A Healing Message from the Universe


The Universe supports you even when you're unaware of its involvement in your life.

Do you have pets? I learned to communicate with mine through color and telepathic knowing rather than language, but I've physically heard my cat Grit speak to me - once! He said "Goodbye" as he jumped off the bed. I know, nothing profound or mind-blowing. 

This morning, my husband and I chased Grit around the house attempting to get him into the carrier for his annual visit to the vet.

He knew something was up yesterday. He had that look.

Neither of us like to take him. We stress about the pain he could feel as he's poked and prodded by the vet, or the feelings of abandonment he might experience when we leave him alone in the surgery.

He originally turned up on our doorstep 8 years ago. One eye, chest infection, intestinal problems, infested with fleas and a couple of pounds underweight. Someone had obviously thrown him out as a kitten and he'd been fending for himself. 


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How Does Loneliness Impact You?


I've been thinking about loneliness and how the current way of living is impacting so many people in isolation.

Have you been feeling lost and lonely?

The signs aren't always obvious. You may not even realize how affected you've been.

We are energy beings. Oneness is our natural state. When we lose connection we can sometimes lose ourselves in that void.

A shift in energy can change this. How?

Yesterday, I joined one of my Soul Circle chats. It was wonderful! We shared, laughed, and connected, something many of us have learned to do virtually during this time with friends and family, but what about being in an environment that feeds your needs?


It's a panacea for the soul to be among those on the same wavelength.

When the Soul Circle sprang to life my intention focused purely on clearing energy as a group so we would continue to heal and grow.

But it's so much more and has become an important part of my world.

I hadn't realized how special it...

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Life Reflections from Nature

You get messages from nature all the time, but do you take notice or take the time to intrepret what is being shared with you?

In this audio I'm sharing something that happened to me this week and how nature is helping me to reveal and heal my soul.

Let me know if what I shared speaks to you? Post a comment, a or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

Spread the love. Let others know about Sealed With Love ‍‍‍ Thank you!

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth...

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Global Prayer & Healing for the Fire Element


If you missed it, I joined with Shawneen Ng, one of my lovely Soul Circle members to offer an impromptu Healing Prayer Circle at the weekend for everyone suffering in the world, especially those impacted by fiery energy.

I realized that the riots in the US link with the fire of passion and the virus circling the globe contains this same fire element. The fires in the US, global warming and the speed of animal extinction are all connected with the fire element too.

So this healing, prayer, and meditation session can be used at any time to bring healing and support at this time when the fire element is out of balance.

Join us to bring balance back into our lives and into the natural world. 

Thank you, and keep shining your light!

Love to you dear,
Elizabeth XOXO


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Healing Hues

We each contain cells marked with the essence of who we are. Their wellbeing is directly connected to the energy we feed them. Nourishing our cells with the right vitamins and nutrients can increase and maintain optimum health.


But what if we could do more?

At the fundamental level we are light. When light is split by a prism the result is a rainbow. Close your eyes and imagine that you are pure white light. Visualize a prism in front of you and picture your light flowing effortlessly through it. As it does this it creates a rainbow on the other side. Look carefully at your rainbow.

Is there a missing color?
Is one color more dominant than the others?
Are any colors dull?

 person holding clear glass tube


A missing color is like omitting a vitamin or mineral from your diet, eventually the lack of this nutrient color can affect you on many different levels.

For example, red missing from your rainbow can indicate a lack of energy, fear of change, slow functioning elimination, and cold...

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3 Tips To Prevent Burn Out For Psychics, Healers, and Sensitives

Many people are new to working with their sensitivity and enter into a spiritual practice without an understanding of good groundwork. I believe basic safety requirements are essential to good practice. Most working psychics realize this, but not all. Here are some ground rules and sage advice to follow:

1. When your body is tired don’t compromise yourself, stop working.

persons feet on white flowers

Any kind of work can be tiring for the body, but when you work with energy it can drain your circuits even more. If you have difficulty getting your energy back up to an optimal level then it’s a message that it’s time to rest.   

Ground Rules:

  • Rest
  • Eat good food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take vitamin C (I am also being told by my guides to take zinc supplements)
  • Have a shower or bath with Epsom salts
  • Walk barefoot in the garden and reconnect with the earth
  • Take 24 hours away from all electromagnetic equipment
  • Meditate just to connect and not to work

2. If you feel uneasy in someone...

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You Chose To Be Here, Now What?


Have you noticed how much we've changed in the past few years, with various movements bringing awareness and a voice to those who have largely been ignored?

Problems arise when we think of ourselves as separate from victims and perpetrators.

My belief is there is no separation, we are ONE. And while this may not be a popular opinion, I believe we choose on a soul level to be the catalyst for change.



Globally this perception that we are separated by race or any other difference between us, does not reflect my value of equality.

We are all equal, and until this is embraced on a planetary level, humanity can't grow.

As human beings, we can stand by or take a stand.

While there may be a desire to judge, we all play a role in what is happening in our world, whether directly or as a witness to it.

We can make a difference in our actions and reactions to what we know is an injustice, not just with current events, but with all acts that display inequality.


red and white i m a little girl i m a little girl i m a m


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My Healing Bear

When I was around 2 years old, I loved to watch the coal burning in the living room fire. Even though I'd been told not to, I would pick up the poker and stoke life into the fire. It was something I found pleasure in.

Then one day I picked the poker up by the wrong end and burned my hand. The pain was relieved though by a wonderful gift that I still have today.

My mother had placed me on the sofa, left the room and then on re-entering exclaimed, "look what the postman just brought!"

It was a teddy bear and I loved him immediately.

From that point on, as far as I was concerned, he was my Healing Bear. If anyone fell ill or was sad, I'd lend them my bear until they were on the mend.

This 57 year-old bear sits on my meditation cushion where Grit, my cat with one eye loves to sleep. In the photo, the bear is in the back on the left.

I wanted to share this because maybe you have something that represents healing for you. Maybe a talisman, a crystal, a word, maybe an action like putting...

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Prayer to Bring Healing Rain to the Amazon Rainforest

We live in the Information Age, and yet many of us just discovered that the Amazonian Rainforest has been burning for the past 3 weeks. How did we not know about this? Our Mother Earth nurtures us, she also provides a way for us to live here and the Oxygen created on the planet isn’t finite. The majority of our Oxygen comes from trees, 20% from the Amazon Rainforest.

What can we do? 

I went straight for my Spiritual Toolkit, my ability to work with prayer and healing. I created a prayer for you to use. I just did a Facebook Live and posted the video to my website where you can join in. Thank you to everyone who joined me live and thank you for sharing the video and prayers with your community. Join me there to send your prayers and healing light. Let’s create the difference we want to see and at this moment that would be rain to douse the fires. 
You have my permission to...
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Time to Come Out of the Crystal Cave




Often when I write Love Letters, I invite my Spirit Team to guide me to the message that will best serve and support you. Today, as I closed my eyes and asked I was immediately inspired to pick a card from one of my card decks. When you receive guidance it can be quick and appears to be a random thought popping into your head.  The card emerging from the deck this morning is called CRYSTAL CAVE - A HEART WITHIN A HEART

Imagine the HERMIT is YOU! You're being guided to step out of your cave and follow the light. You realize it's the right time for you, maybe time is running out. The three triangles rising from your Heart Chakra to the Throat reflect the soul's message that you have something to offer and share with the world, something rising to the surface. 3 X 3 = 9 the number of completion. 

  • What is ending for you?
  • Are you moving away from your time alone?
  • Are you stepping...
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