Angel Energy Orbs

angels orbs May 23, 2017

Yesterday I received an email from one of my community letting me know about the ORBS in my latest Angel Messages video. So I'm sharing those up close and personal with you here 😇 Watch and you'll see what I mean 🦋

I'm practical when it comes to orbs (yeah really). I look for other sources, you know, insects, moving lights, reflections, etc. There was nothing else around causing these - other than my ANGELS that is.

I had a close look at the video and saw a mass of energy above my Angel Wings painting where the first lot of orbs are coming from. There are some more in the original ANGEL MESSAGES video just after 1 minute in so make sure to watch that - and get an Angel Message too!

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO

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Susan I love this! I also see a bright blue aura around you in this video. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this, it's wonderful!
Diana Gilbert Thank you for reposting this video! I have been seeing a blue orb before me for about 5 years. I've been attempting to "make contact" and now I am able to see it for longer periods of time and even when my eyes are closed :-) I intuit (love this word, Elizabeth) this is my Spirit Guide. So much love.
Deanna That is so cool!  Not only are there a few coming into your left shoulder, I saw two more coming from the side to your elbow area.  They're all around you.  :-)  Thank you for your readings and all of the love you send out.  I hope it returns to you tenfold!  :-)
Foxglove Wonderful! I could see them and feel the energy. As I was watching I felt a yearning to be wrapped in the Angels love and wings as if I was wearing that scarf, feeling sad as I can't currently afford to buy one and they are so beautiful, and I could feel the wings around me and love coming from them, so much so that tears came from my eyes. They were comforting me about my financial position aswell and reassuring me that in the future I will be able to afford one! Love to you Elizabeth and thank you ❤️❤️??
Carol So beautiful! Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing. As much as I am truly excited to see these amazing orbs...awesome! I'm also not surprised they are visible around you! You have such a loving, positive, fun and angelic energy. I  love your energy and the beautiful, insightful Angel Messages every week. Thank you Angels for making your presence known, seen and felt by all.
Much love and Angel blessings ???
Sue Schmid Elizabeth, that is so beautiful.  I can feel the energy coming from the angels AND from you!  I can't wait to now view your original Angel Card reading video myself...which by the way I thoroughly enjoyed.  My Angel Card selection totally made sense to me as did the final card you selected.  I have several photos of clouds I took last Summer that I swear show various angels, their wings, and a huge feather in these glorious clouds I captured.  Everything first appeared at the beautiful sunrise that morning.  Later I saw there were many orbs in my photos, but after further research I realized it was probably light filtering through my camera or particles of dust outside.  In your situation it was very different, and I totally think you were touched by your many angels that surround you all the time.  I love following you and want to spend more time learning from you via your emails, videos, FB postings, etc.  I just need to make the time!  Sending you my light and love...
Barbara Szmyt I believe in angels and in fairies and in love and in miracles. I believe anything is possible when we are Connected To Source.
Jenifer You are an amazing inspiring woman ? Thank you for all you do for this community ❤️

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