3 Tips To Prevent Burn Out For Psychics, Healers, and Sensitives

Many people are new to working with their sensitivity and enter into a spiritual practice without an understanding of good groundwork. I believe basic safety requirements are essential to good practice. Most working psychics realize this, but not all. Here are some ground rules and sage advice to follow:

1. When your body is tired don’t compromise yourself, stop working.

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Any kind of work can be tiring for the body, but when you work with energy it can drain your circuits even more. If you have difficulty getting your energy back up to an optimal level then it’s a message that it’s time to rest.   

Ground Rules:

  • Rest
  • Eat good food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take vitamin C (I am also being told by my guides to take zinc supplements)
  • Have a shower or bath with Epsom salts
  • Walk barefoot in the garden and reconnect with the earth
  • Take 24 hours away from all electromagnetic equipment
  • Meditate just to connect and not to work

2. If you feel uneasy in someone else’s company, even if it’s a friend or relative, protect yourself.

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Protecting yourself doesn’t make you a bad person. It means that you are honoring your boundaries. You can only spend so much time with people who have negative or draining energy. You’ll know if your boundaries have been breached. Key indicators are feeling exhausted and picking up feelings from others that often make you feel emotionally depressed. You might also feel aches and pains in your body when immediately before you felt perfectly fine.

Ground Rules: People who could potentially drain energy and dump their stuff on you are often called “Energy Vampires.” Limit your time with people who drain you, this is probably your best course of action. If you have to be with them, try this:

  • Imagine yourself in a black cat-suit or covered from head to toe in shiny black material so that negative energy is either absorbed into the black or bounces off it. Use whichever image feels best for you.
  • Then place a bubble of protective light around you, whatever color feels good for you, and make an intention that this light is the light of protection from all negativity.

3. Keep clear boundaries.

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Psychics, healers, and sensitive people are often loving types who want to help others, plus they have a strong desire to make a difference. Many are here to be of service, but serving can take its toll if the energy body is not cared for appropriately.

Remember there is a time and place to work, to be of service, and to offer support to another. Your compassion opens your heart and energy body up. Even reading this article opens your energy body up, so keeping clear boundaries is crucial to keeping your energy safe.  
Ground Rules: As a sensitive, you can draw energy from everyone and everything around you. People who know you realize this and may ask you to “do a reading for them” or “tap into the energy” for them. Your compassion may prompt you to help everyone who asks for assistance, but you need to learn one of the most important lessons of keeping strong boundaries.

  • Whether you’re a psychic or/and a sensitive, learn to say “NO!” when intuitively it feels in your best interest to say no.


Look after yourself first. This way your energy body will remain healthy.



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