Have you seen a SPARKLE lately?

Last week, I sent a Love Letter to you about celebrating with your loved ones in spirit. I had some really beautiful comments on the video, one in particular caught my eye. It came from one of my Soul Circle members. Here's what she said:

That was awesome! As you were talking, I was thinking about my baby sister who died while I was still a toddler and yes, I do remember it all very well. What I refer to as ‘fairie lights’ lit up all around my computer screen for maybe just 2 seconds but it was just fabulous!!! I’ve never had that happen right in front of me like that! Thanks for another amazing video!

So this got me thinking. I'm always seeing these lights, especially when I record my weekly Angel and monthly Crystal videos. My question for you is... you see these sparkles of light too?

If you do, then what do you call them? Some people call them fairy or angel lights. For myself, I've noticed they tend to align with the energy of truth. This interpretation goes right along with my own personal experience, I don't think anyone else has put these light anomalies and truth together.

I would love to know what you think of them

Let me know in the comments below what your experience of them is, what you call them and what interpretation you have for them. It may be that you hadn't realized the lights you sometimes see have meaning, Well, now it's time to take notice.

I made a video to share with you a story about one of my experiences with these sparks of truth. 
Remember to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below the video. And, if it inspires you, please share the video with those you know would benefit from it, thank you!


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Anita Fowler I see Vivid Silver Sparkle Stars that start from the inside bottom eyelid and sort of like flashes the stars on and off to the outside corner of my eye and part of my upper eyelid, stops me in my tracks :-)
Jim Sullivan Hi Elizabeth! Yes, I have noticed these sparkles, but usually only see one at a time. It often happens when I'm thinking spiritual thoughts and I usually have the impression that they are like pinpricks in our 3D reality where the brilliant white light of Spirit behind it all is allowed to slip through. I'm not sure why I think that, it's just the feeling that I always get. Hope you can make it to circle next week!
Wendy Dearest Elizabeth.
I too have had two major experiences with lights on two occasions that were remarkably vivid. However my experience from a loved one passed came more in the form of warning me to take action.
The first such experience was about 4 1/2 years ago. We had a beautiful light in our bedroom. it comprised of a number of little blue "star lights" and 4 larger white lights. On the weekend, while sleeping the blue star lights started to flicker, although the electricity was off. My mom was admitted to hospital that morning. It continued to follow that pattern for another few nights, until I said to my husband that I believe my mother-in- law (who had passed) was trying to communicate with us. That morning my husband booked a flight for me to South Africa from the UK, departing that evening. On route, sitting on the train, to the airport I received a phone call from South Africa to say that we need to come to SA, as my mother"s surgery had not gone well and she would not pull through. The following morning I arrived at the hospital. My mother did make it through, thankfully and I and family were able to give her the necessary strength to fight and pull through. She is 84 and is still relatively in good health.
The second experience was slightly different, but related to lights too. I herniated a disc in my spine in 2007. Apart from the odd occasion it did not bother me particularly. In January this year (2018), we were away on a ski trip. Before we departed a bulb exploded on the right side of the light fitting of our bedroom out of the socket whole, but minus the screw attachment, onto the floor.Most unusual and somewhat peculiar. I hike rather, but fell on my coccyx (bottom) on the ice. It was painful, but I ignored it, as the pain was not on the disc site. I continued to get a numb sensation in the area if I sat too long. A few weeks later the identical thing happened in another bedroom, also on the right side of the light fitting. I now woke up to the possible connection I was being " warned" about something. I believed it was my mother or possibly another relative whose health is not good. The incident happened a third time, this time in the dining room on the right side a mere two weeks later, with the bulb again intact.
On the 17th March I sneezed on our way to the shops. An "explosion" of pain radiated out from my disc area across my spine and down my RIGHT leg. By the Monday I was limping badly, the pain medication not helping. That am I decided to see our DR. He sent me to the hospital for a Ct scan at 11am. At 14hr I had the scan, after which I could not feel my right leg. At 15hr I was seen by a neurosurgeon, who said the Professor of neurosurgery will operate immediately on my spine or I would be paralyzed in my right leg permanently. As I am more concerned for the well bring of others, I did not take the heed of warnings for myself, which started just before the fall in Jan. Had I, I would have seeked medical attention after the fall on the ice, as the disc wall had pushed into the spinal canal, hence the numb bottom. The sneeze caused the nucleus of the disc to rupture through the spinal wall into the cord and up int the canal.
I am deeply grateful as I am slowly getting the full feeling back into the leg, with the help of the rehabilitation programme I am under.
Next time I will listen more intently. I would love to know what you would call these beautiful miracle "warnings" I have been blessed with, and whether anybody else has had an experience with lights in this way.
Thank you Elizabeth, you have been a beacon of LIGHT for me during this ordeal.
Georgina sudron Hi Elizabeth

im glad this topic has been addressed as i do see a blue light sometimes quite often actually it usually happens any time i could be reading a book then i see a light i was at the doctors recently and there again i seen it while i was waiting i havent been sure what it is but reading these comments its becoming clearer now what they are
Barbara Hi Elizabeth! Just want to share an amazing experience that happened last year. I walk every morning with my dog and in winter it is in the dark because I work fulltime and go out early. I dislike walking in the dark, but my exercise is important to me. This particular morning as I stepped out of the door, something drifted down from above me. I was startled because it was a small white light. At first I thought it was a moth, but then it settled in my peripheral vision on my left side. As I walked it flashed and I began to wonder if it was an angelic. Since then, it randomly appears as I'm walking.- only on my morning walks and always on my left side. I would love your take on this.
Patti Hello Elizabeth,
I too have seen these "sparkles" or "fairy sparkles". Sometimes they are a big flash of light sometimes very small. I thought I was the only one who could see them so I'm very glad you mentioned them!
Wendy Yes i see little dancing sparkles from time to time if i look up to the lite seen them yesterday ive had few health issues of late so maybe its my angels saying eveything will be ikay iask for healing eveyday and keep positive i will return to good health
Elsie Yes, I see little lights, sparkles, almost every day. When I see them, I always think it is my angels sending me love.
Maria Hi Elizabeth,

I see the sparkles lights and they are colorful too! This caused me a wonderful and happy sensation that sometimes I cried of emotion that arise together. I named them the ballet of Angels!
Thank you to bring this topic about sparkle lights. The Humanity needs more then ever to have love, light, life, joy and peace.

Divine blessings to you,
Starseed5D Wow I see them too a lot at moments when I’m feeling peaceful, complete, purposeful and non-judge mental! They are small and different colors and in my peripherals. I feel reassured like they are an angelic prescence that I’m meant to know about at that particular moment. It’s like that prescence is letting me know “Everything is as it should be.”. From another dimension probably because it’s so akin to what I saw and felt before when I saw the crystalline grid in the night sky once (I didn’t know what it was then, only that it was a grid and not from this dimension because my friend didn’t see it, only myself). Ever since then, I’ve noticed them and have strengthened my connection with whatever it is.

I love you and your angel messages; they have helped me tremendously in times of need and helped me get through dark times, for which I am ever so thankful!

Thank you Elizabeth Harper!
Nancy Elwell I hadn't thought about the sparkles in awhile but I agree that for me they are the energy of truth. If I close my eyes for a second, I see the sparkles as if in front of my left eye, followed closely by what feels like a chill starting on the back of the right side of my head, going down my body and then going away. I always felt it was "right side" confirmation of the truth of whatever I was doing or deciding to do, or what someone else said to me. Kind of complicated to describe!
Pam I see bright blue sparkles at the corners of my eyes. At first I thought I was having a stroke or having eye problems! I was happy to learn that they are messages. From now on, I plan to pay attention to when they happen and what they might mean. Thanks, Elizabeth!
Patricia Connelly Last Fall I was sitting meditating on my sun porch and I looked across my yard to a neighbor’s tree and the tree was sparkling. At first I thought it was just the way the Sun was hitting the tree but no matter what direction I moved the sparkling continued. It was definitely my Angels letting me know that they were there for me. It lasted for almost an hour and I was completely “awed”. Nothing like that had ever happened. We’ve heard of the “burning bush” well this was the “sparkling tree” How grateful I am for that. I’ll never forget it
Lesley Hi Elizabeth. Great topic. I know you have talked about them ever since I met you. A while ago I kept seeing sparkly lights out the corner of my eye. I asked a friend about them and they said it was someone in spirit trying to get my attention. I havent seen them otherwise. What I do see however is with your video, flashes of light that light up the whole room. It happened just after you talking about the lightening bolt in this video. i have a couple of friends I skype and when we are talking a big flash the same comes up as a confirmation of what was being said. I dont know if they can be seen by others or not?
Thats me... always outside of the box!!!
Lina I see clusters of white sparkles above peoples heads or I see them in the corner of a room. At times they are violet in colour.
Heike I like that you bring up this subject, Elisabeth. For many years little sparks might appear when I work with clients. Sometimes its just a distinct electric blue dot. When it happens an energy rush runs through my body and I feel connected with the deeper truth. I feel this blue is mainly AA Gabriel energy and that some deeper healing is initiated for the client. - When in nature I might experience a lot of tiny white or crystal sparks moving, especially in woodlands. I feel this has to do with nature spirits/plant spirits and they are communicating with me. This can get more intense from spring into summer with increased life force and vibrancy. But I can find it overwhelming and I need to walk very slowly or just stop and stand with a tree. --- Loved ones in spirit sometimes communicate through birds. Or when I sit quietly in my kitchen a loved one might appear, I clearly feel their presence, and they might communicate something or just show me how much they care.
Andrea I call them sparkles, white sparkles of light that flicker in the air near the ceiling, when I turn to look at them directly they disappear. Doreen Virtues "Angel Therapy Handbook" explains you're seeing the friction or energy of angels moving across the room..... I also see flashes of color, mainly bluish purple, her book explains that colored lights come from arch angels. Purple (Bright, almost cobalt blue) : Michael who gives us courage and protection...... I believe its a message to let me know that I am protected, watched over and reminds me that they are real ;) 
sonia Hi Elizabeth, Yes I see lights too. Not frequently though and when I do I also feel that it is a moment of truth and I get the assurance that I am doing good and am on the right path.

loads of love
Pam Almost every night when I turn off my light to go to sleep I see what I call fairy lights sparkling around my room.   Most often they're small white lights but sometimes they're blue and a little larger. I find that anytime I'm in a dark space these lights show up.   I have noticed them in the daylight too but not nearly as often. I don't know exactly what they are but they always make me smile and feel watched over and that's a very comforting feeling. Thank you for you video Elizabeth and for One Soul. There's so much wonderful, yummy goodness and light and love!
Beth Wynns I see blue sparkles from time to time and it makes me feel good, uplifted!
Maybe someone in spirit is saying, "hi." :)
Carmen Gueits You send me emails but I don't have the money
Bernadette I saw angel lights (little ball of light) dancing in front of me and to the sides of me while sitting in my vehicle. I just knew it had something to do with my Grandfather who had passed. It felt very comforting to me, It danced around for at least 3-4 minutes. I had pulled over to the side of the road when it started. I had no idea I pulled over into a bus zone. After a few minutes the bus came up behind me and was honking for me to move. The light disappeared and I was on my way. I never forgot it. I had plenty of time to make sure nothing in the vehicle or on my person was shining and could have been making the light (my mind was trying to reason it away at first, then I felt my Grandfather and was comforted). The light was about the size of my little finger nail, white/bright and moving very fast sometimes and very slow sometimes. It was very cool, wish it would happen again.
Hollie Madigan I experience Prisms that start small and they multiply until I am completely surrounded I the most beautiful light and feeling of emense love and warmth the first time I had this happen to me was on Easter Sunday in jail. I still am blessed with these Prisms of beauty. I also see sparkles not just smell ones they are present around me all the time ,when I journal positive I will see a sparkle on my paper.I have been going through a very emotional period the other day I was very upset with words that were said to me by the man that once loved me and for the first time ,I felt many angel wings embrace me that was amazing I acknowledged my angels and thanked them for love and comfort my heartache went away I felt those beautiful angels the rest of the day,and my son who passed away 3 years ago came to me last night and gave me a kiss I'm in the process of leaving this man he does not deserve me I need a place to live so if anyone wants to help me put it out to the universe I need a 3 bedroom trailer home in Sheridan wyo.for cheap bless you everyone may the light from within shine brightly in your eyes
Doris Hi Elizabeth,

I call them 'diamonds'. I've seen them throughout my life ever since I can remember. They were always small giving a very bright white light like the reflections of a diamond (sometimes for a few seconds. I always thought that I was crazy because no one I knew saw them.

Later I noticed that when they would appear, I had to pay special attention to what I was doing at the time, almost as if I was on the right track... not sure if it was a déja vu or if my guides were pointing to me to pay more attention to my feelings and impressions so that I could move in the right direction in my life.

Thank you because for the first time I don't feel crazy but a normal person! I watch your video every week and want to say that I appreciate your work.

Lots of love!

Kristi GreenBrown I Absolutely agree yes it’s my fairies that will come all around or my angels ! Live this video on this topic !   Thank You !
Sylvia Elizabeth, I lost a brother and sister and husband but I have not see lights, around my computer when meditating or listening to you or Kari over the passed several months.
I have had Steve (hubby come to me after he passed) and he looked 10 years younger. He died in early 50's) I was walking up an escalator with a female friend (in my dream), I said Ruth look at Steve.......he is with us! When I reached the top of the escalator, he said I am okay and want you to let the family and the kids know this and that all of you will be good because I am here watching you all and love you! I jumped into his arms to give him a hug and kiss and he disappeared! This was hard , but he has passed over 10.5 yrs ago and often see a feather and I believe he is with me although, I recently married their will always be a spark in my heart for him. I want to see him again and do not know how! Sylvia
harata sorry i forgot to add, i call them the glitters
Inga Hingerl As a young girl I used to lie in my bed at night and watch little dancing lights up on my ceiling, sparkles, before going to sleep.
I used to call them the dancing lights.
As I grew up I noticed them less and less but I still see lights from time to time, the sparkles especially when I am opening my third eye and reading my cards for others, or speaking of things I see for them, at spiritual events such as a spiritual class. A lot of people have violet orbs that buzz around them. I have recognized that loves ones, violet orbs, sit either on their right or left side. Other experiences had me seeing rainbow lights, such as an aurora borealis, in a native ground.
harata kia ora elizabeth. yes i see the sparkles too. i see them as a thread of sparkling or glittering material floating on the breeze but i see them in my mind. the glimpse is exquisite but oh so fleeting. the image stops me in my stride because it is so beautiful but then it is gone almost immediately like a will-o-the-wisp. sometimes the sparkles are gold, sometimes silver, other times i've been shown ruby reds and i gasp with pleasure. i usually just savour the moment because it is so delicate, and i forget to analyse, assess, or interpret. i will pay more attention next time
Margrét Yes I see sparkles occasionally. I don't have a word for them in my language other than blossi which means sparkle or the icelandic word for spot/dot. I have not noticed if they come with a special meaning but have often wondered about that. One or two years ago I saw somebody associate them with angels and after that I tried to see if if the colour of the sparkle brings awareness or energy of the angel assoiciated to that colour.
There seem to be two different systems of colours associated with the AA, for example I have seen Jophiel associated with deep magenta and then with golden yellow. I have searched the internet but not found anything that explained this difference thoroughly and came to the conclusion that my own intuition would tell me my truth about it, what the colour means at each time. I find it very interesting that to you they emphasize prescence of truth.
As a child and now recently again I see small clear or white dots with a darker middle float around when being outdoors, now adays indoors too
Amanda Hi Elizabeth!

Love that you are talking about these lights! I have not seen them before, but a few months back, my camera caught them while taking a picture of my dog! They are beautiful teal and white shimmering lights—I couldn’t believe it! I’m so grateful to have this magical “proof”.
Debbie Hi Elizabeth,

This is so funny, today as I was driving home I saw the white light flash in the sky... it was so fast but I said to my self What are these white lights I see from time to time...   Since this one was the sky I thought of a celebration you know like fire works.

I think it is amazing that I come home and see this video.
Ardis I have seen sparkles, I was wondering what they are. I also had a dream about my mom and I was showing her and someone else who I was not sure about the house and how much has been changed here and I told her I wanted to moy back to Chicago and get a job after I sell this house
Donna Maxon I call them. Angel flickers It tells me to focus on. the fact I'm never alone.
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