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A few months ago I was sent a website link showing images of water impacted by a variety of positive and negative thoughts. Some of the images are beautiful, while others display an almost destructive energy. The most effective purpose of these pictures is to awaken within each of us the realization that, on a cellular level, they reflect our reaction to the power of thought.  

Any anatomy student will tell you that we are made up of at least 70 percent water. As "water babies" we need to be aware that our thoughts affect not only our own beings, but the mind, body and spirit of others as well.


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Thought is energy, so when you have a positive thought it gives you a boost. When you think negatively it drains you. Think how much energy you would have if you only thought positive things.

This month become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, consider the thoughts you have about yourself. Play with this energy. Set aside some time to be with yourself. Spend half the time thinking about all the things you like about yourself and get a sense of how this feels for you. How does it affect your mind, body and spirit?

The other half of the time think about all the things you dislike about yourself and feel the difference in the energy. This will be subtle so you may need to do this exercise more than once.

Be consciously aware of any negative thoughts you have about yourself. A friend of mine used to say "Cancel, Cancel," to diminish the power of a negative thought. You can try this or you can say or think a positive statement or thought to replace the negative one.

"Love your neighbor as you would love yourself," is an example of your power to influence the wellbeing of others. Set aside some time to think of all the people you have negative thoughts about and send them love energy instead. Visualize these people surrounded by a beautiful pink bubble of unconditional love and send them your thoughts of love and healing.

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Remember that the ones who have given you the hardest lessons in life are often the people who, on a spiritual level, love you the most.

These people show you just how powerful you are. They have helped you to work through your "stuff," giving you the opportunity to recognize and heal it within yourself. Bless them for this gift.



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