowing – you have access to the Divine mind and to all knowledge
  • Soul acceptance – you have faith in your gifts and dreams
  • Bridging heaven and earth – you’re spiritually connected and know your spiritual identity 
  • Abundant blessings – all of your needs are met physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you want for nothing 
  • Embrace change – you welcome every transformative moment knowing it will bring you closer to the 
  • Divine Life purpose – you acknowledge and fulfill your life’s mission 
  • Blissful contentment – there is no separation, you are one with the Divine


The Journey Begins With YOU!

Isn't it time to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to let go of the past, reclaim your birthright as manifester of your own reality, and rise beyond the level of conscious awareness you have ever experienced in any of your lifetimes so far.

What does that mean for you?

No more abundance problems, ill health, or relationship issues. AND no more trying to figure out why the Law of Attraction works for everyone else and not for you.

You deserve to be abundant, to live the magical life of your dreams and achieve the success your heart desires. You have this amazing gift to transcend time. Take this journey and clear away everything that has stood in your way in this and previous lifetimes.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.


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