A Healing Message from the Universe

healing Nov 20, 2020


The Universe supports you even when you're unaware of its involvement in your life.

Do you have pets? I learned to communicate with mine through color and telepathic knowing rather than language, but I've physically heard my cat Grit speak to me - once! He said "Goodbye" as he jumped off the bed. I know, nothing profound or mind-blowing. 

This morning, my husband and I chased Grit around the house attempting to get him into the carrier for his annual visit to the vet.

He knew something was up yesterday. He had that look.

Neither of us like to take him. We stress about the pain he could feel as he's poked and prodded by the vet, or the feelings of abandonment he might experience when we leave him alone in the surgery.

He originally turned up on our doorstep 8 years ago. One eye, chest infection, intestinal problems, infested with fleas and a couple of pounds underweight. Someone had obviously thrown him out as a kitten and he'd been fending for himself. 

Animals pick up on our feelings, thoughts, energy.

Animals and creatures are telepathic - just like us. They might not completely identify the nuances of our language, but they know when something changes, especially when we say something that is contrary to what our energy is communicating. 

So when we tried to coax Grit into the carrier with his favorite treats, our energy was anything but about giving him something special. He was onto us. Whereas our other cat happily walked into the carrier to grab the treats - she knew she wasn't going to be trapped in there.

When we finally got him locked and loaded in the car, we each felt our own sense of mixed relief and stress.

I went back into my office and as I sat down I noticed a heart stone on the floor. It hadn't been there before.

The Universe was sending me what I needed to heal this situation.

A couple of days ago I wrote a Love Note - Do You Ask and Get What You Want? Even when we don't directly ask for help the universe provides what we most need anyway. 

I've been asking the Universe for healing, especially during this Scorpio flavored month. I want to heal blocks, patterns, energy that no longer serve me and this feels like the perfect time for that.

I was at first surprised by the Jasper Heart on my floor, until I realized that we might ask with a specific intention in mind, but the Universe often fulfills a need that is alignment with the ask.

The Jasper Heart is a stone that helps alleviate stress. Simple right!

If I were not always aware of my environment, if I didn't look for and recognize signs, and if I completely ignored what may just have appeared at first to be a stone that had dropped on the floor, then I would have missed this most wonderful message from the Universe. 

The Universe has your back.

We're constantly receiving support, but we're not always aware of it.

What has appeared in your life by surprise or by seeming coincidence that turned out to be an incredibly gift that showed you the way to greater healing?

Think about that and I'd love to know what comes up for you.

Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. What are you putting your attention on today?

Keep shining your light!

Love to you dear,
Elizabeth XOXO



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