Ways to help Ukraine

We're all looking for peace in our lives, but we're not all living in a war zone.

When I read about the terrible things happening in Ukraine right now, it breaks my heart.

Why does man continually try to establish power by killing others
and laying claim to the land and all who live on her?

It's an age-old question, isn't it.

I would have thought that by now those in positions of power would have recognized the benefits of loving thy neighbor, but apparently not.

So what can we do as light-bearers, creatives, and sensitives?

We can pull together as a global community to support the people of Ukraine in whatever way we can. There are issues all over the planet right now and you may well be pulled to send support somewhere else. If that is the case then go ahead, don't wait, offer your help, let your intuition guide you.

My intuition guided me and my husband to donate and continue to donate to various organizations. Even a golf company I follow set up a fofundme page offering to...

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Do You Love Animals & Birds? Let's Chat About Feathers

Last week, I read an article on the Met gala party in New York. It was star-studded and looked like so much fun. Then I saw something that just made my heart sink. Feathers, everywhere!
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE feathers. BUT, it's unlikely that the vast majority of feathers in this party were ethically obtained. It saddens me in our awakening world that this high profile gathering of "stars" have yet to recognize the social impact they have on the public. As a community, think what a difference they could make to a cause.

Let's start the conversation here.

If you are a spiritual, empathetic, and loving soul then I ask you to be consciously aware of how cruel the FEATHER industry is. Animals and birds feel pain, they have emotions and feelings. We have a responsibility to educate and bring awareness to our friends, family, and communities of the needless suffering of the animal kingdom.

The way that feathers and some wool are acquired
is not for the squeamish.

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