Invoking Animal Medicine




We're part of a living world. Everything in it is in relationship with each other. When we talk of the Law of Attraction and how it works, we're essentially tapping into that relationship.

When you need guidance or help you might call out to the universe for support. It's then that you'll notice how the Law of Attraction works. You might receive a gift from a friend, or money owed returns to you just when you need it, or maybe a message that everything is going to be OK is offered you.

I always love receiving a message, it brings me so much happiness. This joy has inspired me for the past 10 years, to produce and deliver at least one or more oracle videos each week, with words of encouragement and love. But you can also invoke messages of support from other sources, such as the animal kingdom.

Ask and you receive!

If you don't have one of my videos or an oracle deck on hand, then ask the animal kingdom to give you a sign, a message, maybe point you in the right direction or offer confirmation. The Law of Attraction works with them too. Watch the video, and let me know in the comments below when you receive your message or if you have a story to tell please share it.

Remember to check your Angel messages for the week, they come from their heart to yours!

Love to you dear, ๐Ÿ’–
XOXO elizabeth

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