I see the angelic energy in the auric fields of Angel Messengers. It's the most beautiful golden yellow and I love it when I get to see and feel it.

I've been working with the Angels for many years, but I didn’t consciously choose to be their messenger. They chose me and maybe they've chosen you too.

Do You Need To Be Trained To Be An Angel Messenger?

The best training comes directly from your Angels, so if you have a fabulous connection then you're good to go. For those who are unsure or lack confidence in your connection then one of the biggest challenges can be learning how to communicate with this largely unseen realm, and then how to interpret what you receive. We'll get onto that later. 

9 Clues That You're Already Working With Your Angels

You may already be communicating with your Angels and don't even realize it. Here are 9 ways you might be working with them right now:

1. When someone is in need whether you know them or not, do you offer support, guidance, and hope without thought of reward?

2. Are there times when words of wisdom come into your head out of the blue and an inner urge guides you to share them with someone you’re with, only to discover that what you said is just what that person needed to hear?

3. Do you feel the need to touch someone gently on the arm or shoulder and gaze into their eyes, intuitively knowing this is all you need to do to bring them comfort?

4. Have you heard music coming from no physical source around you, felt comforted when you heard it, and deep within your soul recognize and resonate with the melody - as if you have sung or heard this tune before.

5. Do people just "pop into your thoughts" and when you reach out and contact them find that this person had been praying for help and was in need of a friend?

6. Is your home, office space, studio, garden, or/and car, filled with pictures, statues, oracle cards, crystals, and jewelry all devoted to Angels?

7. Do you own at least one Angel card deck and love giving and receiving Angel Readings?

8. Do you use or wear special crystals to help connect and call on your Angels for support?

9. Do you feel your purpose is to transform the energy on the planet, to take her to the tipping point where LOVE WINS and all negativity, pain, hurt, and suffering then becomes a thing of the past?

Did you answer YES to any or all of the questions?

If so, how many resonated with you? I would love to know. Please share your answers in the comments section below. If you did answer YES then you may well be an ANGEL MESSENGER.

Learn How to Communicate With Your Spirit Team

The first step to becoming an Angel Messenger is saying YES to the call. The next is fine-tuning your communication with both your Angels and Guides, what I like to call YOUR SPIRIT TEAM


Did you know that I have a wonderful course to help you connect with everyone on your team? 


Connecting with your Spirit Team

Learn How To Connect & Communicate With Your Guides: A Daily Angel Meditation Journey To Illuminate Your Path Ahead & Call In More Clarity, Confidence & Abundance. You will learn to:

✨ access infinite wisdom, support, and love whenever and wherever you need it.

✨ build a bridge between heaven and earth, while connecting with and receiving guidance from your personal spirit team.

✨ uplift your vibration and increase the frequency of your energy.

✨ access to the unlimited potential of your true self and the miraculous abundance the universe has to offer.

✨ navigate your soul's mission with greater ease and clarity.

Keep shining your light!

Love & angel blessings to you,

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Elizabeth Harper

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, Artist, Author

I have the unique ability to make accessing and understanding your intuitive gifts and healing talents easy. For over 30 years, I've guided people like you to become more in tune with who they are.



Rekha Yes to a few, love to be of help to someone.
Minoo I got 4 7 I have angel wisdom book
Dixie Thompson Yes to 6 of the questions. I have never really felt specifically attached to the "angels", or to individual entities, but find they are a useful metaphor for benign, protective, and positive energy in the world. Since I have been learning from what you so generously share with us, I have become more attuned to the various properties and special gifts that the angels bring. I now appeal to my Triple A--Angels, Allies, and Ancestors, and offer them honor, reverence, and gratitude.
Ivana I answered almost every question with yes!
Schmeati All yes, and it's a lovely post
Pat I answered 7/9, don't have an angel card deck and not sure about the last one. I don't consciously do number 9 but maybe I try to help where I can toward that question. One was a yes in collections of crystals, rocks, books on angles. I have them but don't know how to use them. 
padmini hahahha #4 I used to make up songs and tunes and felt so proud that I was doing it.. had no idea till now they were Divine messages.. of course it had to be!! :D so awesome.. I will pay closer attention I love it!!
missing Angel Decks :( need it so badly!! :D and Angel decorations!!

Thank you for this checklist   Elizabeth.. makes so much sense ,now!!
Jaye That should be - I answered YES to 6 out of 9! ;)
Jaye I answered to 6 out of 9. :)
annie Borninkhof Thank you for you very much for your,BEAUTIFUL CARD READING All of the cards.YES
Doug Only answered yes to 4
Dana I got yes for all nine.
Therese I got 5 out of 6
Therese I got 5 out of 6
Amanda I answered yes to six ?


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