How to Connect With Your Loved Ones in Spirit

😇 💞 In today's LIVE session I'm sharing how you can connect and communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, including a meditation to help you connect with and receive a gift from a loved one 💐

Mediumship takes the vibration to a higher level and this often upsets electronics, so while I was taking everyone through a meditation the system stopped even though the Internet was on and the recording continued, the Live Stream stopped. So this is the recording.

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Georgina Sudron a lovely meditation i would say the colour of grief for me is black i was connecting with my dad in spirit the flower he gave to me was a daisy not certain why this one only i rememeber as i child i used to do daisy chains sitting on the grass with my friends
Claudia Chevrier I've always knew there was something. Even our Elder said my spirit is very much intune with my body why I feel things or know things are going to happen. I've been into astrology a lot in the past few months and I've had 2-3 astrologist and numerologist want to take me under their wing because of my gift. But I'm scared I'm just being used for the money, because I've just got out of a relationship where I was used for 3 years of our 5 year relationship for almost $20,000. I'm just getting back on my feet but the thought of having that gift excites me. What should I do? And the people who I would go to to talk to I lost them all within a year and a half ago about 2 years ago.
Darlene Savage From the age of 5 to the age of 16 I was sexually abused by family members , friends, and my mothers boyfriend and unfortunately this is all my memories are consumed with constantly ( at 45 I am trying to revert that.. it's been difficult). There were a lot of instances where I would distance myself at night and dream of just being able to fly away... one night I did.. I found myself floating above my bed looking down at myself.. it felt so peaceful.. and I would love to go back but I am having a hard time being at that level of peacefulness again... I'm working on it .. ❤️❤️❤️ I absolutely love your messages.. thank you, Much love and light ?
Johan Malmblad Lots of Love and Gratitude to you and the hole team of helpers?My mother came throw. Love tears and a message✨We sat by the Roses. She is so close.
Love light and gratitude
Marco Paganelli met my granny <3 how lovelly she gave me a pink rose and a sunflower both have a profound meaning to me lots of love marco
Joanne Goshen thank you,had a lovely connection with my brother who passed a few months ago
Joanne Goshen thank you,had a lovely connection with my brother who passed a few months ago
Margot When we got to the point of imagining the photo, I was all set to imagine my Dad, bu the first love of my life popped,into my head and I saw our photo taken together which i told him I wasn't expecting. He was not able to,give me a hug, but that very well would be my fault that I could not feel it even if he tried. Anyway, I told him I loved him for many years.
Then You said about the flower and,I felt then I may have been talking to Dad, and I said well I know a Red Rose is for Mother not me. You said it may be something different so I said this to him.
Now I'm not a weepy person, I was,once,when I was young, but I learnt not to cry and now very, very rarely do but suddenly my eyes were filmed with tears. Goodness knows why but there you are. Not weepy, just watery eyes.
I felt good about this thank you my dearest Elizabeth. It's been, I feel, a gift and a blessing this am Fri 14th July, mother.'s 93rd birthday. Ahhh maybe there was a red rose or is that my imagination. My Dad,ADORED my Mother and mid winter here he tried to locate red roses,before flower shops were common.
You said you did not grieve and it caused a Block. When Allan, my younger brother died in late February this year, I saw him and heard him say "It's all Good" which Mother told me was his saying. It's complicated but our love had been torn apart by his wife so this was such a blessing.
Anyway, I was unable to get up to his funeral, Mother flew and my son drove. My daughter offered to take me but a 12 hour round trip over part of some baby earthquakes roads would not have been possible for my pain levels. Anyway, I stayed with Mother till she left and Maximus (my kitten) and I went home. I was sad not to be there but I never,cried, I suppose I just tightened up thought Ok, Ok now we go forward again. However, I lost all my creativity for the first time in my life and it's only just returning. I'm going,to be needlefelting some Owls which is what has come into my mind's eye and I'm quite thrilled about the opportunity to do this. It's not what I had been working towards before Allan died and maybe that design will come,back to me in due course perhaps. I can see that design again, but it is the Owls I'm driven to needle felt!
Thank you Elizabeth again for this morning. Youmsggestes I do this and Imdid and it was very, very interesting.
Lots of Love and Blessings to you too
New Zealand.
Tina i did sayounyes however you spell that and i also usud to astral travel in my dreams but i didnt know what it was until im now aware of what it is, i lost all of my abilitlies when my father passed away because i was really daddys little girl not my mums! i was supposed to be with him when he died and so i should of died
Pat Thank you Elizabeth.
My daughter was 33 when she passed from an aneurysm leaving behind a two year old daughter. She came to me one night in twilight just before I feel asleep.   I felt someone touch my shoulder and I opened my eyes seeing a transparent figure of my daughter in a graduation robe or choir robe which was orange with a blue scarf and she was looking down on me smiling but she never said anything. I sat up on my elbow smiling that I could see her but she quickly faded away which made me sad. To see her spirit smiling tells me she is ok, and happy so I am glad for that.
A couple years ago while trying to learn how to connect with her more a medium told me that she is stuck in between the realms and needed to cross to the light. I know that with sudden death when she was so close to her baby daughter she didn't want to leave her, I witnessed it first hand. She would talk to her daughter and her daughter would smile and talk back to her with such love and adoration. One night shortly after my daughter had died my granddaughter was sleeping with me and suddenly sat up in bed with her arms outstretched toward the heavens and screamed, "mommy don't go, please don't go, mommy don't go," over and over again and was so distraught.   I just sat in bed with her on my lap holding her while she just wailed. We both shed so many tears that night. That was such an overwhelming amount of grief for a two year old and for those of us who love her.
How can I know for sure if she is stuck in between realms and how can I help her to cross into the light if she hasn't been able to?
Her life was in upheaval before she died, with her daughters daddy, they were not married but cohabitating. He was abusive and there is thought that he may have hit her two weeks before causing this aneurysm because there are to many pieces that don't add up about this time frame and events. She was heading to an attorney the day she died to make her custodial selections should anything happen to her. Because of the abuse she had sustained she was giving me custody of her daughter should she die suddenly, then she did before she made it. I wonder if because she was not able to make that her choice is the reason she is stuck between realms is because she is protecting her daughter. It would be likely she would do that, she would always put herself at risk for those she loved.
Elizabeth, we had such a strong bond, the three of us but especially my daughter and I. She was such a gentle spirit that when she would put her hummingbird feeders out in the Spring, hummingbirds would just swarm her landing on her arms, head, shoulders, and her back while she was carrying the feeders out to hang them up. She loved everyone, helped the elderly or anyone in need if she could.  
Can you help me to understand how to connect with her and if she needs my help or needs me to know something? To learn to communicate with her so as to help her or understand the bits and pieces that I "see" from time to time and put the pieces together. In my heart I feel she is trying to warn me of something or get a message to me in regard to her daughter and it feels urgent.
I don't want you to think I'm a nut, I am a Nurse, work full time, and believe in Angels, Spirit, God and the Devil and know how the devil can work on your mind.
I would also like to be happy again in as much as knowing I can communicate with her and feel her near me. The one time she appeared to me, it was at night and I felt so happy. Certainly would love to have that emotion over and over again. I miss her every day, her daughter is her mini me, looks almost identical to her.
Thank you in advance and hoping you can help us.
I believe there is a purpose for everything that happens in life and that stumbling onto your website was not by chance.
Pat You are asking about colors of grief, mine is grey, green
Eileen Woodman I always connect fairly easily with my parents who have both been in Spirit for over 20 years. The connection with my dad is stronger. Usually he just comes to me. The colour that came to mind for my energy connection was red and it felt like a big hug from my dad.   The flower was sweet peas. The message was "don't give up". At the end of the connection the colour was yellow. I need to have more belief in my capabilities.
Love and Light Elizabeth and thank you.
Ali Hi Elizabeth,
All I can say is wow and I haven't even watched the video.
Your email popped up and I read it. It is 13 years today since my dad has passed (it's July 13th, evening her in Australia).
This is the first year I have been able to feel joy and connect with Dad on a loving level rather than in grief on this day. I realised recently that my love is bigger than my grief and it's really bought about a sense of peace, although I still miss him every day and a little more today than usual, I now talk to him daily and ask for his help and guidance,
Thank you for this beautiful and timely message xxx
Love and blessings
Karen Hi, this is my first time writing you. I want to connect with my mom. I used to smell her and dream by I don't anymore and I need her so much I need to speak to her! It's been 18years since her suicide but my life has so much going on I need her! Please help me!
Kim Van Wyk Ok so I am a little late on this. But is it ok, I really feel that now is my time to develop the gift I have been given. I have missed you as I have been away and distracted. As a child I had dreams, that would come true. I would feel energy. I could not go to sleep unless the lights were on. BUT we had a war going on so could not have the lights in my room on. Always felt that the animals and birds could understand me or know that I loved them. My brother died later in my life, (In my 20's) and deff opened up all sorts of things. I felt my brother holding my hand and being with me, till I had gone to sleep. I would feel the bed moving as he got up to leave. He was there to comfort me! A few years later I felt my granny coming to me to say goodbye, before anyone had told me she had passed. I really need some direction of where I am supposed to head in, to help others. I am not sure if this is a confusing message or not but there you go. I love tuning into you. Love Kim
Wanda My darling mother was physic. Question I worked in a nursing home after my mother went to heaven. One resident told me that mother and I were trying to contact each other but we were trying to hard. The resident told me other things which surprised me as I just met her.
When I went back for another shift, the resident told me that she did not recall the conversation as it was a spirit telling her what to say. Travelling around Australia Perth at the moment at often see willy wagtails.i know the meaning from sharina . From Wanda
Tracy Thank you for this beautiful meditation and your whole conversation about connection and grief it really helped me. Thank you so much.
Aster Anderbrhan Sometimes when I'm alone I can feel spirits around very strong..
elisha That was interesting. I did the exercise from your recording, (12/05) but what came up for me immediately was a picture of someone who is alive, but a long way from me on the planet. The feeling kept coming so I let it develop and the colour was a crown chakra colour and a lovely flower. Is it okay to do that with people still in the world? Or is it in some
way unethical as it might influence them somehow towards actions they have not chosen? Possibly!
elisha As far as early childhood went, I had a very overpowering and frightening experience at age 7, when I was at a convent boarding school. I'd been put in a room where a nun had passed away just 6 weeks earlier, but it wasn't anything like I was expecting something. It happened quite out of the blue, when in the night I awoke to see a 'classic' white form rising up to the ceiling then disappearing. I remember the sense of fear making me literally rigid and hiding my head under the sheet for what seemed like hours.   This did not connect with any sort of psychic power/energy that I felt in myself years later and it was not a pleasant connection or reassuring message. I
don't even know what the nun died of, but maybe she was just being released at that moment.
After my mother died I felt her very near me, in the room, but never visually - although I have often felt her presence
in times when she seemed to want to help or comfort me in difficult times.
With my father it was more distant, but I have at times felt him saying things to me on topics relevant to my life and decisions at the time, i.e. years after he passed so things he could not have known about when he was alive.
Aida Thanks so much Elizabeth for your sessions all filled with positive energy.
Yes, I always remember from the time I was 5-6 years old, I had the sense that someone was always watching me, and walking with me. One day, I had to ask my father why are we born if we have to die. As you can imagine, my father with a perplexed look on his face, tried to answer my questions the best he could.
When I was a teenager, I sensed also that I knew about things and about people more than my friends, sisters, and cousins of the same age.
I always perceived that I was different in some way, but I'm still trying to discover it, and I believe I will find it soon.
God bless you Elizabeth, your sessions always come just at the right time.
Kim I hear things and sometimes see spirit. Sometimes smells associated with those who have passed. I have a strong connection to animals. 
Sonia Willems As a child I had a beautiful experience when the room I in lying on the bed and day dreaming, the room filled with a lovely rose glow and images of angels appeared making the most angelic music. I lay there with such joy until I asked an adult in the next room if they could hear the angels music and was told it was just my imagination. I have never forgotten that experience and to this day can bring it to mind!
Ann I am not sure about my real young days, but when I was a teenager into my twenties and thirties I was more like a channel. I would be walking along someone would pass me and I had to tell them about themselves or some sort of message for this person Sometimes people would accept what I said and Other times I would looked at like I was an Idiot
Love your sessions
Rita Yes I can remember a time when, as a little child. I use to feel someone was sitting on my bed and I use to see the curtains moving. My mum would say it is nonesense.
Dorine I felt god putting a wrap on me to warm me or a hug i was very upset and sitting by the lake. I also hear my name being called and one day my departed father hit me in the arm it hurt too lol
Delores I regularly see/hear Spirit and seem to always have had that ability, from early childhood to now in my 82nd. year.
Diana Thank you so much for this recording.   The meditation was unexpectedly powerful, emotionally. My Mom handed me a fully bloomed, long stemmed, deep red gladiolus. Red is her favourite colour and Dad (in spirit too) picked glads from his garden on my birthday.
Teri I often felt, as a child that someone was over my shoulder. Also, I would hear my name when no-one was there.
Clarion My younger sister is rather freaked out because while she has often had strong feelings about something (which came true) the other day as leaving the house, she heard very plainly, as if someone had spoken into her ear, a voice. It said to check the water heater. Though running late for work, she went back into her apt & found that there was indeed a problem. She's not happy about "hearing voices," even if the message was helpful! Understandably, the connotation is not usually a positive one!
Niki Hello!! Ohhhh yes...absolutely, spirits came to me often as a child, in my room at night, usually at the foot of my bed. I was always afraid of the dark, because that was when I was especially sensitive. My great grandpa came to me glowing in light in his army uniform. My childhood dog that had passed came to me bathed in golden light. As a child I used to pray to Mary alot and she would appear to me–and it gave me soooo much joy! I used to leave flowers on a statue of her by my childhood home.

Even today, I feel spirit strongly in the woods...I sense the energy, feel it, and also see the energy moving in the air–literally vibrating. Occasionally I see shadows flit by or faces in things like the tree bark or clouds or patterns...very sensitive still but definitely way more open to it as a youth. :) xoxo It has always frightened me a bit depending on the kind of vibe I was getting. I have vivid lucid dreams! The more I learn to meditate and try to embrace my awareness, the more it see this in a positive way as angelic light!

Once I had this very strong pull to go look out my front I did... and there sitting on my bench in spirit was a woman with a shaved head, she turned to me and said, 'I had breast cancer and that is why I am dead." Chills. It was other-worldly and freaked me out a bit. I did not know her or why she came to me to tell me that. Gosh, I have so many stories of things I have seen. It has been pretty amazing.

thanks for all you do–it gives me so much happiness when I listen to you and do your meditations. :) xox
Verna Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this meditation. I had been told earlier today to connect with my father who has passed, so receiving your email with this meditation was very timely for me. I had been noticing the color blue (my father's favorite color) a lot today, and grabbed a meditation necklace with the color white right before starting the meditation. Daddy brought me a tulip (the one that used to bloom in front of our house every year), a picture of which I will go share with my siblings now. Thank you again for sharing - I'm glad the recording continued, even if the stream did not!

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