Have you been called by an Angel?


I was talking to a friend the other day about how Angels suddenly appeared in her life.

I believe that when it's time for you to connect, you're called, not on the phone (although anything is possible), and not always in a way that you recognize.

I used to make jewelry. It was based on my work with color healing until it morphed into Angel pieces. Various forms of my artwork including silk painting guided me closer to their essence.



I went on to publish a book, create Angel meditations, and Angel courses. I'm not sure when my color videos turned into Angel videos. It was all part of a gentle transition.

I believe the Angelic realm inspired my life with the Angel Wisdom Oracle I created almost 20 years ago.

You know how you can just tootle along and then suddenly you see the bigger picture. When that happened to me, I knew I'd been called.


I'm wondering, have you been called? And if so, how are the Angels showing up in your life?



Are you...

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The Power in Your Prayers




This weekend we’re in for a treat! The 3rd eclipse in the space of just a few weeks is happening on Saturday. Eclipses aren’t unusual and this is the season for them.

It’s also a New Moon in fiery Leo, the sign of passion and leadership, and what do we do on New Moons? We set an intention and watch it grow.

Intentions guide a goal or desire toward its ultimate fulfillment.

I received a lovely message from one of my One Soul members. Every day she recites all of the 3 Archangel prayers I offer as free gifts before she heads off to work. My prayers are inspired words that flowed through me when I tuned into each of the Archangels. Words have power, but add in your passion and you have a recipe for change.

This is an incredible time of change for many - maybe even all of us. We're stepping into our truth as we let go of the unhealed energy we've been carrying around lifetime after lifetime....

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Angel Energy Orbs

Yesterday I received an email from one of my community letting me know about the ORBS in my latest Angel Messages video. So I'm sharing those up close and personal with you here Watch and you'll see what I mean 

I'm practical when it comes to orbs (yeah really). I look for other sources, you know, insects, moving lights, reflections, etc. There was nothing else around causing these - other than my ANGELS that is.

I had a close look at the video and saw a mass of energy above my Angel Wings painting where the first lot of orbs are coming from. There are some more in the original ANGEL MESSAGES video just after 1 minute in so make sure to watch that - and get an Angel Message too!

Are you ready to ignite the light within you? You can join SACRED CONNECTIONS: a 44-day meditation journey to access the guidance, love, and support of your guides and angels every day.  Are you in? FIND OUT MORE HERE>>>

I would love to welcome you into my Living with Intuition free...

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I see the angelic energy in the auric fields of Angel Messengers. It's the most beautiful golden yellow and I love it when I get to see and feel it.

I've been working with the Angels for many years, but I didn’t consciously choose to be their messenger. They chose me and maybe they've chosen you too.

Do You Need To Be Trained To Be An Angel Messenger?

The best training comes directly from your Angels, so if you have a fabulous connection then you're good to go. For those who are unsure or lack confidence in your connection then one of the biggest challenges can be learning how to communicate with this largely unseen realm, and then how to interpret what you receive. We'll get onto that later. 

9 Clues That You're Already Working With Your Angels

You may already be communicating with your Angels and don't even realize it. Here are 9 ways you might be working with them right now:

1. When someone is in need whether you know them or not, do you offer support,...

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Is 777 an ANGEL Number?

I have always been fascinated by numbers. The universe is mathematical. We use numbers in astrology to determine the distances and angles between planets in our charts. We measure frequencies of the chakras in numbers and the age we are of course is a number. They have a magical quality particularly when the same number keeps on coming up.

Have you noticed that? Do you see the same number again and again?

Most people know about 444, it's considered an angel number and I always thank my angels when I see it. 888 is another well-known number with a triple whammy, this one is for abundance. But how about 777. We don't hear much about that one and it's just as special. 

I still have one of my first numerology books. It's a rather moth-eaten edition of the 1864 classic, The Kabala of Numbers. I took great pleasure as a child playing with the concepts in the book. One of them helps to answer questions using numbers, the answers though are in a 19th-century style and hard to...

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9 Reasons to be Ill

I heard on the radio that when the clocks change the incidence of heart attacks and strokes increase. Change is stressful and that stress can impact the body's equilibrium.

I just returned from a business trip to San Diego where I had a wonderful time teaching some amazing lightworkers. After the weekend I met with one of my best friend's, Kari Samuels. We had lunch and then took a stroll along the beach and promenade.

At one point we passed by a couple of teenage children. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the boys throw a towel at a wall, at least I thought it was just at the wall. Then I realized they were taunting the squirrels, trying to catch and hurt them. I don't know about you but I can't stand by while someone tries to hurt an animal - I won't stand by if someone is picking on a person either.

So I turned back to talk to them in my best 55 year old "GROW UP, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING" voice. At the same time, as if by magic a man walked past and also berated...

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